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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
Nikon D610 Digital SLR Camera (24.3MP) 3.2 inch LCD
Style: Body Only|Change
Price:£1,027.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 12 August 2017
All you need to take excellent full frame photos. It's small, light, has easy to use controls and takes great photos. Doesn't seem to have any of the D600 issues, the only slight problem I've had is with the shutter taking 2 pictures when set to single shot. I've also had this issue on my D810, so not isolated to this model. This is only an occasional problem, but reflects on the slightly cheaper build that a lot of products seem to have nowadays.
Doesn't detract from being an excellent tool.
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on 26 March 2015
It was a very tough decision to decide whether I wanted to go Full Frame or not. I'm glad I went for this over the D7100 in the end, not because I have first hand experience of both, but because I wouldn't have wanted to regret not going full frame - it was going to happen at some point or another....might as well have been now. The results I have gotten from the D610 have been stunning! Despite the fact that I am an amateur photographer, my previous DSLR was holding me back and, since I had had it for so long, the upgrade was long overdue! Prior to this I had a Nikon D40, so this was a big step up. Overall, I spent around 3 months deciding which camera to buy.

My only gripe so far has been some slow focusing/difficulty focusing in low light.

I bought this D610 body-only and paired it up with a Sigma 35mm 1.4, which I love. Anyway, highly recommended if you want to make the jump to full frame.
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on 14 September 2015
An amazing camera, feels great, takes awesome photos and great controls and menus. Just switched from Sony A7 and while I miss the portability - this is so much better and much more glass available to boot. Love it.
Great price and quick delivery from Amazon as always.
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on 12 December 2016
Amazing camera, still getting used to all the settings months down the line and loving every minute of learning what this powerful camera can achieve. Highly recommended entry level full frame camera.
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on 1 April 2016
I couldn't be more happy with this camera! :)
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on 24 June 2017
I loved this body. No problems with it
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on 29 August 2015
Just love it, no more to say.
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on 21 August 2015
You can read very well covered reviews of the D610 here
http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d610 and here
As I am not really a geek in cameras (I use it as a tool for capturing images for reports), my review is better served to tell you why I changed from a loyal Canon user of 35 years to this Nikon. During the era of 35mm film SLR cameras, although I had the F1 and EF bodies, which were built like tanks and armoured personnel carriers respectively, I still favoured the EOS 10 (a model of a decade later) when travelling. That's because it had built-in motordrive of 5 frames a second and built in flash. Situation forced me to go with digital to deliver images off the project in the middle of nowhere. Endured carrying EOS 1D mkII as that was the nearest one model which had the specifications to deliver quality. This heavy beast used big and heavy batteries and the charger looked like a brick. Hurray EOS 5D mk II with everything smaller. But wait, where is the built in flash ? EOS 5D mk III still didn't have it so no point in buying. From EOS1D mkII waited for 10 eyars until EOD 6D but still Canon would not produce a full frame camera boby with built in flash. When I read in the photographic press that Canon had no intention of producing such a model (because their attitude was if you needed full frame camera body, then you wouldn't want the (lack of quality of) built-in flash etc.). Ridiculous I thought.
When you are travelling with a Caon 28-300 L seriens (big and heavy) two laptops, external screen, inflatable life jacket, infra-red thermometer, noiise meter, hard hat, safety glasses, ..... all the tools of my trade there is no room for external flash unit. Clients still like good photos off the oil field for training and promotional material. EOS 40D with different lens series just didn't do it for me or clients.
Time to look elsewhere and knew that even before 2013 Nikon caught up and surpassed Canon in full frame DSLR. D610 came available but what about lenses ? At least I wanted a good quality 28-300 and preferrably more compact than the Canon version and preferrably black to look like any tourist. Working in the countries where I do, it is not advisable to draw attention.
Armed with Canon 5D mkII fitted with 28-300 L on one shoulder and Nikon D610 with 28-300 on the other, went out photographing. The Nikon lens didn't have a fancy gold ring around the barrel to shout out it was something special but it was difficult to distinguish which photo was shot by with brand on a 21inch computer monitor. Thank you Nikon, waited 10 years for this combination of camera and lens.
Later found a pro-user review here
which was in line to my experience (mine less comprehensive). Fabulous. Part exchanged all Canon gear for Nikon.
The bonus ? The places where I go with strong sun result in high contrast in images. Nikon's Active D Lighting (think they call the facility) comes in handy. Brilliant.
Of course, had the D750 been marketed at the time of purchase, would have got the 750 instead. The D810 would be overkill for my needs.
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on 11 June 2014
Before saving up to buy this I had a Nikon D90 and was always pleased with it however this one is fantastic in comparison. The camera has numerous settings to allow you to get exactly the photo you are aiming for. I am particularly impressed with quality of the finished photograph...the detail is unsurpassed in my experience. Its relatively lightweight which makes it easy to handle. The lenses fir well and lock securely. Live view is amazing and despite it having so many options to choose from its relatively simple to use. Obviously it has a raw setting which in my book is the preferable option if you want to work the photos in photoshop. I did note that a previous reviewer remarked on a red haze on the live view screen. Personally I would disagree however I do wonder if he/she had the filter settings set to red?
All in all I am so pleased with this camera - it was worth the money and I know the quality of my photographs will be so much better.
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on 30 August 2015
A superb instrument, perhaps a little on the heavy side for some, but this mirrors its build quality. My sixth Nikon and it did not disappoint. A worthy successor to my D300. Ideal for someone who wants a rugged full frame camera without the price of a D810 or D3. Highly recommended.
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