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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Colour: - - iPAD AIR|Change
Price:£6.89+ Free shipping
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on 28 May 2011
Having already become accustomed to affixing screen protectors to my smart phone I knew that doing likewise to the IPad2 was going to be even more taxing. Now as you may have gathered from others on here (and elsewhere) you either get it right or you don't. Getting it right really does showcase (and protect) your IPad, getting it wrong and it looks like a dogs dinner.

Well my order was swift and arrived within days, it also arrived packed in a stout (Amazon) Cardboard outer. Inside was 6 sheets each including a wee yellow duster, (With which you are supposed to clean your screen beforehand)

Now the reason I ordered a 6 pack is I knew I would make mistakes and it took me 3 attempts in which to get it right. (Still left me with 3)

So what can I say In which to help you get it right:
1) Ensure you work in a clean and dust free area. (Paramount)
2) Take no notice of the instructions given and do not use the duster provided to clean the screen (it leaves lint behind). Instead I used one of those little lens cleaning wet wipe sachets to wipe the screen down and then allowed the screen to dry.
3) Ensure you punch out the 2 holes (camera and start button) before you apply the screen.
4) Make sure you line up the protector correctly.I recommend placing the protector dry (with covers still fixed) on the I-Pad in which to be able to gauge how to do it for real.
5) Peel off bottom layer and affix to screen. (Don't worry too much about any bubbles yet)
6) With the top layer still on. Get a credit card, cover it with the yellow duster and use it as a squeegee in which to push any air bubbles to the sides.(It works)
7) Remove top layer.

Hopefully, in following the above instructions , you won't fill your bin with 3 screen protectors like I did. But hey practice makes perfect.
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on 29 August 2010
Great idea, works great, no bubbles, protects my iPad from the kids and does not affect the sensitivity of the screen..... Only thing to be aware of.... Look at the tabs! I fitted the wrong bit and could not understand why it was bubbly and difficult to apply, once I'd looked properly though I realised my error, fitted it correctly and it's perfect. I can imagine the 6 pack will last for ages, I'm on my first one and it's showing no signs of scratching even with the hammering my kids give it! A great buy, well worth it and even covers the scratches I had on the iPad screen before. Arrived very quickly and was also so cheap.
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on 6 October 2014
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on 8 June 2014
Works as it says on the tin. Cheap and effective. Takes some concentration to get it on smoothly but don't all these protectors?
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on 30 December 2010
I read all the reviews for these before purchasing and took strong note of the advice to ignore the complainers - I'm glad I did!! These are absolutely brilliant I'm typing this with it on now and they do not hinder the sensitivity of the touch screen or anything what so ever. I have to be honest this was one of my main concerns as I've not been a great believer in touch screen products before now. The cleaning cloth seemed to work better one side than it did the other with giving a good clean rather than smearing the finger marks when I cleaned the screen before applying the cover but I got a perfect screen with no bubbles or dust scraps from static on my first application using a Christmas card to smooth as I went, if you ensure to only move it slowly and a little at a time then you're laughing. Just make sure you start at the button end so it's aligned properly.
The delivery was lighting I only ordered these on the 28th during the evening and they came this morning. Will absolutely buy again when the time arises! BUY THEM you will not regret it especially at this price.
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on 20 September 2010
Brilliant product I thought. Sometimes you need to reapply them or replace after scratches, if my old phone screen protectors are anything to go by. So getting a 6 pack was a good idea. Make sure when you are putting them on you do it somewhere as dust free as possbile and clean the screen properly and it's good to go. Keeps off marks well, which is good since work colleagues can't seem to keep their grubby hands off the screen.
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on 26 January 2011
My experience was as follows: --

1) Clean the screen making sure there's no dust in the room - you'd have to be in outer space to get all the dust off; you can't do it with those cloths they give you.
2) Align the home button with the hole in the screen protector, and make sure the protector is straight with the edges of the iPad - OK.
3) Carefully peel off layer one, while pressing gently to apply the protector to the screen - OK. One or two bubbles can be ousted with a handkerchief-clad credit card.
4) Carefully peel off layer two - Uh-oh. The whole thing's coming away from the screen.
5) Press down where it's peeled away until all the air has gone.
6) Feel smug.
7) Feel less smug the next day when half of it has peeled off again and won't restick.

Six times over.

I thought I would go for a cheaper option so that if it went wrong I wouldn't feel too bad (some protectors are in the £20 region for a single). It went wrong. I don't feel too bad. I'm still not buying these again. I'll settle for cleaning the screen every now and then.
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on 22 September 2010
Received within a few days, even with the free delivery. Packaged well, all the equipment needed was provided. Got a perfect application on my second attempt. Nowhere near as tricky as other people have said.

I would definitely recommend this seller.
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on 24 May 2011
Ordered this pack after my iPad picked up a scratch, despite being cosseted beyond measurable belief.

Of the 6 that arrived, 2 were effectively unusable - a long bubble down the middle of the protectors turned out to be defined by two long (but thin) scars in the plastic.

Of the others... The first fitted onto the scratched screen beautifully.

However, apple then replaced my iPad because of the scratch (!), and fitting a protector on the replacement turned out to be an utter nightmare. I discarded 2 after foul-ups on my part. Started off wonky, bubbles, not good enough. A third attempt went on perfectly; but it was then that i discovered the twin scars. A fourth went on superbly; but 3 days later an edge had lifted, creating a 2 inch bubble along the edge that couldn't be squeezed out.

So a week or so later, I've now got the final protector fitted, compete with dual scars, and have put in an order for a second batch of 6.

Obviously theres a compromise between user error and manufacturing error going on here, but it's definitely a good thing that there are 6 to a pack.....
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on 26 January 2012
Well it took me 5 attempts to get one on without any dust or air bubbles and straight enough for the holes to match up with the camera and button. Once on though it only lasted a few days before I had to take it off again. It wasn't air bubbles but the thing was covered in scratches, it looked terrible. It's a scratch magnet and wasn't what I wanted it for.
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