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on 15 November 2013
Being a huge fan of Katy Perry, I could not wait for the release of her third album, 'PRISM'. I would say this album is as equally as good as 'Teenage Dream', maybes a bit a better. It's definitely packed with future hits and does have a different sound from 'Teenage Dream' and 'One Of The Boys'.

The first song on the album is the amazing first single 'Roar'. This is a brilliant track to start off the album and of course, is one of my favourite songs on the album. 'Legendary Lovers' is a stand out track that could definitely be a single. I especially love the different and unique beat in this song. 'Birthday', to me, is a definite single! It is probably the track that stands out the most, with it's cheeky lyrics and fun beat, this is one of my favourites. 'Walking On Air' is my favourite song from the whole album! This is a euphoric/electronic song, which is a totally different sound for Katy. Again, this definitely needs to be a single.

You then have the second single, 'Unconditionally', which is the first ballad on the album. The actual song is brilliant, however, I don't think it's a good second single. It is also placed quite randomly on the album, as it is in the middle of all the upbeat tracks. The next song is 'Dark Horse', which like 'Walking On Air', is a completely different sound for Katy. This has a more dark/magically tone to it, which instantly makes it a stand out track that needs to be a single. Personally, I think this would of bee a much better second single. 'This Is How We Do' is a very fun song, and I LOVE the way Katy talks during the song. 'International Smile' somewhat remind me of 'Last Friday Night (TGIF)'. I think this is because of the saxophone beat.

The next song is 'Ghost', which is where the album starts to slow down. This is definitely a grower, however, I don't think it's single material. 'Love Me' and 'This Moment' are my least favourite songs on the album. I personally think these are like filler tracks and they sort of blend in with each other. 'This Moment' is actually growing on me, but these are definitely the tracks that you will forget. 'Double Rainbow', to me, is the best ballad on the album and has become one of my favourites. However, I don't think this would do well as a single and I don't think it's that popular. The last song on the standard version of the album is 'By The Grace of God'. This the slowest song on the album and I think it was a good choice of song to end the album. The lyrics have a lot of meaning and is a very emotional song.

The deluxe version contains 3 brand new tracks. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by these songs as they don't really stand out and sort of blend in with the rest of the album. 'Spiritual' has a very futurist sound to it, which makes it very different and unique. I think it takes a few listens to get into it. 'It Takes Two' is one of my least favourite songs on the album, and I will probably end up deleting it. It's a bit boring and bland for my liking, however, it does have meaningful lyrics. 'Choose Your Battles' is a song that I seem to like more and more I listen to it. This again is another ballad, however, it does sort of have a futuristic beat to it.

Overall, Katy has done an amazing job on the album. I am really interested in seeing what songs she will decided to release as singles.
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on 26 November 2013
I had high expectations for this album as I am a huge Katy Perry fan and her have found her previous two albums amazing, and she really didn't disappoint! In fact I think this might be her best work to date. The album has so many great tracks that even the incredible Roar almost pales in comparison.

1. Roar: 9/10: of course you'll have already heard this song before. Empowering lyrics, catchy tune and just pure Katy Perry genius. Definitely not a song that will be getting old any time soon.
2. Legendary Lovers: 8/10: Not the best song on the album but still a nice listen, similar to E.T.
3. Birthday: 10/10: Upbeat, feel-good and catchy. Definitely one to dance to with the girls. Don't think you could listen to it without feeling the urge to dance.
4. Walking On Air: 10/10: my personal favourite, upbeat and catchy. Another great dance track, something different to what you'd normally expect from Katy.
5. Unconditionally: 7/10: Not my favourite but still heart-warming and well-written.
6. Dark Horse: 9/10: A very mellow tune from Katy, definitely very different to anything you would have heard from her before with almost urban influences. A good listen and definitely a stand-out from the album for most people.
7. This Is How We Do: 10/10: A very cool and laid-back track, different from Katy's usual sound. Relatable, cheeky lyrics. Similar to Last Friday Night. Definitely one for parties.
8. International Smile: 10/10: Love this song, I'd say the lyrics have the same sort of idea as Alicia Keys' Girl On Fire. Another catchy tune to dance to.
9. Ghost: 7/10: One of the more mellow songs on the album. I like the lyrics but not one of the most memorable from the album. Still a good listen though.
10. Love Me: 9/10: great song with empowering lyrics, spreading a great message that you need to love yourself in order to get the love you deserve from others. Beautifully written.
11. This Moment: 8/10: Another slow track, not as memorable as some others but I still love the lyrics.
12. Double Rainbow: 9/10: Great song, lovely lyrics, one of the love songs on the album.
13. By The Grace Of God: 10/10: my other personal favourite, she definitely ends the album on a high. Beautifully-written, spreading a similar message to Roar but in a completely different way. Just a beautiful song. If you liked Not Like The Movies from Teenage Dream, you'll probably love this.

