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on 20 March 2014
First impressions on opening the box it came in were good.
The case looks very nice.
The wiring is acceptably well tucked out of the way/sight.
It is quiet.
It is fast. (for it's price)

Product details not mentioned by the seller.
The case comes with a front mounted intake fan, and a rear exhaust fan, both 120mm, blue LED type.
The case has provision for 4 more such 120mm fans. 2 on the top, 1 on the base, and the last on the transparent side panel.
The 8Gb ram comes as 2x4Gb. (At least it did for mine.)
There are 4 rear USB ports, and 2 front.
The PSU draws air from under the case, and exhausts it out the back, so it does not act as an addition exhaust fan, but the PSU will/should run cooler as a result.

It has one old style keyboard/mouse PS2 (the round one) connector that seems to be universal.
The motherboard has on board-graphics, so there are 3 redundant sockets on the back of the case: HDMI, DVI and VGA.

My thoughts:
The motherboard is dual-channel supporting up to 32Gb (4x8Gb) of RAM.
This allows the option to upgrade to 16Gb, Win-7 Home Premium, the supplied operating system's max RAM without having to discard the supplied RAM. The down side of this is that you do not get the benefits of the "dual channel" (slightly faster memory access) UNLESS you add the additional RAM. I can live with that, and will probably get another 8GB anyway.

I noticed:
The CPU cooler & fan (Stock AMD) looked woefully undersized, and turned out to be so. Running a program that put all 6 cores to 100% had the CPU at over 65 degrees in well under 2 minutes, and that was on a cold day (under 15 degrees) with the heating off and an outside door open, WITHOUT overclocking. IE it was 50+ degrees hotter than the air.
The default settings for fan speed in the Bios did not help, as even at 65 it did not turn the fan up to its max (BIOS put it up to 1800rpm, max 2500.)
Had it been a hot summer day with the ambient air over 25 it would probably have fried the CPU. The MB temp stayed nice and low at around 25, so it was not lack of ventilation, just lack of CPU cooling.

I fitted my Cooler Master TX3 that has 2 x 92mm Fans (Salvaged out of my last PC - the PSU blew and fried the MOBO in the process) using Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste.
Running the same test now, and have been for well over an hour. CPU stable at 51, MB at 26, and it's warmer than 15. Also the Artic Silver is still stabilizing, so it might drop a degree or two yet.

Will add 2 more 120mm fans (in the top of the case) to increase airflow out, and one in the front to push air in, and a fan controller to control them and the 2 on the CPU cooler.

Very happy with my purchase. Just be aware it needs some help keeping cool.

It claims to be "unlocked" and allow the CPU's to run at 4.2Ghz instead of their standard 3.8Ghz, but as soon as I do that windows Aero themes stop working and it becomes slightly unstable......
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on 27 December 2013
My son had the following to say on his PC which he got for Christmas:- It's an awesome gaming PC which can run Battlefield 3 and Minecraft on a solid 100 fps with medium/high settings. However, what drops the star rating is that it came with a problem, it would restart frequently with no warning. Otherwise known as the "BlueScreen" Error. It was really annoying. I couldn't contact support as it was Christmas day and with help from someone with knowledge, updated the motherboard BIOS and AMD Catalyst Control Centre. I believe one of the two fixed it as I haven't had the error for 2 days! So, I'm now happy with the computer but annoying at first. Overall an amazing PC, that just had a problem when I got it.
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on 6 November 2013
came on time and well boxed,easy to set up,looks great and so far no problems
pc hardly makes a sound and I ve been playing games on high settings
will buy from ADMI in future
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on 7 February 2014
Initially I had problems with the graphics driver causing re-boots, but ADMI tech support were quick to help me download the fixed version from AMD, and since then the PC has been trouble free.

The PC ran Skyrim at my maximum screen resolution smoothly. This had been the prime mover in replacing my old PC - it had been sad to drop down to 800x600 just the get a half-way bearable fps rate.
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on 1 March 2014
Brought this for my son just before Christmas. Was worried when took a bit longer to arrive (due to Christmas staffing problems) even more alarmed when did not work out of the box (due to faulty graphics card). However, the customer service from these guys is absolutely excellent and after one call the problems were resolved immediately and without fuss (replacement card provided). The actual machine itself is a brilliant gaming machine (you can play Bioshock Infinite on maximum graphics settings for example). Would definitely purchase from them again.
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on 10 June 2014
Started computer, very slight hum can be heard from fan, its barely noticeable, a see through plastic sheet on side of computer

enables me to see inside, a blue light from the fan illuminates the inside of the computer .

Came with Windows 7 pre-installed, went through the process of registering with little fuss.

Came with MBAM an anti malware program, very useful.

Something which I didn't expect was that I could plug my 5.1 surround system into the computer itself, there is a utility called

HD Vdeck for setting up speaker sytems, from 2 speakers to 5.1 speaker system, setup was relatively easy.

Connected to internet via cable with ease.

Screwed aerial on to screw connection on back of computer which then connected wirelessly to internet, watched you tube videos, no

problem with that.

The graphic card comes with a HDMI connection which is what I'm using. It really adds to immersion when playing games like

Bioshock infinite and Skyrim, they really work much better with recommended settings, the response is much more fluid. Have

played these games on minimum settings and now I know what I'm missing.

Did have some technical issues with computer, contacted AWD which were soon resolved.
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on 12 February 2014
Great to use, we had a few hiccups initially, but supplier was efficient, professional and courteous about the whole incident, especially as it was just before Christmas and a Christmas present! Enjoyable to use having great gaming fun.
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on 2 December 2013
At the moment I am running guild wars 2 on the highest graphics with steady frames, with the ability to still run other heavy programs such as Skype, spotify and league of legends. Took some time to set up but when finished has great performance for price. However the windows 7 does need set up codes and requires you to phone them, the code should be located on the side of the PC to get you started.
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on 31 December 2013
my last review of this got removed, cant see why when i only stated the stock fan is not powerful enough to keep the processor cool if you use a high demanding program, the only bad thing with this machine is purely the cooling which is easily upgraded, also, the rear vent, might want to add an extra exhaust fan to actually extract heat better, otherwise its processor will cook
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