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on 16 January 2014
I needed a portable and light laptop and the Yoga 11S with an i3 processor fitted the bill. I bought the orange one, and it looked great, although the extra £80 compare to the identical silver one is a lot just for a colour! The machine boots up very quickly, in less than 10 seconds (Google Chromebooks should be worried, as this is their major selling point). It's quiet, has a perfect keyboard and screen and feels like quality. The touchpad is excellent and there are enough ports. Although 128GB hard drives are advertised, you actually get about 70GB, the rest being consumed by Windows and the incredible amount of bloatware Lenovo ship the laptop with. Get the bigger 256 GB one if you have the option and money. The different positions for the screen and keyboard are nice and have some uses but it's too big and heavy to be a tablet to be held in one hand. As a laptop, it's good. The battery seems to be around 6 hours for general surfing and watching a few YouTube videos. The touch screen is very responsive and really helps using the laptop. I didn't realise that Chrome on the Yoga 11S didn't seem to pinch and zoom so had had to go back to Explorer. That brought its own problems; I had to spent more time trying to get rid of Lenovo's Explorer settings - not easy! Then there are issues with Explorer, which kept crashing when browsing in laptop mode and when you are in laptop mode but convert it to tablet mode, Explorer also froze.

You can get a free update to Windows 8.1 but it took me an *entire day* to do: research upgrading a Yoga 11S first and take note of the excellent advice on updating (1 hour), update Windows 8 drivers first (3 hours), download and install Windows 8.1 (3 hours), download and install the extra drivers (1 hour), fault find why audio didn't work and try lots of solutions (4 hours), remove Lenovo's bloatware, (2 hours), investigate why Explorer kept crashing (not solved).

UPDATE: I would not buy this machine again. It's too much hassle and too many things make it an unpleasant experience. I wanted a laptop I could turn on and use, not one where I would have to spend many hours setting up and even then, had problems with crashing. It has been returned to Amazon. I think with hindsight I should have got a machine with Windows 8.1 installed and properly proven. Before you buy this machine, go to Lenovo's own support forum (Google it) and read about it from people who have bought it. That way, you can make an informed decision.
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on 7 February 2014
Very robust, compact machine with quick performance and a flexible user friendly interface - perfect for working on the move. I haven't tended to use the tablet mode as much as I thought, owing to size / weight / formatting, but handy to have on the odd occasion.
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on 5 January 2014
I researched many different ultrabooks and ended up getting this and very impressed with it.

Overall the laptop has a very lenovo feel ie it is very slick and feels well made. The yoga features at first May look gimmicky but the stand and tablet features are handy when using it I'm your living room I'm front of the tv.

I got the i3 version and finding that it can handle multiple software operation and internet surfing with ease. If you aren't a serious PC gamer this should spec laptop will be more than enough for day to day and work purposes.

The ssd makes windows 8 functions much quicker than my old centrino laptop. Load up time takes 5 seconds; as does shut down time.

Unlike the other tablet devices and likes if Surface etc, the yoga is far superior in terms of quality and day to day use. The laptop has a proper laptop feel. The keyboard is a full functioning keyboard and not the cheap surface type adaptation.

Very impressed with lenovo.
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on 12 December 2013
Very well made ultrabook, so quick to boot and shutdown.
Brilliant as a tablet or laptop,still getting used to windows 8. prefer the traditional desktop at present.
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on 30 March 2014
I love everything about this laptop - the yoga multi-mode design is genuinely useful, and I find myself flipping between conventional laptop to tablet to stand to suit whatever I am doing (haven't found much use for tent mode yet though).

The good:
i3 processor is fine for everything I have thrown at it so far
HD videos play smoothly
Speed with SSD is great - Windows 8 and applications load in no time.
Keyboard is excellent - there is very little travel with the keys, which combined with their responsiveness means that my typing speed has significantly improved.
Screen is bright, sharp with good contrast (blacks do look black). Is a bit reflective but bright enough for this to not cause a problem. Brightness auto adjusts to suit ambient lighting & this is very effective
Touchscreen works well.
SD card slot is full depth!
Speakers are OK - sound is clear & volume usable in most situations
Size & weight are great - easy to cart around and rubberised surface is good to grip
Fan is very quiet - not really noticeable even when going full speed, which doesn't happen very often.
Temperature is good - never gets too warm to keep on lap or hold.
Construction is solid - rubber coating will scratch though, so best to keep in a soft case when travelling
Battery life is good - generally only have to charge it overnight and can then use through day without external power
Trackpad is the best I have used - very responsive & two finger scrolling is great

