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on 29 August 2015
This review is posted for both books in the "series", as it should have been one book.
I don't know where to start really...I'm so beyond disappointed it's hard to put it in order.
I read my first K Larsen book, (Jezebel), a few days ago, and as per my review, I was blown away by it and went on a mission to find more of her work. Whilst I appreciate that this one was written a couple of years ago, I can't get over the contrast in quality of writing...so much so that I almost don't believe they're by the same author.
The start of the first book was promising, the main protagonist's escape and the well written intensity of feeling was spot on and I thought I was in for another treat from this author. Then the niggles started...the basics such as the wrong use of too/to started to irritate me. I could have lived with this and have done previously, when the story line has been good enough to override any little editing/grammatical errors. Then I started noticing overuse of words such as "chortle", "chuckle" and "snicker"...not my favourite words anyway so when they were used too many times I started to cringe...again, just a minor irritant so far. Then the repetition of them looking into each others eyes and what became the long, drawn out and boring process of completing "the list", had me skim reading and wondering when it was going to get to the point. Towards the end of the 1st "book", and from there on in, the change from past to present tense, sometimes on the same page didn't quell my irritation levels. Then the ending and subsequent "sequel" This for me was the final straw. This practice of a "free" book, purely to get the reader to actually buy the conclusion, which in reality is what should be the last few chapters of the first book is a massive con and insult to the readers in my opinion. The 2nd "book", was so beyond corny, cheesy, unrealistic and ridiculous that had this been how the 1st book started, I wouldn't have got past the 1st couple of chapters...it was nauseating.
This review would have been a 2.5 star review as I have definitely read worse and having read "Jezebel", I know this author has developed and can write. However, I am so absolutely against this ridiculous practice employed by too many authors, that it made me really really against these books and made it a 1 star experience for me. So much so that despite my raving review about Jezebel, (which also had a "sequel" that should have been an extra few chapters in the original book), it has put me off reading anything else by this author.
Returned for a refund,
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on 23 January 2018
Brilliant series conclusion! There is no greater gift than love and boy did she find it!! Elle seemed such a downtrodden, lifeless character with Ryan and that's no surprise considering how he treated her. I loved the bond Elle found with Jenna too and the group of friends that supported her. Lovely story. Would definitely read something else by this author.
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on 28 June 2017
bit of an anticlimax after the forst book, too much about the relationship between the hero and not enough about the brutish husband and his interactions between him and the main female character. the first book was spot on,
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on 12 December 2015
what a swizz, read the first book and it ended with a "to be continued" in this book, so had to purchase it as I had to know what happened and it turned into such drivel. talk about a marketing ploy!!!
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on 19 August 2017
As good as the first one, in fact even more exciting, couldn't put it down, but wanted to know how it ended
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on 17 June 2017
I did enjoy this book. I am gGad to see Elle finally move beyond her fear and actually kicked butt BUT.......
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on 4 March 2018
Did what it said on the tin
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on 31 March 2013
I had wait weeks for the conclusion to 30 days and I was not dissapointed with Committed, it was a fanastic read.

If your looking for a bit of romance with some heartache &laughs and overall great read this is the book for you.

The Excert at end of Committed showed what a fantastic writer K.larsen is , she has me desperate for final edits ect to be completed for me to to get to grips with Clara & Dominic's story....Tug Of War
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on 6 January 2016
Ok - but to be honest I got bored halfway through once I knew how the cliffhanger ended.
Colin who I found sweet at first, ended up annoying in full puppy dog mode and lost all identity in his own right, instead being "the boyfriend" and not much else.
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on 8 May 2017
Great book couldn't put it down. Would recommended it to a gone who likes crime and thriller books. Great read
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