Best album I've heard in a long time and definitely for me the record of 2013.
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on 23 October 2013
Possibly the most anticipated album of the year and the most hyped is Katy Perry's 3rd album "Prism". Even after just a couple of listens, in my opinion "Prism" is a great pop album executed well with a ton of great hooks, excellent production and also a couple of more "personal" tracks that hint towards a more mature side to Katy Perry. There are a couple of missteps here and there and the album isn't all it was hyped to be, but the same could be said about her last two efforts.

There are at least six or seven potential hit singles in my opinion, but the most interesting thing about "Prism" is the diversity of the songs. There are the predictable pop anthems like "Roar", "This is How We Do" and "Unconditionally" which are all bound to be big hits (for good reason, possibly the most catchy and well produced tracks Katy Perry has done yet), but further in it gets a bit more experimental. 80's tinged pop like "Double Rainbow", "Birthday" and "International Smile" really suit Katy's style of singing and are bang on trend for 2013, and then there's the Asian-inspired "Legendary Lovers" or even a country/pop power ballad "Spiritual" co-written by singer-songwriter John Mayer. Katy even flirts with Cher-style 90's trance music on single "Walking on Air" which is surprisingly well suited to her and is bound to be another massive hit.

The only really disappointing song of the album I feel is "Dark Horse", which feels like previous single "E.T" from the last album, except purposefully more gloomy and `dark' and with a terrible rap verse by Juicy J. I'm sure he can do better than `she'll eat your heart out, like Jeffrey Dahmer', and whilst it's to be respected that she's playing around with different styles/genres this is one that really doesn't suit her, it sounds like something Rihanna would be more comfortable with.

Huge Katy Perry fans will love "Prism" and although it might not be the `mature/confessional' album that it had been hyped to be, it definitely is a step up from `Teenage Dream' in my opinion with a lot less filler and more diversity. It's nice to see an artist like Katy Perry not always playing it safe and trying new things. Definitely check it out!
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 October 2013
PRISM isn't an album that I'd call bad but it has way too many forgettable tracks on it to be classed as anything better then average - the 'filler' songs just make all of the tracks lump together and become empty noise. Also; I personally think that the way the soft-rock inspired instrumentals have been infused with dancehall synths just seems clumsy, so doesn't work for me on a lot of the tracks.

It's a shame - if she'd had fewer tracks on the regular edition, then the stronger songs would have saved the otherwise unmemorable ones, making Prism a 4 star album. Quantity doesn't make up for quality in this case.


Track-wise; the four most personal songs on PRISM [Unconditionally, Ghost, Love Me, and By The Grace Of God] are by far the best. These songs are all raw & emotional lyrically, the music on them doesn't sound as disjointed as it does on the other tracks, and Katy is vocally strong on them. Having said that I don't think they would make the best choices for singles, as they don't have a pop-friendly hook for radio. Unconditionally has been picked as the second single which I think is a mistake, I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'd class lead single Roar, This Is How We Do, International Smile, and the two pre-album releases Dark Horse and Walking On Air as above average. I don't find them as strong as my previous picks, but the lyrical content is interesting & catchy, and Katy's vocals are good - these tracks would probably be top picks for future singles, as they are what I think of as very radio-friendly.

The other tracks? Birthday is kinda cringy, and is memorable to me as it very similar to Rihanna's Birthday Cake - it's just less explicit. None of the remaining songs stand out to me in either a great or bad way, so I wish that I hadn't become caught up in the pre-release hype and had saved a few pounds by ordering the regular version instead of the deluxe version - I'm listening to the album as I write this and the three bonus tracks are all unmemorable, even after just listening to them.
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on 19 November 2013
Don't settle for the standard edition of just 13 tracks of Prism, and even the deluxe edition of 16; do as I do: order the JPN Deluxe Edition of 18 tracks on CD, and an exclusive bonus DVD! Code Asin: B00EOKQBHS

