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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Jill Kismet: The Complete Series
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 19 November 2013
I had read the first couple of books in this series and they cost around £3 each. I am trying to cut down on clutter so I buy kindle books where possible. The later books in the series were not available until the complete set were released. At £4.99 for all six books this was fantastic value.
I decided to read the whole series from the start and I enjoyed them. The books are quite bleak with lots of gory action, romance takes a back seat to the action so not a series for those looking for hearts and flowers. Plenty of angst though and I did find the middle books a little hard going as a result. On one hand it is refreshing that a hard hitting, bitchy woman who can face down a crowd of bad guys without hesitation is still somewhat unsteady with regards romance, on the other hand it gets a bit irritating that someone so full of confidence is in such a mess with regards her love life and self esteem. After one particularly angst ridden section I decided that Jill probably reflect the reality that no one is confident or skilled in all life areas. The last two books put all that behind them and for me make a much better read as a result.
Similar in some ways to the excellent Dante Valentine series and if aything I think I prefer Jill to Dante - both take on far more than they can realistically chew, both are a bit needy and both excel at kicking a***.
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on 7 August 2013
Once I started reading the first story, I simply couldn't put the book down! The story just becoming more fun and intriguing through all six stories until the final novel which is one heck of a good climax! Ms Saintcrow knows how to spin a great yarn and certainlhy gripped my attention from the get-go.

This is one of my first forays into the supernatural urban fantasy world and I thoughroughly enjoyed it and will be coming back for in future. I've read the Dante Valentine novels and they were also great fun, but I think I preferred Jill Kismet's world.

For those of you who haven't read this genre before: there's a lot of very strong language and swearing, plus those of you who are religious might find certain aspects of the stories a bit challenging. But the stories are essentially a moral tale and it is Jill Kismet's job to hunt and kill the agents of evil. I think we all enjoy it when the good guys win!

Excellent value for money in the complete set. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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on 24 April 2015
These books have everything of the typical urban fantasy, a kickass heroine, violence, action, various monsters,
villains, and a bit of romance. But if you are looking for a fluffy raunchy read, keep looking. The Jill kismet books are like hard core urban fantasy, the action more intense, the violence more explicit, the morals more trying, and the characters more damaged. There's so much dark grit in these books they can be a bit depressing a times, but it is worth it to see jill triumph in the end.
apart from the vivid characters, horrific and gripping fictional world, realistic and engaging dialogue and thrilling action, the writing of saint row is really exceptional in these books. The imagery and descriptions in flesh circus in particular will stay with me a long time. Saintcrows prose is shocking, brutal, and brilliant. I have read many many books in this genre and none come close to these. The language is at times stunning.
If you are looking for a departure from the ditzy vampire killer who falls at the feet of the hottest monster in the room, look no further. Jill kismet is a champion of the genre.
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on 7 September 2015
This is yet another instance of the arrogant-yet-lovable male were making a lasting impression on an inherently more magically powerful female protagonist, thus fundamentally distorting the plot. Other writers making the same mistake include Kelley Armstrong and Shannon Mayer. They all have the heroine stereotypically agonising over her attraction to the fascinating stranger (who always starts out as an opponent). So cliché. The only writer to handle this successfully is Ilona Andrews - but there the writing itself is rather more sophisticated.
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on 5 May 2014
This is the first books I've ever read by this author. I really enjoyed the books and recommend them to people who are into stories about weres and demons and other urban fantasy creatures. I would give the series of books 5 stars but can't as I got confused quite a bit of it and I had to look up words i didn't know in the dictionary. There's also Spanish words in the stories and I didn't know what they meant without looking them up in an English/Spanish dictionary as well. I read a lot of books and am quite educated but I felt a bit stupid while reading the books. I like the writing style of this author and I like the way the writing wasn't being repeated continuously. I would recommend these books and will read more from this author.
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on 17 August 2014
I really really love this series of books. I first read them years ago and I stepped out from reading crime to reading paranormal/urban fantasy fiction and that I will always thank Lilith Saintcrow. This new love for fiction. The action, descriptions and plot in these books are still as unique as when I first read them . Wonderful so glad to have them on my kindle. Loved them all again, a must read if you like action sword fighting gripping paranormal fiction. AWESOME
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on 10 February 2014
Jill Kismet is a great heroin. She is strong, takes no prisoners but still learns to love and be loved despite a traumatic past. Throughout all the books is a great story of condemnation and redemption. It is worth having the whole series, because when you start you will want to finish them. Jill Kismet is much less damaged than Dante Valentine, but still strong, capable and dangerous. A Dante on her meds. A must for everyone who enjoys a capable, powerful heroin.
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on 1 February 2014
Saintcrow's heroins are always bad-ass and emotionally broken. Kissmet is no exception. The overarching storyline is interesting and in some places subtly played out. If you like fun romps, slaying hellbreed and solving crimes Kismet is your girl. Saintcrow needs to watch her repetition a bit between books, but as long as we keep seeing fun heroins, who am I to complain?
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on 5 November 2014
I like to read all books in a series so I thought I would give these a try.
I wasn't 100% sure at first if it was for me but once I got into the first book I continued to enjoy it more. the books all follow on from each other which is great . for the price and the amount of books you get I can not complain.
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on 3 July 2014
I love anything written by this author and this is no exception. Kick ass heroine, demons, well hell breeds actually, mystery and romance. What's not to love? I can't say much without giving out spoilers . What I will say is - buy this series . You won't regret it.
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