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on 20 July 2015
This device started working ok but now i keep getting software errors where the only way i have found is uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them or moving the card round in the pc
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on 22 August 2014
As I was only planning on running one or two USB 3.0 devices to start, I decided to try using it without connecting the 5V power supply. Whilst others have found that they can get away with this, I could not. Without connecting the power, none of the USB devices would work. It did install the driver and detect the hardware, however in my instance the optional power feed was required.

Unfortunately in two days of testing I have noticed the device has become completely unresponsive on two occassion's. The first I was conducting a comprehensive extended test on my external USB hard disk, after 20 hours the USB card decided to cease working, especially frustrating as I only had 3 hours of testing left to do. After this point, the card would simply not respond, a system reboot was required.

On the second occassion I only had a USB 2.0 printer attached and a bluetooth dongle. Simultaneously both devices lost connection and once again the device was unresponsive.

I am now trying an alternative driver to see if that fixes the problem, however if I experience another connection loss then I will RMA this product.

Finally the inbuilt driver software GUI will always sit in your system tray, and the GUI looks like it was designed by a classroom of school children, infact that is an insult to school children. Its not professional, but then again its not a major sticking point.

So in summary my bullet points are:

1. I do not recommend buying this device.
2. If you do purchase it, I strongly recommend getting the optional 5v power cable.
3. Be watchful for random disconnects.
4. Spend a few pounds and get a better quality product.
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on 5 April 2014
I bought this happy that I'd be getting 5 extra USB3 ports for my PC. Wrongo! There's another connec tor under the Molex power connector that will allow you to connect up to a new standard shaped Front Panel 2 x USB3 installation. Cool if you have one, something for your next case if you don't.

It's a nice piece of kit, and looks premium with good finishing to the board and riser plate, but my one gripe is that in this modern age of SATA power, couldn't we have had a SATA power connector on the card, or at least a convertor included in the box? I had to break out an old-school 4-pin lead from my PSU just to feed this card. It doesn't look too ugly because I zip-tied it to the USB3 lead, but the old connectors are slowly dying out.

Don't let it put you off though, but remember that you'll need a 4-pin connector nearby to plug in, or spur off with the included fly-lead. You even get a handsome black case screw that matches the black finished back-plane fitting. Fancy!
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on 27 January 2014
From a combination of running out of USB ports and just buying a USB 3.0 compatible portable SSD, I felt this to be a required purchase for my desktop PC - I chose the 5 port one because I can never have too many USB ports. The 5 port variant has a connector for front panel USB ports as well, but I don't require that.

Installation was simple - just switched off computer, removed the side of my case and the PCI-e bracket that holds cards in place, connected a spare molex connector from the PSU to this (not sure if that's required when not using the front connector, but better safe than sorry. Also, it's a tight fit as always with molex connectors, so make sure to be supporting the connector with your thumb or something so as to be certain not to snap it off or something similarly undesirable), popped it into my spare port, put the bracket and side of the case back on, started up Windows, put the driver disc in the tray and the rest was seamless.
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on 7 September 2014
I have been ill and I have had lots of problems as I am in a wheelchair 24/7 that is why I am late at writing this.
I put the TeckNet USB 3card into my computer I then put the disc into my disc drive to install all went well until
something strange come up asking for a floppy disc to install as I did not have a floppy disc to Install so I had to
stop the installation when i did it came up install complete which I thought was a bit strange Why would it ask for
a floppy disk no body uses floppy disc anymore when I restarted my system all went well then about twenty minutes
later my computer just locked up completely I have got backups so I had to go back to my last backup I have a spare
computer and it also locked up. I think the software that I installed from the disc that came with the card is the problem
I will be emailing shortly when I feel better.
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on 14 April 2014
I'm running openSUSE 13.1 64bit.

Before installing ensure your system is completely up to date a kernel fix for USB3 was applied recently, so it is plug and play.

Had a bit of a game mounting my Verbatim external drive as it insisted on mounting as root with only read access no matter what I did.
My tip is to use partitioner in Yast and format the drive to ext4 and set your own mount point. You can then Chown to yourself and gain full -r and -rw access.

Speed......sent a 3gb file to a USB3 and USB2 device as below:


3072+0 records in
3072+0 records out
3221225472 bytes (3.2 GB) copied, 514.349 s, 6.3 MB/s


3072+0 records in
3072+0 records out
3221225472 bytes (3.2 GB) copied, 57.5891 s, 55.9 MB/s

That's 10 times faster!!
At this price well worth it.
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on 12 May 2014
I have tested this with Windows 64bit versions 7 & 8, it worked straight away with the moles power supply connected. The drivers supplied were up to date so it was not necessary to visit the website, but doings so is recommended if you are not certain. The transfer rate varies between about 80mb and 130mb depending on the nature of the data and the peripheral device/s. Do however note that, this is with one USB 3.0 device at a time. As is the case with a bottleneck on a four carriageway motorway that diverts into one lane, the pass-through speed will be reduced inversely proportional to the number of devices sending or receiving data simultaneously. In summary it is a great card for adding or increasing a USB 3.0 headers, while at the same time allowing you to leave devices attached to the rear of your machine that are only intermittently utilised.
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on 25 December 2013
Recieved item promptly.

I have the TeckNet EU308D 5 Port USB3 PCI Express Card.
Fitted the card and installed appropriate Drivers VIA_XHCI_Driver_V4.30A_AP.
Transfered some files onto a USB3 HDD and found transfer rate to be very slow 8mb/s.
Tried other Drivers and various settings but still slow transfer rates.
When removing the usb3 device without the safely remove option i get the blue screen of death even though the device is set in properties as quick removal.
Tried another PCI Card from my other PC and fitted it into the Same PCI Slot and got much much higher transfer speeds 95mb/s so proves the card is at fault.
A Unhappy customer so buyers take note.
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on 21 May 2014
My problems with this card are that it has "lost" the installed driver (exclamation mark in Device Manager), but that seems to have been resolved with a second install of the driver, and the very high cpu load from the driver.

To be fair to TeckNet this may be due to the Via drivers, but on the other hand the Teknet website provides no support for the card, and drivers must be obtained from Via-Labs.

Googling shows that USB 3.0 support is still a minefield, and it is just about impossible to determine the optimum set of firmware and drivers for USB 3.0 cards. So I don't even know if this card can be made to perform better. Fortunately I don't use USB 3.0 much.
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on 15 June 2014
Arrived quickly and installed fine initially. Rebooted and my devices had disappeared (though the card was still listed under Device Manager.

Tried a different slot and then the PC refused to boot, Removed card and tried in a different PCI-E slot and the PC booted up again but the bios had restored from the backup chip. Card to blame so requested return but no option for a swap so refund necessary.

Would recommend Frescologic/NEC chip instead as VIA chipset seems to cause problems.

Amazon link - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00E59W1G8/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Or ebay - item number 170873793656
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