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on 9 February 2015

Had issues with Windows 7 Updating in January, after a re-installation of the operating system and 4 weeks of non stop updates.
I decided to buy the full version Windows 8.1 after reading about Windows 8 issues.
What can I say, very simple to install, 1 day of updates later, everything is flying. Boot up takes 8 secs (not 6 mins). Spent a few days getting to grips with the way you can do things, aided by a 77p kindle book on how to do 101 things with 8.1 (via Amazon).
Highly recommending this to all thinking of upgrading. Thought Windows 7 was the best system available, but nothing compared to his version.
Looking forward to the free windows 10 upgrade in the year :)

Great news for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 game users

I installed the following with no issues last night to my great joy using compatability mode:-

Combat Mission
Combat Mission 2
Combat Mission 3
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Flight Simulator 2002
Flight Simulator 2004
IL2 Sturmovik
Il2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles
Rome Total War

Just overjoyed that these all work superbly ,the games run much faster :)
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on 7 January 2015
Wow, i'm impressed by Windows 8.1, i installed for dual boot and it installed 8.1 just under 10 minutes, that is amazing compared to previous versions of Windows installation from my experience.

As for the system itself, once you get familiar with the ins and outs of the interface [less than an hour] it's very nippy, you can just use mouse gestures and key shortcuts to find files, much faster than previous Windows. If you still don't like it you can always install Classic interface and the Start Menu from previous Windows will be working and intact, decisions decisions!

Overall, W8.1 is not as bad as everyone makes out to be, it's an enjoyable experience, looking forward to see what Windows 10 has got to offer! ;)

PS: The packaging is really small too, as small as the dvds enclosed, so yeah don't worry about it not fitting through the post!
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on 3 May 2015
I use this on a PC. It's fast and secure but has a needlessly steep learning curve. It's annoying to have the option to get app and desktop versions of certain programs, especially when the desktop versions aren't fully compatible with the interface features, e.g. Split screen. No video player is also annoying as I don't find VLC quite up to scratch when playing legitimate DVDs, and there's not even the option to buy Windows Media Player at a reasonable price - instead you have to get the full Windows pro upgrade first for an extra £90 odd.
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on 10 April 2015
All you need to know is: Right-click the Taskbar, select Properties, go to the Navigation tab and turn ON "When I sign in...go to the desktop". Hey presto, it's enough like Windows 7 to be usable. Just create a load of shortcuts to your apps on the desktop, or in one of your folders somewhere.

If you're a gamer and use high DPI, you may want to "Disable DPI scaling" via the compatibility properties of the game executable. If you're a gamer and playing older games, you may want to research the "NoDTToDITMouseBatch" registry setting.

Ultimately, there are some reliability and performance improvements, but I wish MS would spend less time tinkering with features and more time on optimizing and streamlining.
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on 2 January 2016
I got this for my sister because it's what she's used to. My advice would be to go with Linux instead. Linux is free as in free beer and free as in freedom, you can modify it, share it, do whatever you want with it because it's fundamentally about community at its core, and it's also just plain better; there are no viruses, all your software can be updated in a single action and you get to choose when to do it instead of being forced to wait to use your computer or being interrupted while you're working. Windows has had its day, move to Linux and take hold of your rights and community.
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on 12 March 2015
I gave this 5 stars because it installed without any problems and basically did what it 'said on the tin'. However, I can't say I like the way you have to use it and I certainly don't like the incidence of fixed advertising that is embedded in some of the apps. You have to buy software to get rid of these, which is like being held to ransom. I feel that Microsoft is hijacking our right to choose how we use the Internet and associated programs by making assumptions as to what we want and treating us as if we are all stupid. If you want to complain, forget it. Microsoft does not provide any easily accessible way to contact them if you are unhappy with their products.
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on 24 March 2015
If this is the operating system on your first computer, you may well like Windows 8/8.1. If you have been used to earlier Windows, particularly XP and 7, you will probably be among the 80-ish % of us who feel Windows 8 is not an improvement, and is generally a retrograde step. I am sure this is a good operating system; it is its user interface that is so awful (and why I have given it only 4 stars). Don't mess around, if you do not like what you see on the screen, download and install one of the several programs available which give you back the start menu. I used Start8 (google it) and it is a few pounds well spent - I am not saying it is the best, as I did not try all the alternatives, but it suits me.
You might wish to avoid using a Microsoft account for logging in, unless you happen to want or like cloud storage. You can log in locally to your computer, and you can even avoid having a password, it's just that Microsoft don't appear to want you to, and will tell you it is "not recommended".
Remember this is the full verson with both 32 and 64 bit installation discs. The retailers who do still supply Windows 7 may well charge you virtually the same as for Windows 8.1, but will be supplying OEM discs, and once the system is installed, it is tied to the one computer. As a further incentive, we are promised a free upgrade to Windows 10 later in 2015.
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on 7 July 2015
I have to be honest after reading all the negative reviews about Win 8, and sstill more about Win 8.1 I was worried that I might hate it, as I have been an avid Win xp user for years now, & would probably still be using it if it wasn't for the fact I've just built a brand new high end Gaming Rig!

But I had nothing to worry about, it is by far the best OS I've used ( & yes i have used vista & windows 7, just never on my own systems) I will admit to be one of those that prefers the desk top to the App's, but I will also point out that i do infact use both at diffrent times and having the flexibility to use both is a huge bonus imho.

As far as any bugs and problems with the OS goes I can't really comment as It has only been a few days and my review is more about the usabaility of the OS and how it compares to Win xp (which is the one alot of the complainers seem to be comparing it to)

In short It's fast, user friendly, easy to install, and offers the best of both worlds with Apps or/& desk top...

What more do you want from an OS.
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on 20 May 2015
It works. If you like Windows, then this is the kind of thing that you like. If not, then not. I installed this on a six-year-old Toshiba laptop, in spite of Toshiba's website not listing the machine as able to support Windows 8. It mostly worked. To make it work completely, I had to download a BIOS update from Toshiba and apply that. The laptop now runs very well, and a lot faster than it ever was with Windows Vista (but some of the speed may be due to the extra memory that I also installed).

Mostly I am not bothered about the new features in Windows 8. I am not using much that wasn't present in XP. Indeed, one of the virtues of this system, for me, is that it still supports some elderly software from the days of Windows 3.1.
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on 20 September 2014
As a modern OS with cloud integration built in, 8.1 does the trick. It is light and fast but there are some caveats, You need to imstall Classic shell to get around the awful start screen which is designed for touch screen machines - as they have in grocery stores - rather than keyboards. Also. I wd suggest deleting any OS that came pre-installed with your machine (after backing up) - and do a fresh install of w 8.1 - everything works a whole lot better and quicker. So far as I can see, w8.1 includes everything you need to keep secure, safe and the drivers up to date - so no need for third party software. But this is a weekend job - it will take a while to get everything installed as you want it - but it's worth it to have the machine do everything you hoped for without glitches.
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