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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 April 2014
Went to see this chap in concert at the Wolverhampton Civic.

Got dragged there by the Mrs who is a fan, and ended up standing in the que with all the other Husbands and Boyfriends all looking sheepishly at each other screaming out of there eyes that they didn't want to be there either as they were not fans. From conversations I heard, a lot of them would rather have been anywhere than there that night, down the pub, in the club, at the dogs, mending the car, papering the front room, or even as one guy said to the chap next to him "Rather be at the Mother in-laws".

A truly desperate time for us dragged there chaps.

When the doors opened to let in the ravenously excited female hoards, the chaps were just pushed along by the tide of a mass of female fans who could almost SMELL their pop idol hero was in the building, nothing on Earth was going to stop them, not even a poor excuse for a chap who had procrastinated all the way there and even tried getting lost on the infamous ring road system in Wolverhampton,but fear not, the lady won the day and directed the poor soul to the doors.

Impatience built as the support band supported. The female mob went into near hysteria when the band came on...then hushed silence...James was not amongst them. The mass hysteria was poised to lash out in tantrums when James appeared from the entrance we had all came in by, ran thought the crowd and up onto the stage! Everybody gasped, some dribbled, some stood rooted to the spot, some even had to sit down as they felt faint.

Then what followed was very odd.

As the concert progressed, the hysteria seemed to become contagious to the male folk in the room. The started to look at the stage, they started to tap their long underused rhythm foot, move their hands in ways that did not involve the movements of pints of brown liquid, they held hands with their partners during "Your Beautiful".

In short, they all, including me, started to enjoy the concert.

Then James decided to come out into the croud. A brave move considering the female population of the crowd were, by now, completely lost in strange minor god worship that would probably have invented a new religion of the concert had been held in Texas. James ran about, care free, allowing us mortals to see him close up, shout to him and even, if we were VERY lucky, even touch his god like presence. I tried to resist it, really I did. The atmosphere of the event, as it did to all of us males present twisted our minds, we all were not ourselves that night. So as James came past, in front of the couple infront, I leaned forward between them, and grabbed his shoulder, he looked at me and smiled!

OH WOW!!!!

James Blunt smiled at me and my Mrs, I had touched the shoulder of a British pop god and lived to tell the tale because my Mrs has a shorter reach than me and missed him. But I touched him. ME. I was there, I did it. Anyway, as the concert ended, all were seen to walk from the Civic in a state of relaxed chilldness that come from having just spent the best two hours in the recent years to date. Even us male folk had smiles on our faces as we left.

With this freaky phenomena in mind I proceeded to buy James albums, and this last one is a cracker, loved by my Mrs who is his greatest fan, seconded by me of course. Loved it and recommend it to any James Blunt fans, either fully fledged Female fans or in the dark, secret Male fans who find time behind closed doors to bung one of his Mrs CD's on and relax to the ultimate sounds of James the king, the god, even the MASTER of middle of the road pop music.

Live long and prosper James.
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on 23 October 2013
As one of my favourite singer songwriters a new album from James Blunt was an exciting prospect , I was dubious that james could surpass the quality of his previous work but pleased to say moon landing exceeds my expectations , some cracking songs , ballads and some slightly more up tempo tracks , also more backing musically which gives the album an added listening experience plus a vocal shift which also enhances the feeling behind the songs but for me once again its the quality of the song writing and lyrics that make me want to keep listening to james blunt and this is definitely an album which is growing on me with each play .
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on 22 October 2013
This CD is absolutely fantastic. James Blunt really outdid himself with this new CD. Every song is brilliant. Two songs, Sun On Sunday and Blue On Blue are the only two mellow songs on the CD. I love Face The Sun for the way it starts out mellow then when you least expect it, it just explodes into this fantastic piece of music. My favourite song on the album is Bonfire Heart. I heard this song when it debuted on the radio. I fell in love with this song the first time it was ever played on radio. What a difference between hearing it on the radio and on the surround system. There is so much more to this song than we hear on the radio. Listening to it on a good music system just pulls you into the song. If this CD doesn't reach the number 1 spot, then something is wrong with the public. I would definitely highly recommend this CD. You don't know what you're missing if you don't add this one to your collection. This one is a must for any music collection. Well done to James Blunt!
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Moon Landing is the fourth studio album from James Blunt and is produced by Tom Rothrock of Foo Fighters fame. Moon Landing maintains the high standards that we have come to expect from James Blunt - the melodies, lyrics and vocals fuse together to form a very enjoyable album.

The tracks are as follows - 1. Face The Sun; 2. Satellites; 3. Bonfire Heart; 4. Heart To Heart; 5. Miss America; 6. The Only One; 7. Sun On Sunday; 8. Bones; 9. Always Hate Me; 10. Postcards; 11. Blue On Blue; 12. Telephone; 13. Kiss This Love Goodbye; 14. Hollywood. The Deluxe album contains three additional tracks to those on the "basic" album - "Telephone", "Kiss This Love Goodbye" and "Hollywood" - I'd say for the small price premium it's worth trading up to the Deluxe Edition.

The single on current release from this album is Bonfire Heart, for that reason it is distinctive but in my opinion all the other tracks reach the same benchmark in terms of quality although in some cases in a different style. The important thing is there are no "fillers" - I predict most people will listen to this album from beginning to end and enjoy the whole thing. If I had a criticism it is that the cover artwork is unexceptional, but I bought this disc for the music not the cover and it delivers 100% on the former! Recommended.
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on 26 October 2013
I have loved all of James Blunt's albums, but this is my favourite so far. Bonfire Heart is a great single, but all the songs are this good to be honest.
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on 26 October 2013
James Blunt is back on form. I haven't really been grabbed by his work since "Back to Bedlam" (perhaps because James locked himself away at Carrie Fisher's [Princess Leia] place for a year, as he did whilst composing "Back to Bedlam"). This is a soulful and moving album, Miss America is my favourite so far. Highly recommended for emotional people!
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on 7 November 2013
For those of you who are unsure of James Blunt try this one.
Definitely his best album yet.
Postcards is the track for me and should be his next single.
Try it out you will not be disappointed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 September 2014
As a geriatric of 72 years I must admit that I take no interest in modern music - like most older folk I think that current stuff is shallow and performers are not a patch on those of the 60s/70s. I then saw James Blunt by chance on TV a week ago and was fascinated by his music. I downloaded Moon Landing expecting not to really enjoy it but find it a great listen. Varied tracks, good melodies (OK old fashioned but to me a 'melody' which hooks after two listens is important, an addictive voice and very 'clever' compositions.
It won't be my last James Blunt download.
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I have three of James Blunt's albums and I enjoy them all. I must say that this album is enjoyable but I am not convinced it is a good as the previous two, with only one track really impressing, that of Bonfire Heart. My wife and son think it is really good and whilst they have not danced around the kitchen yet, they smile when they listen to it.

What I think is impressive that James Blunt is evolving his style to cope with the change in the market and to attract a wider audience and on this showing I think that he is moving in the right direction. I am 58 and my son is 13 and if we both like an album, that says an awful lot about the performer's appeal. Simply put, I think that he has a nice and gentle voice whilst my son thinks that it is "cool" to listen to.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 October 2014
Bought this for my husband as he loved the Bonfire Heart single. I like music like this, very mellow and relaxing. James Blunt seems to get ridiculed quite a lot but he's an impressive song writer and I have read his tweets which are absolutely hilarious. He's great at answering the trolls and making them look stupid!

A lovely collection of songs.
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