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on 21 December 2013
Pau McCartney has since 'Flaming Pie' produced a series of interesting, if not to everyone's taste, solo albums of which this is the latest and perhaps the most accessible since 'Flaming Pie'. It contains some of his most succinct pop songs in years starting with a wonderful rock track 'Save Us' and leading to tracks that cover his past and present, it is less ruminative than 'Memory Almost Full'. Working with his touring band gives the album a camaraderie that an albums made with session musicians sometimes lack, also I am generally not a fan of multi producer albums which tend to be a bit inconsistent, but the producers on this including Ethan Johns, Mark Ronson and Giles Martin seem to gel. So what you have with this is a really good McCartney solo album his best since...well you pick your favourite.
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on 5 December 2013
OK, so I am a biased all things Beatles fan, and I have all of his albums (apart from the last covers one), but I approached this album with trepidation. The last few albums have not been particular favourites, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is a cracker! From the very first few notes of the first song right through to the end, this album is excellent. Catchy songs which are still going round in my head weeks after the first listen. There are some intensely personal songs on here, from the early days of The Beatles through to his feelings for his new wife. A range of musical styles are used, with some of the tracks echoing early Beatles, others mid/late Beatles, some sound like Wings, and all refreshingly up-to-date and distinctly Macca! My favourite McCartney album since Band On The Run - recommended.
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on 12 November 2013
Sir Paul continues the string of fabulous late career releases with this fabulous, funky and fresh collection of new material. Over the past decade Paul has produced some of his very best solo material, from 'Chaos And Creation In The Backyard' through 'Memory Almost Full' and the sadly neglected Fireman project 'Electric Arguments' and even (of course) the utterly beautiful 'My Valentine' from 'Kisses On The Bottom'. 'New' is a varied and distinguished work, thanks to the range of producers involved, with some stunning examples of Macca's melodic prowess, from the catchy singles 'New' and 'Queenie Eye' through to 'I Can Bet' , as well as demonstrating his inclination to keep up to date with the solid 'Appreciate'. Who would ever have imagined that the man who has spread his genius over five decades now would still be making music as relevant, skillful and top notch McCartneyesque as this into his 70s? An absolute triumph.
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on 2 October 2015
I broke my own rules here and after only one listen I previously gave this album a poor review, now having listened to it many many times it has grown on me considerably.
It's a very good album, and I am kicking myself for breaking that golden rule of always listen to an album at least 3 times before reviewing it...and I didn't, and now have egg on my face.
Certainly one of his best, up there with Flaming Pie, Driving Rain, Electric Arguments and Chaos and Creation depending on what you are looking for in a Macca album.
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on 18 December 2013
McCartney has undoubtedly produced the best album of his rich and varied career. The inclusion of four different producers works very well, the songs are well crafted, sung and played and draw on the various influences and aspects of his career. It repays repeated plays and I think will stand the test of time along with other greats McCartney, Ram, Flowers in the Dirt and Flaming Pie to name a handful. The lyrics are uniformly excellent not necessarily always the case - shame that the Japanese bonus track Struggle was not included on UK versions but well more tracking down.
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VINE VOICEon 5 December 2013
Hard to believe this man is still knocking out great tunes in 2013. For goodness sake he is 71 and still touring! Not every track is great or even good in some cases. But I don't care. The man loves making music and performing. Let's face it he doesn't have to do it for the money. Two great stand out tracks for me are Save Us and Queenie Eye. Saw him performing them on Jools Holland a few weeks ago. They join my playlist of best post Beatle McCartney.
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on 25 October 2015
My son is 6 and could listen to New (the song, not the CD) repeatedly for hours! Not all great, but enough that I can merge with Memory almost full to make a full album of brilliance, which considering how much Macca's written is amazing to achieve
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on 15 January 2014
Simply love Paul McCartney, always have since Beatle days so another CD for my collection. Particularly like NEW, SAVE US and LOOKING AT HER. I personally didn't like ON MY WAY TO WORK but overall the CD shows just what Paul is capable of. He is constantly stretching himself and coming up trumps, amazing at how many styles of music he can conquer. Thanks again Paul, thought Kisses on the Bottom was wonderful but your latest is just as good.
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on 17 November 2013
Working with four different producers seems to have inspired McCartney to make a quality album. He has drawn inspiration from different parts of his life including a seemingly endless supply of memories from his early Beatle days with "On My Way To Work" and "Early Days". "Queenie Eye", the title of which relates back to school days, could be interpreted as a warning to others about experiences later in life with reference to "...hunt for fame" and "careful what you touch in case you burn". Other tracks have a touch of Beatle quality; "New" gets better each time you hear it and "Get Me Out Of Here" would not have been out of place on The White Album. He seems to have made good song choices, showing empathy with what his fans really want to hear. Maybe something to do with being happy with life and surrounded by people who know what we want to hear. I would reccommend the deluxe edition as the 2 extra songs are by no means an add on - good quality songs in their own right, although I agree with other reviewers that we should not be forced into making the choice!
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on 8 May 2014
McCartney is such a genius, and so unique, he can only really be compared to himself. This is brilliant. It has all the things I like best about him. Some avant garde, some power pop. Lives up to its title. It really feels NEW.

I thought "Off the Ground" is really poor. I think "Ram" is world beatingly stunning. This is one of his best 5 albums.
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