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on 27 February 2017
Okay so this is an honest review of Lady Gaga's ARTPOP. After owning her previous albums, The Fame, " " monster and Born this way, I never actually bought Artpop or listened to any of the tracks other than Applause. I didn't really like Applause when I first heard it and usually when I don't like the lead single, I don't buy the album, but now 4 years after it's release I'm writing this review after falling in love with the album. Okay, you're probably confused to why I chose to revisit Artpop. Well I actually didn't, I heard Aura playing on a video and liked the song. After finding out it was from ARTPOP it made me curious about the album, prompting me to buy the album. Literally the best decision I've made. Though the tracks aren't as strong as Gagas past work they are still quality tracks and as a whole I do prefer this album. I find myself now with Gagas older albums, just listening to the charted singles (poker face, Judas etc.) But with ARTPOP, its full of underrated gems! The album makes me want to dance, party and just have fun!

1. Aura - 9/10 - Great opener to the album, feels and sounds like a sequel to Telephone. I loved the chorus and "I killed my former and/ Left her in a trunk on highway 10" is one of the best album openers ever!
2. Venus - 10/10 - This sounds like the Gaga I love! I feel as though this track is a homage to David Bowie, I love the futuristic sound of the song.
3. G.U.Y. - 7/10 - Instant reminder of the Fame era. The lyrics are dominant and overpowering but it's a shame the music is actually quite boring.
4. Sexxx Dreams - 1000/10 - I adore this track! At first I judged it on the title and thought I'd instantly hate it. But that chorus! I fell in love, the song is erotic and sexy and better than the likes of Nicki Minajs and Rihanna's attempts to sing about sex. This song has been on repeat!
5. Jewels N' Drugs - Lady Gaga, T.I., Too $hort, Twista - 5/10 - There has to be a weak track on the album and it's Jewels an' Drugs. It sounds unfinished and the features don't sound like they're part of the song, it just feels as a whole unfinished.
6. MANiCURE - 9/10 - Back to the real Gaga! As soon as you hear "Put some lipstick on," you know that Gaga's comfortably back in her ARTPOP element.
7. Do What U Want - Lady Gaga, R. Kelly - 8/10 - Gagas best collaboration! The pulsing synth beat is spot on, and, much like "G.U.Y.," the lyrics play with sexual dominance but with a better beat! So far this album is very strong!
8. ARTPOP - 6/10 - I did enjoy this track but it's in the wrong place. This album makes me want to dance but this track just feels like it drags and is quite boring.
9. Swine - 1000/10 - My other favourite on the album! I cannot decide a favourite between this and Sexxx Dreams. One of the standout tracks of the whole album. When she sings "You're so disgusting" it really feels like she's firing all her rage at you.
10. Donatella - 7/10 - "I'm blonde, I'm skinny, I'm rich, and I'm a little bit of a bitch." Same Gaga! Well except the blonde and rich part. This is a nice song, pretty straightforward, I couldn't see it being someone's favourite on the album but it's a fun song.
11. Fashion! - 8/10 - Another homage to David Bowie. I love this track for exactly that. Though I'm certain the beat sounds like Madonna's Holiday. Anyway this track is great!
12. Mary Jane Holland - 5/10 - Another track that feels unfinished, I feel as though there should have been a deluxe with this track part of that. I enjoyed it, just it's like it doesn't know what kind of song it is.
13. Dope - 7/10 - Purely for Gaga's voice! But there's just something about this track that makes me keep returning to it.
14. Gypsy - 7/10 - Very catchy, great beat. Reminds me of Bad Romance. Not a massive fan of the lyrics though.
15. Applause - 7/10 - Okay, this was the first song I listened to off Artpop back in 2013 and made me decide I didn't want this album. But after listening to the album as a whole, I found myself enjoying this song more, it took four years to grow on me.