The not quite so good:
Trackpad buttons are sometimes a bit fiddly
Most bloatware is a waste of space so has been removed (why do all PC manufacturers insist on installing anti-virus software trials when Windows 8 has Defender built in?)
Upgrading to Windows 8.1 wasn't straightforward - I needed to go to Lenovo's site to download new drivers for everything before power management started working properly
No network port, but I use with wifi 99.9% of the time so it very rarely causes an issue

Bottom line:
I love it! Thank you Lenovo!
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on 26 March 2014
I bought this just after Xmas, when my 15.6" laptop died and needed to be replaced. I have been using it on a daily basis since then. I work in court and needed a lightweight portable laptop to use, taking notes of evidence and for looking at documents and briefs. I was torn between gettting a larger laptop and using a tablet or compromising with this. I am very pleased I did not go to the extra expense of purchasing both a tablet and laptop because this does both jobs pretty well.

As a laptop it is small, portable and light. The screen is quite small, with a noticeably large border around the edge. It suffices, but ideally it could be a little larger. A macbook Air, for example, has a larger, clearer screen (but costs over twice as much). The keyboard is small, but not as restrictive as I thought it would be, and I have adapted to it now. The build quality is really excellent, the hinges feel robust and the keyboard has a quality feel to it. Many of my colleagues have commented on it, as this really looks and feels like a premium product. The touchscreen works well, is responsive and pretty smooth. It is a godsend for Win 8, which I have found reasonably intuitive (though I know it is not to everyone's taste) and also for editing Word documents. It deals with a number of applications running simultaneously, and boots up very quickly (compared to other Windows pcs I have owned). The internal hard disk is 125GB which sounds low, but is more than I need for business use, and I use a large external hard drive to store music and films at home. It links very easily to a cheap external DVD-R drive I bought, making playing DVDs and CDs simple.

As a tablet, it is considerably heavier than an iPad or Nexus etc., and the border around the screen feels large in tablet mode compared with a true tablet. But this should be expected as it is, after all, a laptop. Occasionally there is the odd delay, and the on-screen keyboard needs time to respond, particularly if you have quickly changed from 'laptop mode' into 'tablet mode'. However, these are minor gripes with what is generally a very good experience using this machine as a tablet. Windows 8 seems to work very well in touch-only mode. I like the fact that it can 'stand up' without the need for a stand or case in tent mode or folding the keyboard underneath as a stand. This makes browsing and reading much easier than holding it in my hand, as after a while you notice the weight. I have started e-magazine subscriptions with the Zinio app, which works well. The pages are slightly less than an A4 size in portrait, which is ample, and the ability to zoom and move the page around makes the experience intuitive and easy.

All in all, I am very impressed with this machine. It is well-built and feels good quality, and does everything I need it to. Save for a couple of minor gripes this would be perfect. It is probably more of a 4.5 star product, but I am very happy with it so bumped it up to 5.
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on 4 February 2014
Light, fast, stylish, stable, affordable. The best choice in its price range. Highly recommended! You can't go wrong! Good luck
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on 20 January 2014
Do you want the effect of turning up at a client's premises in a brand new Mercedes SLK 55 AMG Roadster - but without the £55,000 price tag? Then buy one of these Lenovo Ideapads! Such a sleek machine, with the feeling of a great build quality and so nice to touch! I've been a Windows user since day one - but for the past few years have been forced to use the iPad and iPhone for the simple things that you want/need to do on the move. Microsoft have been behind for quite a few years in terms of what you can do with a touchscreen / tablet / small device - but now they have catapulted themselves right back into the forefront with Windows v8.1. This laptop / tablet / presentation tool literally boots up in seconds - has the graphic display (with sliders, snippets of information and apps) to put the iPad to shame - plus I can run all of my 'old' Windows software on it - and I can just use the traditional 'Desktop' format if I want to. So, I can get real work done, not just playing around with iOS games and one-trick apps. Literally everyone who has seen it has said 'Wow' - is that a new Laptop? Oh no, it's a tablet? And you can stand it up for presentations as well. Are you getting the impression that I'm delighted with it?
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on 6 February 2014
Prompt delivery service, was easy to track and arrived exactly as stated. The Lenovo Yoga is an excellent machine with fast boot up and does everything I expected of it
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on 16 April 2014
Great piece kit, great build quality and super fast. Keyboard a little ridged but once your used to it no problem.
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