KATY PERRY - PRISM [JPN Deluxe Edition] P&C2013
01. Roar 3:43.40
02. Legendary Lovers 3:44.17
03. Birthday 3:35.03
04. Walking On Air 3:42.34
05. Unconditionally 3:48.65
06. Dark Horse featuring Juicy J 3:35.51
07. This Is How We Do 3:24.21
08. International Smile 3:47.62
09. Ghost 3:23.27
10. Love Me 3:52.51
11. This Moment 3:46.44
12. Double Rainbow 3:51.48
13. By The Grace Of God 4:27.35
14. Spiritual 4:35.67 - deluxe edition bonus track
15. It Takes Two 3:54.38 - deluxe edition bonus track
16. Choose Your Battles 4:30.13 - deluxe edition bonus track
17. Roar (Cazzette Remix) 5:22.06 - JPN only bonus track
18. Roar (Instrumental) 3:42.67 - JPN only bonus track
Total Running Time: 70':51''
Bonus DVD.
1. Music Video 4:30
2. Lyric Video 3:57
3. Queen Of The Jungle 0:21
4. Burning Baby Blue 0:30
5. The Third Coming 0:25
6. From A Meow To A Roar 0:31
7. Satin Cape 0:46
Total Running Time: 11':03''
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 29 October 2013
having listened to the previous 2 albums and enjoying them immenseley was hoping this would be as good and i feel after a few plays it is better, Teenage Dream is deemed to be a classic pop album with every single track being good but for me there were 2 bad tracks..Peacock which was just childish and rude and Circle the Drain which made me cringe every time she dropped the f-bomb..i'm no prude but felt this was forced to make her have a harder edge..luckily this album has no un-necesary swear words which shows her maturing as a song writer and every song is a joy to listen to..will be on repeat for some time yet, well done Katy
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on 21 October 2013
After teenage dream I did wonder how would she follow to what I consider to be one of the best pop albums of all time, then after Roar was released which I think is her best single yet I anticipated more of the same on the new CD, but unfortunately I was mistaken, apart from `Roar' all the other tracks sound like fillers and the lyrics are embarrassingly bad on some of the tracks and certainly not up to the quality of the tracks on Teenage Dream, other tracks are spoilt by the use of synthesisers and voice altering synths. I don't feel that this is a step in the right direction and her worst offering to date which is a shame because the standard has been so high before this.
The best of a bad bunch in my opinion is `unconditionally' which I would think will be released as a single in the near future although it is not anywhere near as catchy as her previous singles, `This Moment' and a mention for International Smile which could have been a good song but is spoilt by the synthesizers half way through in fact it's one of a very small number of track's that actually sound like Katy.
Maybe it will grow on me after a few plays but I do think that a lot of people will be quite unlikely to play this CD again after the first listen, and I won't be thinking of playing it again in the near future,
I'm glad I didn't pay for the deluxe edition as after hearing the bonus songs I feel they are just more of the same bland stuff, Its not quite a 2 star album and I cant rate 2.5 stars so I will reluctantly rate it as 3 stars.
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on 21 October 2013
I loved "Teenage Dreams" which got me through a very difficult time in my life - my grandmother was dying, and my mother had been diagnosed with a terminal illness - so perhaps I have a rather biased view of that album. Like others I was looking forward to PRISM but after listening to it for the best part of today I have to agree with a number of other reviewers who have said there are quite a few unmemorable songs on here. It might be that they will grow on me in time, but at the moment I would say 80% of the album sounds like pure filler to me. Apologies Ms Perry, but in my humble - and completely irrelevant - opinion this is a very disappointing album.

UPDATE #1 - One day into listening to the album fully I have to admit that the songs are growing on me. Once you get over the playful nod to the old Katy Perry with "Roar" the rest of the album comes across as more mature and thoughtful. There are still moments of fun but they are few and far apart but that's almost a good thing since the songs benefit from repeated listens. So, rather than this album being as disappointing as I initially thought I will admit I was wrong and now think it will be a "grower" if fans, both old and new, give it and Katy a bit of time.

UPDATE #2 - Over a week in, and I love the album. Not all the tracks are to my taste: some are a little too bubblegum but the darker, more mature tracks (you'll know them when you hear them) are brilliant. Combine this with the best tracks from the previous two albums and you have a Katy Perry album that will rarely be off the sound system.
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on 5 November 2013
Ah yes, Katy Perry is back with her new album "Prism" and hasn't failed to deliver. This is a light, airy, summer-like CD, with hopping beats, catchy tunes and, of course, Katy's powerful vocals and unique lyrics. As always, her songs are never average; though the subject matters are what you would expect (love, heartbreak etc.) she always comes at them from a different angle which makes her music a breath of fresh air. Though categorised as a pop singer, Katy Perry is never dull or average and her music does stand out from the crowd.

Compared to "Teenage Dream", the sound of "Prism" feels more mature; her music being a little less fun n' frolics and a little more serious. I do miss the off-the-wall tracks that we know Katy for (i.e. "I Kissed A Girl" and "E.T") which is unfortunate but the more developed sound is quite refreshing and not disappointing. I do feel some of the songs are a little too similar in sound and subject matter and seem to blend together when listening but none of them are unpleasant on the ears.

After the first listen to the album on a whole, stand out songs for me are "Legendary Lovers", "Dark Horse", "Ghost", "Double Rainbow", "Spiritual" and "It Takes Two" though I'm sure new favourites will arise from further listens.

Overall, I give this album a solid four stars and would recommend it to any Katy Perry fan.
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on 10 February 2014
She smells like cheese, wine, feet, sewer. She the voice of a cat stuck in a tree and the face of a dog.
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