Overall I have given this album 4 stars. I would have given it 4.5 but I can't and it isn't exactly 5 stars. Sexxx Dreams and Swine are two of my favourite songs from Gagas Career! I have not stopped repeating Sexxx Dreams since listening to the album. This album definitely is underrated and judged very harshly and I'm annoyed at myself for not listening to this back in 2013. If your contemplating buying this album, honestly I'd buy it and judge the album yourself. Though I don't think you'd resist dancing!
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on 25 August 2017
Aura 5/5
Venus 5/5
G.U.Y. 5/5
Sexxx Dreams 5/5
Jewels N’ Drugs 4/5
Do What U Want 5/5
Swine 5/5
Donatella 5/5
Fashion 4/5
Mary Jane Holland 4/5
Dope 5/5
Gypsy 5/5
Applause 5/5
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on 16 October 2016
It took me awhile to like this album, now I love it. In fact I now play it all the time!!
Most of the tracks on this album would have made a good soundtrack to "American Horror Story - Hotel" as this album really reflects Lady Gaga's role in this great series of American Horror Story, as a sexy Vamp, and I grown to really appreciate this albums difference of pop art expression. A classic, but very diverse album that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it!
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on 12 April 2015
This album took a long time to grow on me, at first I didn't really like any tracks and was disappointed but I'm glad I persevered with it. Some tunes are so catchy and I find myself randomly humming and quietly singing them ("Venus" being one!) There are one or two tracks that I still can't seem to get into, but that's not bad for an album with 15 tunes, and at the price I paid for it. The album is very well produced as one would expect and still sounds pretty 'fresh' considering it's 2 years old at time of writing.
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on 26 February 2014
Sorry but I don't know how to spell a loud excited screech from a pre-teen but that is what I got when my daughter opened her gift and saw this. It and her other Gaga cds haven't been off the CD player since Christmas.

The music is, as always catchy have even found myself singing along to a few from the album (though the continual play might have something to do with that - parents to the obsessive teen might understand my meaning on that one lol).
Wasn't too sure originally if should get it due to the possibility of dodgy content but I did my research on day of release and found that it had no swearing and nothing overly explicit or that could be classed as such in my opinion, but it is all in the way a person takes things.

It is pretty good and am pleased I got it as the most important thing is my daughter is happy, even if I do wake up humming Lady Gaga tunes
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on 16 May 2017
Love this album from Gaga. Not your run of the mill pop album as it has a lot of artistic elements and referencing with a different yet familiar sound that we know from Lady Gaga
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on 19 May 2014
Absolutely love this album!

Since Gaga released The Fame back in 2008 it seems that she has slightly returned to that era with Artpop as this album has a mixture of classy Pop tunes as well as some other Genres keeping her album new and refreshing. Coming in two parts also like The Fame it makes it more enjoyable that it all doesn't end here and end up like another Born This Way. (Although Born This Way in my opinion was good i can see what people meant with it comparing it to both Fames & Artpop)

Overall i own a Digital Version & CD copy! The DVD is superb! I love watching her performances and was/is a great buy!
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on 28 January 2014
I give this album 5 stars and here's why: every track on the album is GREAT, it really has work put into each of them and the production and Gaga's vocals are stunning! Just listening this in car with a stereo system amazed me, headphones and 5.1 sound system also gives that great vibe.

Make sure you don't listen to it on crappy laptop speakers, though. Unless, you've got really good ones. The lame ones really don't serve anything.

My favorite tracks would probably be Aura, G.U.Y, Sexxx Dreams, Venus, Gypsy, Do What U Want, Dope, MANiCURE, Applause. That's a lot and I'd name the whole album because it's just that good! There are no fillers, so the album never gets boring. ( my opinion )

I've mentioned Gaga's beautiful vocals already but I just love how she actually experiments with her voice, and not only voice, production, yes I mentioned that too in the beginning, but it's everything! Fresh. This album is like fresh air.

When I got this album and held it in my hands I noticed the foil album cover. I was surprises, it's just really wonderful!

I could talk and talk about this but I just can't express how perfect this is for me.

Thank you Lady Gaga for creating such a great album.
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on 31 August 2017
She mad but I do like gaga songs
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on 27 November 2015
Not as good as Born this Way, but still a great album!

The special edition foiled album is beautiful
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