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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Firefly Board Game|Change
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VINE VOICEon 6 September 2014
Gale Force 9's "Firefly The Game" is a product of a deep love for the ill-fated TV series and the 'Verse it was set in. The photos, locations and quotes as well as the game nomenclature and rules options all reflect the eccentric post-Reconstruction/Western themes of Josh Whedon's sci fi drama. For serious fans (and there are no other Firefly fans), a session of this game is a return to what you loved about the show.

Each player chooses a Firefly Class trading vessel, picks a captain (Mal Reynolds is in there and he's probably the best) and a starting world and $3,000 to invest. A Story Card sets the mission for everyone - some involve quirky heists, others are more focused on getting rich by any means possible.

The board depicts the Verse as six solar systems, dominated by the huge White Sun system (which is "Alliance Space" and is patrolled by the majestic Alliance Cruiser) and the outer systems of Georgia, Murphy, Red Sun, Heinlein and Himinbjorg which are in Border Space (prowled by the malevolent Reaver Cutter). The Alliance and Reaver ships are non-player antagonists that other players get to maneuver and position to inconvenience or threaten you in your travels. Five planets are Supply Worlds with their own decks of cards where you get to pick up crew, buy gear and upgrade your ship; four are Contact Worlds where nefarious characters like Badger, Patience and Adelai Niska offer you legal or illegal work, also represented by their respective deck of cards; a fifth Contact is Commander Harken on the Alliance Cruiser.

The basic mechanic involves selecting the jobs you want to attempt, recruiting crew and gear, travelling to the right world for the job and collecting the reward. Successful jobs build a "Solid Rep" with a Contact, unlocking more bonuses, but a Rep can be lost if you become an outlaw ship and get a Warrant from the Alliance. If you're working for Niska, this sort of Alliance entanglement can prove fatal for one of your crew. Illegal jobs involve drawing one or more "Aim To Misbehave" cards which set extra tasks before the job can be completed.

The basic mechanic is a single dice roll to which one of three main traits (Tech, Combat, Negotiate) is added, with a roll of 6 "exploding" in a mechanic called "Thrillin' Heroics". It's a bit blunt but simple and plenty of special Crew and Gear cards introduce variations on the mechanic.

A minor complication comes in the form of Immoral Jobs. Some Captains (like Mal Reynolds) and Crew (like Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Shepherd Book) are "Moral" characters who become Disgruntled by Immoral jobs or Immoral courses of action while Misbehavin' or Navigating. Disgruntled crew can be "hired away" by rivals or may jump ship altogether; disgruntled Captains may sack their entire crew. By and large, Moral Crew are superior to the rest in terms of their powers, but you need to be discerning about the Jobs you undertake with them.

The main complication is flying your ship. You can "mosey" slowly, one sector at a time, which is safe but excruciatingly slow. You can go "full burn", exhausting a fuel token, and moving up to 5 sectors, but each sector you enter requires you to draw a Navigation Card from either Alliance or Border Space Decks. Most of these tell you to "Keep Flyin'", some impose hazards, breakdowns and salvage opportunities but the worst drop you into the lap of the Alliance or put you in the way of the cannibal Reavers. Strong play involves choosing your routes to optimise your Jobs and watching the Nav Deck discard piles to anticipate what's coming. In fact, all discard piles need watching, since you can buy what others discard, making selecting the right purchases and Jobs an important consideration.

The decisive judgement is when to stop working Jobs to build up your bank balance and optimise your ship and start going for the victory conditions of your Story Card. Go for the win too soon and you'll be inadequate to the challenge, busted back to broke with a dead crew, a ton of Warrants and no option but low-paid mail runs for Amnon Duul to build your credit back. Wait too long and one of your rivals will have slipped in under your nose.

It's easy to miss what your rivals are up to because - and this is the only real criticism of the game - there's not much interaction between the players. Yes, you can use Nav Cards to send the Alliance or Reavers after your rivals and, yes, you can sometimes hire away disgruntled crew from your rivals, but there's not much reason to interact and pay attention to each other's accomplishments. Played as a peanut-and-beer afternoon games, this is great fun and there are never hard feelings but it can easily feel as if you're all playing separate solitaire games on the same board.

Two expansions fill out the game. Breakin' Atmo introduces 50 new cards - 5 for each Supply and Contact Deck. They're interesting and varied and look like they were cut from the main game over space/cost calculations. Pirates And Bounty Hunters is another proposition entirely, providing you with 2 new non-Firefly ships and aggressive captains along with new Jobs and rules focusing on players raiding each other, elegantly correcting this shortcoming in the core game.

So, great fun in the Verse. The Story Cards suggest you can play a game in 2 hours but frankly I'd double that, certainly if your players are enjoying their banter and like to get the optimal crew together before taking big risks. The quality of the components is exceptional and the forthcoming Blue Sun expansion should complete the (already massive) board and develop the game in new directions hinted in the film Serenity.
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on 30 December 2013
excellent game, full of the flavour and style of the ill-fated and short-lived TV series. If you loved THAT, you'll love this. The quality of the components is extremely high, the gameplay is straightforward and once you are familiar with it, works well. it's original, it's great fun, and it's good value for money, the big box is absolutely crammed with goodies all manufactured to the highest standards.................all you need to add is your own plastic dinosaur, and everything's shiny! With add-ons and supplements to the game on the way, what's not to like???
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on 28 November 2014
This is a fantastic board game that does very well to capture the feel of the series. This is the base game, which is a lot of fun to play, but I highly recommend buying the expansions.

This game by itself mostly focusses on each player racing to complete the chosen 'story card' objective.

The 'Breakin' Atmo' expansion adds some more items and jobs to the base game.

The 'Pirates and Bounty Hunters' expansion adds ways for player to interact, which is something the base game lacks.

