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on 9 October 2013
I'm not going to beat around the bush and I will just come out and say it, the story of Colt and Jace rocked my world. I fell in love with everything about this book the storyline, the main characters, the love that never dies and oh the main characters and their HEA. It wasn't hard to fall in love with Jace and Colt who wouldn't these two are so right for each other. This is truly a love story that will make you feel all the emotions and smile big at the end.
And please let's talk about those sex scenes HOT DAMN they are scorching and I might just have to skim back and read them again.
The angst in the book was great there isn't a lot which I personally love as I like the good stuff. It mainly is to do with trust issue and not wanting to be hurt again and when something happens to crush your world what you do to hold on to what you have.
I also loved that we had a character to hate and this comes in the form of Colt's dad OH BOY what I would do to that man if I could get hold of him.
Near the end we are introduced to Mitch and to me this is where the story gets interesting because the storyline hits a new peek and you are left wondering who is it? And I'm sure in the next book that will be explained. Mitch perked my curiosity so I can't wait to find out what he is all about.
I highly recommend this book in fact I would recommend anything Kindle has written.
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on 2 December 2013
After hearing so much praise for this book I was hesitant to read it at the risk of being disappointed. That was not the case, this book rocked.

You can't help but fall in love with Colt and Jace from the outset as you get swept away by their feelings for one another practically from the first word on the first page.

After being initially swept away by the steaminess of this book I did start to wonder what direction the storyline was heading in. After spending a week together and returning to their normal lives you soon find out.

This story is heart-breaking at times and gut wrenching at others. You are drawn into the lives of two men who are deeply in love with each other but who struggle to find a way to be together.

This book is an extremely well written adult romance. Don't be put off if you're not into your m/m books, this is a story about love conquering all in the face of adversity.
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on 9 April 2015
*Some little spoilers*

M&M- Magically Magnificent

Welcome to the world of Colton and Jace. Who's ready for one seriously hot story, filed with love. The pages are just bursting with the deepest meaningful love one can ever feel.
Colton best known as Colt is a very talented footballer about to get signed up. His life is all mapped out for him, his future is looking bright just the way dear daddy wanted it, but isn't there always something missing. Colt had girlfriends, he's a hot footballer, everybody wants him. What he wants is Jace. Dream yummy number 2 in this brilliant book. Jace is a wonderful character, he's gay and proud, he's a cheer leader and very good at it, with the support of his family, he can live life the way he wants to. Colt and Jace get together very unexpectedly, well it takes Jace by surprise but he in no way protests. What an explosive couple. So once is not enough for Colt, he feels a connection to Jace and Jace thinks this is just another broken heart waiting to happen. After a wonderful vacation they both know what they want and who they want to be with, unfortunately Colt's dad has different ideas. Colt is badly beaten and Jace is left not knowing what has happened to Colt. It's actually heart breaking. I could feel the love these two had and I wanted them to have there happily ever after. Life goes on and you can either sink or swim. Colt didn't just sink, the man drowned, he merely existed through life, feelings were a thing of the past. Jace made his dreams come true but no one ever came close to settling in his heart like Colt. Ten years later they meet. WOW!! It's dramatic, it's sad. I had tears of sadness and joy. I met some great characters in this book. Colt gets help from a wonderful doctor called Dc Knox, who then brings in his son to help. Hello Mitch. He's a hottie!! I'm looking forward to reading book two. These books can be read as standalone but trust me you won't want to miss any, so read this one first. Kindle Alexander thank you for bringing Colt and Jace into my life.
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on 6 May 2015

Kindle's writing blows me away every time, every book just gets better and better.
This author makes you feel every emotion of each character to the point your heart is breaking right along with them at times and by the end you will feel so much joy and your insides are gooey.

Both Jase and Colt are fantastic characters, they have a real connection that spans the years.
Jase and Colt have hot sex one night then a week in paradise with nothing to worry about but each other, full of plans for there future.
Within hours they are forced apart by circumstances and other peoples bigoted ideas changing the course of a life they dreamed of. At this point in the book i was a crying mess i couldnt believe what had happened on Colts return ( i will not give it away you will have to read it), my heart truly hurt for him and Jase in the events that followed.
so much pain inflicted on this pair by the actions of others.

Ten long years later they get a second chance at being together then BAM another spanner is thrown in the works that had me gasping and saying no no no over and over, this couldnt be happening to them again please Kindle give them a break!

