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Logitech Z200 Speaker - Snow White
Colour: White|Style: Z200 Speakers|Change
Price:£27.76+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 4 April 2018
They're fine. But to be honest every other piece of audio equipment I've bought over the last few years or so has struck me as a big step forward in terms of quality for the money, and these don't. I had desktop speakers years ago that were a little more expensive than these but sounded way better. I'm a little disappointed given the reviews, and I don't think these are particularly good value at the £24 I paid. I've seen a few comments that they used to be less but have been jacked up because of the popularity. That sounds about right.

The sound is clear in the mid ranges, and they look nice, but there is very little low end to speak of and as soon as you pick them up and feel how light and plastic-y they are it's pretty obvious why. I'm also not finding the high end particularly subtle or forgiving. Not bad speakers for the price, but not particularly good either. If I bought these on a whim in Curry's I wouldn't be disappointed, but for me when I invest time scouring Amazon for the best product at a given price point I expect a little more.

If I was buying again I'd probably spend a few more quid to go higher end and get more weight/nuance to the sound, or save a few quid and accept that sound quality is not really what I'm after. For me these live in a bit of a no-man's land at the £24 price point.
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on 2 September 2017
I must say that I was initially a bit disappointed when I first tried out these speakers. The sound quality was somewhat underwhelming compared to the 2.1 configuration I was accustomed to (particularly the lack of bass)... That being said, by tweaking a few of the settings on the sound control panel the speakers were truly allowed to shine!

Note that I currently have a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy card which allows for an assortment of sound settings to be altered through a control panel. From playing around with the settings, I found the best results come from lowering the Crystalizer to around 20% and increasing the Crossover Frequency to around 140Hz (see the attached screenshot). The higher Crossover Frequency mainly contributed to the better sound quality as it greatly improved the depth of the bass.

So for those of you a bit disappointed by the bass on these speakers, I recommend giving this fix a try to see if it helps :)
review image
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on 6 August 2017
I bought this pair of Logitech speakers because my old Logitech ones got knocked out of the window so many times by my cats, they eventually stopped working, but they stood up to 4 years of this abuse, which is pretty impressive.

So, initially I wasn't very impressed with these speakers. I plugged my phone in, put my favourite music on and got started on the housework.
Very quickly I noticed a problem. I could still hear myself singing along. Nobody wants to hear that, believe me.
So, it seemed the speakers weren't very loud. Shame, because they look quite nice.
Then one day, I misplaced my phone, (a common occurrence) so I plugged the speakers into my laptop, cranked the volume up and hit "play". At that point, my ear drums exploded. My phone obviously isn't the best way to drown myself out.
So, in the end it turns out that these are pretty good little speakers. Good price too.
They've already been knocked out of the window a couple of times, so we'll see how long they last.
I would definitely buy these again.

And now for the short version.
This is a pretty good pair of speakers, but the are only as good as the thing they're plugged into.
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on 23 April 2017
Can't even remember when I got these, only writing a review now since I'm looking to upgrade, but I've had them for a solid two or so years -

- Still in perfect condition!
- Look the part
- Useful for general audio use, anything from films to games, to any genre f music... except perhaps heavy bass EDM etc. as the bass isn't really felt, even if the lower tones are good!
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on 17 November 2017
These speakers are pretty good for the price, they have very nice sound quality and look very good on the desk. They have a good amount of bass with a little adjustable slider on the side to control the bass levels. The only problem I have is with the wire that plugs into the TV, its not the best as when it is turned a certain way the speakers start to do a loud humming noise, this is fixed by simply rotating the cable. Other than this issue the speakers are pretty good.


Ever since moving the cable after hearing the humming noise i haven't had it since so the speakers are functioning really well. I have played a few games with them and I can say the sound is amazing for the cost of these speakers.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 21 February 2018
You'll need headphones just to protect your ears from sound damage A++

Out of the box these just connect with one jack into the back on the PC, connect the seperate plug and connect the power cable to the right hand speaker, positon the two connected speakers left and right of your screen and your'e ready to rock n roll.....

Get on you tube, search for 'who let the dogs out' and test those bad boys.

You can also easily connect a set of ear phones into the left hole of the righthand speaker and as if by magic they work and stop using the speakers, fine if you are not using a gaming headset where you want to chat on the mic.

For under £30 you just can't go wrong.
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on 12 September 2017
If you want improved sound over your computers internal speakers then these are a very good upgrade. Obviously computers internal sound cards are not very good so if you use these with a dedicated sound card or external audio DAC and use these speakers with them, then they are even better! I have these plugged into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and for the price and build quality they sound very clear and though lacking in bass and presence, the mid range is detailed and the high end is fairly bright but obviously not for the price the brightest or the detailed. Timing is good too.
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VINE VOICEon 7 September 2017
I bought these to replace another set of Logitech speakers with a separate subwoofer which worked well but were causing workstation cabling issues. This new set is good - and has a far simpler cable configuration - but the bass is definitely less well defined. There is a bass adjustment dial, which makes a bit of difference, but it may not be sufficient if you listen to a lot of bass-heavy music. I like a range of genres, and the reproduction of classical and speech is very good indeed, but I think I will miss the subwoofer for rock tracks.
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on 10 July 2016
Delivery was great, item arrived four days after ordering.

My previous speakers were pretty good, they did lack bass though, but I felt that I should invest in a new set to improve audio quality as well as the overall appearance of my desk. I had looked at these around Christmas time last year but never bought them. A few days ago, a friend of mine recommended them to me so that was all I needed to convince me. I went straight to Amazon and ordered them that same day.

Fast forward to today (Sunday, June 10th) and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. Sound quality is noticeably better than my old speakers and the bass is much more noticeable, not too overpowering but there's also a 'tone' dial to reduce or increase the amount of bass, something I haven't needed as the preset was perfect.

I really like the appearance of these speakers, it's very minimal and fits well in a black and white themed setup. I bought the black variant but the white speakers looked good too. The white rings are a nice touch and look very sleek.

Cable management is something I worried about with these, I was unsure of how far apart they were but I can happily say that there is a very large cable connecting the two speakers and the stand at the back is great for routing the cables through without seeing them.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with these speakers and for the price, £27 at the time of ordering, they are amazing. I would and will recommend these speakers.
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on 14 June 2018
These will be my first venture into speakers! I'm quite pleased to know that this is the lower end, and that it's not as bad as I was expecting.

Coming from using headphones exclusively, these are quite a change. Didn't take long to adjust.

First of all, they are capable of reproducing most of the spectrum my headphones did. However, this usually requires "Loudness Equalisation", as sometimes the highs can get drowned a little by the lows. I use this setting when listening to podcasts, commentaries etc, just not for music or gaming.

When gaming, there is a way bigger sense of direction than any headphones gave. It's like I'm hearing stereo for the first time! A much preferred experience. There is the added benefit of not needing to faff with headphones being uncomfortable or aching after a while.

You can change the direction of the speakers to get the "response" you want. Turn them toward you for better reproduction, and away for more pronounced bass. And speaking of bass, it's there, and way more so than any headphones I've used. I'm sure they don't stack up against better models, but I wouldn't want any more anyway.

And as for aesthetics, build etc, it's fine. They won't fall apart, but may break from a fall. They look quite good, and aren't intrusive as I though they would be. I'm overall pleased I didn't give up much from leaving behind headphones, but I'd personally spend a bit more to get a similar sound quality (probably around £50-£75). For those on a budget, these will do just fine!
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