I haven't yet bought and played with the 'Blue Sun' expansion, but from what I know it is based (loosely) on the film and makes the game board bigger, adds a lot to the job system and makes the Reavers much scarier.

One thing to bear in mind is that, like a few other big board games I can think of, the more players you have, the longer the game will take. I have played the single player version which took me about an hour, maybe a little more. I haven't played with two players yet but I imagine that would take two to two and a half hours. Playing with three players took us about three and a bit hours. When we played with four players it took longer than four hours (we didn't finish the game) and playing with five players takes... a very long time; the few times we have tried we have ran out of time before even getting close to the goal of the game.

My advice is to find out in advance how many players you will be playing with, then convert that number to hours and add another one or two. Don't do what me and my friends keep doing and setting up around 10:00pm for a five player game unless you can leave everything set up overnight.

Do buy this game, especially if you are a fan of the series.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 October 2015
This board game is based on the short lived TV series of the same name. Since there is plenty of info on the game available on the internet, I won’t go into detail. Basically it puts you in command of a space freighter [firefly class] and you have to select a crew and take on jobs to meet certain goals set out in the job cards,
It can be played solo or with up to five people [this being the English version with the extra ship Artful Dodger –so I don't think you need that extension pack as it’s all in here]. There are extensions that can be added to expand the game but they are not necessary. This game includes everything you need to play the basic game. The board folds out to 30” x 20” and the play cards are placed around its edge [on the playing surface], so it takes up a large amount of space in play. The sturdy game box also contains a plastic storage tray in which game counters can be neatly stored after play.
The upside is its very easy to play [rules are included but can also be viewed on the web] and recreates the feel of the Firefly universe [the verse]. The downside is that if your not a big fan or haven’t seen it, then much of the charm of the game might be missing as it’s heavily influenced by the series episodes, so you won’t have the background feel for characters and places etc. Also the more players, the longer the game [estimate 1 hour per player on the basic game]. For fans a definite ***** that puts you out into the ‘verse that was.
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on 21 April 2014
Highly recommended purchase- my wife loves this game, particularly the dinosaur used as the current player marker. Delivery was swift and the game came well-packaged. Gameplay is very similar to Talisman, but with more control over movement. The missions, winning conditions, available equipment and crew vary from game to game, keeping things fresh and promote devising an efficient game strategy, while the 'misbehave' cards are great fun, requiring prior preparation and some good old-fashioned luck. There is also some (admittedly limited) resource management elements. The expansions inject some more variety in to the game and are very reasonably priced, so there is plenty of longevity here.
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on 23 December 2013
Best game I have played to date. I can honestly say I have not enjoyed a board game more than this. Thank you Celestial for providing an awesome product and thank you for the promo cards that came with it.
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on 4 November 2014
I was given this game for my birthday and it is absolutely glorious. I, like most people, have learned to be wary of the movie/book tie-in games, but Firefly: The Game simply uses the basis of the TV show to present an engaging, well designed and excellent strategy game. Unlike other tie-ins, it doesn't rely on fandom alone to carry it to success, but easily holds its own in the tabletop gaming world. The only thing you should really consider before buying is table space. This game takes up a hell of a lot of space. The board alone is pretty big, and you have to factor in additional space for players to place their ships and assorted equipment, crew and job cards. We barely managed to fit everything on our 2x0.5m table with six players. Obviously, the fewer the players, the more space you have, but it can be a struggle.

As for the meaning behind the title of this review: My copy contained two faulty parts. My Alliance Cruiser had horribly bent front spires and one of my dice had a pink smudge and a missing paint dot on the 1 side. I contacted Battlefront with photos and they instantly responded that they had shipped out replacement parts. I had expected to at least pay for shipping, but they asked no further questions and I received the parts today in pristine condition. So on top of having created a brilliant game, the company behind it clearly care about customer satisfaction.
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on 7 February 2015
Lovely game for any Firefly fan. This game captures the feel of the verse very well, pretty much too well to be honest which is a good thing. You get a lot in this game, nice board and cards, good ship figures and some in game money notes.

The only complaint we have amongst myself and my friends, this game takes up a lot of table space because the main board is quite big, then you have your main ship card in front of you, 3 missions to the left 3 in your hand, below is 4 ship upgrades and to the right depending on ship and upgrades you can have from 1 to 9 crew cards. Then there is crew equipment and also your money. Then you have the station/planet mission cards and equipment/crew cards which need there own space at the end of the table or off the table somewhere . We have played 7 players on a friends big table and struggled for space. Some friends at the end of the table can't really see the board or interact with it that well, despite the board being fairly large. 4 players is ok but still requires a lot of room. Apart from that this game is excellent and we think it's "shiny captain."
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on 23 September 2015
Read rules carefully before starting game and have pleanty of space to play on. Great fun game though and really nice looking. The extensions add a new depth to the game. This is a fun game to play with a group even those who don't know the show. I recommend getting a sewing or craft box to store the little pieces in if you get extensions as these take up lots of space. Thus is also a great game to play solo or just with two players.
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on 20 January 2014
I bought this for my husband who is one of those who never really know what they want our ever want anything types and he loved it! It helps that he is a big fan of the show but after having played the game he has said that he believes that anyone who likes games like this would enjoy it, even if they aren't a fan of Firefly.

As someone who has never played this type of game before I will say that it is fairly daunting when setting up because of the number of parts/cards to the game - I'd never seen a game with more cards than Monopoly - and understanding all the ins and outs is a bit much for your first go around but we've played a few times now and we almost remembered everything :)

The parts to the game are well made and everything looks as it should and there are plenty of different goals to play for so you shouldn't get bored. All in all, I think that it is a great game to play and even though the game is fairly expensive you will get value for your money.
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