Thank goodness she did, they get there well deserved happy ever after.
Another brilliant m/m read from this wonderful author, 5 star read all the way.
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on 30 September 2014
Well Kindle does it again. I flaming well loved this book and I loved Jace and Colt even more. We meet Jace and Colt when they are at college and they get together. Jace is out but Colt isn't and he wants to keep it this way. They enjoy the best 5 days of their lives and then it all goes wrong. Cant tell you this bit as it will ruin it so skip to the present. Jace is now a successful gym owner and Colt plays in the NFL but is on a downward spiral with drugs booze and stuck with a horrible girlfriend. Both of them are still madly in love with the other and neither of them can forget each other. This book had everything in it for me. It made me happy, sad and angry. Happy because when they finally meet up again the love they have is still so strong but the hurt is still there. Jace is unwilling to trust Colt because of the past, Colt decides Jace is the man for him and will do anything to make him realise this. Sad, because my heart broke for Jace at the way Colt treated him but also because he wanted to believe everything Colt said but just couldn't because he knew that he wouldn't survive Colt again. The anger comes at the nastiness of peoples reactions to gay men. Kindle handles this brilliantly. To know that the NFL and his team would be against him if he came out Colt has to decide what is right for him, his job or Jace. You have to give this book a read and be warned to keep a spare pair of panties nearby because the sex scenes between these two are smoking.
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on 15 June 2014
After a week in paradise, things are looking good for Colt Michaels, a football player and Jace Montgomery. that is, until Colt goes to speak to his coach, and all hell breaks loose! Colt is beaten up by his dad, adn told to cut all ties to JAce if he doesnt want Jace harmed. so he does. Jace, heartbroken by Colt moves on, but still holds a torch for his first and only love.

After ten years of drinking too much, being blackmailed by his current girlfriend into marriage, Colt decides he has had enough, gets himself sober and on the day of the wedding, runs. to paradise. cos that is where Jace is. will he take him back?? is he alone?? will Colt survive if Jace rejects him??

for me, this was the weakest of the books ive read by Alexander. I;m really not sure why I feel that way. I started it twice, and put it down again, it just wasnt quite right. But third times a charm and i did enjoy it, just not quite as much as the rest.

the latter half of the book was much better than the first, after Jace and Colt's reunion and what happens to them. I like that the story of the accident is not resolved, and i am assuming, maybe wrongly, that Mitch will be the star of the next book, and it will be resolved then.

it has all the emotion, story lines and hot sex that only Alexander can deliver, so please dont be put off by the fact that it didnt quite hit the mark for me. I;m still giving it 4 stars!
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on 22 July 2016
i fell in love with jace and colt
they fall in love with each other then something happens to split them up and keep them apart.
10 years later they are still madly in love with each other even though there lifes went in different directions.
what happens if colt desides he is sick of living a lie and all he wants is the love of his life jace .
will jace give colt another chance to show him how much jace means to him or will there past keep them apart again.
this is such a beautifully told story
find out if jace and colt get there second chance to love one another again
kindle alexander writes a amazing story.
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on 7 October 2014
Meet Colton, an up and coming football hero, and Jace, a cheerleader in the college team. Jace is openly about his sexuality and has lusted after Colton "a testosterone-filled jock with a beautiful girlfriend". The book starts here, in the locker room after a college game, and what a start.

The world of pro football, and especially that of Colton's dad an ex pro footballer, is not gay friendly. After being warned away from Jace rather viciously, Colton has made a career of football but survives through drink and drugs. He can't have the one person he loves and is slowly killing himself.

I loved both Colton and Jace and can feel the bond between the very different men. I feel sorry for Colton having to hide who he is but he isn't a coward, he's been shown exactly what could happen to Jace and he loves him too much to risk hurting him. Jace is understandably bitter, throwing himself into his career.

We get love, hot sex, heartbreak, danger and violence. Perfect for me. Although Jace and Colton's story concludes in this book, the underlying thread continues tempting us onto book 2, Full Disclosure.
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on 13 October 2013
Double Full is a book that shows the struggles that relationships go through even more so in a world where homophobia and ignorance is still a problem.

This book took me through every emotion that the main characters went through, the story has lots of twists that surprised me and kept me reading till I had finished.
What I love about this author is the way she keeps the story true to life. This is a story about romance and that is exactly what she delivers, it's not your typical storyline it's written with so much heartfelt emotion that you feel it in each word, her imagination in coming up with this story is amazing!
My only problem with this book is that I want more I need to know what is coming next. I am praying that that I don't have a long wait for the next book.
Amazing story which I highly recommend!!
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on 29 December 2013
Another great story by this author.
This novel had it all; romance, heartbreak, engaging characters, interesting plot, hot lovin' and a HEA these guys had to work for, but that is by no means a negative!
On a serious note, I liked the author taking on the issue of homophobia and prejudice in sport and the NFL. Some authors shy away from addressing the tragic decisions and consequences forced in this type of environment, but this story handles them with realism and pathos in just the right balance. Hopefully stories such as these will help in some way to breakdown these prejudices, which are sadly still very much a part of sport. Can't wait for her next book!
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