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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 16 June 2014
The group formed in 'Los Angeles' in 1985 and have maintained a strong fan-base both sides
of 'The Atlantic' ever since.
Arguably one of the Hottest Rock acts around with artists such as 'Axl Rose' (lead singer) and
considered one of the all-time great Guitarists 'Slash' (lead guitarist) along with 'Rhythm Guitarist'
'Izzy Stradin' among the impressive instrumentalist line-up.
Their music has achieved World-Wide success and acclaim.....the group first featured in the U.K
Chart in 1987 with a lower-order entry - 'Welcome To The Jungle' (Chart '67') however the song
was re-released the following year and achieved Top 30 status.
This 'Greatest-Hits' album does include all the groups Top-Ten U.K entries down the years.......
which includes numbers such as - 'Paradise City' (Chart '6' 1989) 'Sweet Child O' Mine' (Chart '6'
also 1989) 'Patience' (Chart '10' 1989) 'You Could be Mine' (Chart '3' 1991) 'Don't Cry' (Chart
'8' 1991) followed by 'Paul McCartney's' 'Live and Let Die' (Chart '5' also 1991) the following year
also having U.K Hits with 'November Rain' (Chart '4') and 'Bob Dylan's Classic' 'Knocking On
Heaven's Door' (Chart '2') also the same year 'Yesterday's / November Rain' (Chart '9') in 93'
'Civil War E.P' (Chart '11') followed by 'Ain't It Fun' (Chart '9') in 94' they had just the one Top 10
entry 'Since I Don't Have You' (Chart '10') and in 95' 'Rolling Stones Classic' 'Sympathy For
The Devil' (Chart '9') all these mentioned tracks on-board this great 'Rock' album.
They never actually achieved a U.K number One Singles Hit, though this Album and their 'Use Your
Illusions II Albums did Top the Album Charts.
Surely one of the great Rock-Bands of our Time...........this album obviously a great reflection of the
groups best known material.
(My Daughter, and Top 500 reviewer 'Timelord' persuaded me to add a 'Guns N' Roses' album to my
ever growing music collection......Glad I Have, many would say long-0verdue.
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on 25 May 2013
The CD turned up with no protective plastic wrap, so it looked like it had been opened. When I opened the case I found that the outside/backside of the CD was scratched to bits and it looked like it had been done on purpose with a key or something. The CD still played well so I couldn't be bothered returning it, but I am not impressed at all. I guess someone at Amazon is not a Guns n Roses fan and decided to physically give a review of the music by desecrating the CD, the blasphemous heathens! Probably a Justin Bieber fan.
Now to the music. I would give this greatest hits CD 4* stars because the tracks on there are the ones I would have chosen myself, but I feel that there are a lot missing that should have been on there. Maybe a greatest hits CD should have had two discs. However, this is in my car and is played all of the time, because the tracks on there are their greatest hits. Great to have the best tracks from different albums on one CD. I guess that's the idea of a greatest hits, so job done.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 February 2018
Ordered for my boyfriend - great album - all the hits & a couple I hadn't took much notice of before, but made me sit up & listen.
arrived a little later than stated, but still arrived as described.
Highly recommend.
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on 16 June 2014
I used to own: Appetite for destruction, Use your illusions 1 & 2 and the Spaghetti incident, on tape - bought back in the 90's, but foolishly lost or got rid of them as CD's and other music types came to the for. For a while I have been considering re-purchasing one or more of these albums, so was delighted to come across this greatest hits compilation. I'm sure over time I will remember more songs from those albums, but for now this has filled the revolver shaped hole in my music collection.

A power house rock group from the 90's and John Connors favorite band - well worth some investment, whether your reliving your youth or new to GNR.
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on 29 May 2016
The best thing one can do when one is not a real fan of a band, but still like it, is to buy "The best of", "Greatest Hits" or other compilations with similar names. Well, it works. Avoid conversations with hardcore fans who are going to castigate you for not listening rarities no one cares about.
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on 21 June 2004
I was a big fan of GnR and used to own all of the albums on tape (I know... but it was a long time ago). To be honest I always thought that Use Your Illusion being on two albums was a bit of a con, so I never bought the CDs. But my patience has paid off, and finally, here it is; a collection of the best of GnR at a decent price. It's quality from start to finish, containing pretty much all of their best songs (ok, five are covers, but they were always good covers). Some people may have a preference for some of their other songs; for those people, buy Use Your Illusion I and II and leave this well alone. If you just want to relive your old GnR days, this does the trick (although you might just want to buy Appetite for Destruction as well...).
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on 8 August 2017
Really like this. Always liked hearing their songs on the radio.

Anyway first time I played it I was not so keen and barely heard any of it. Then second go I played it all and loved it.
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on 12 February 2015
I saw a you tube video of Slash and Axel Rose doing an acoustic 'Sweet Child of Mike' and immediately wanted to hear the real one (on a good set of speakers). Amazon came to the rescue with this CD at a very competitive price and now, this is s firm favourite. Only four stars as I still haven't fallen in love with several of the fill-in (?) tracks but still a great purchase.
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on 7 June 2017
Great Music if you want to buy One album by Guns N Roses get this it's got most of their best music on it
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on 14 September 2015
I had the album "Apetite of Destruction" on tape cassette and needed to update it. I decided on this and would recommend it. There are the usual hits, but some of these songs are skilled and beyond the normal "pop" that you would expect in an album like this. I enjoy listening to it.
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