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on 11 January 2014
How do you recognize real good music?
Wait! First I would like to mention this is only the second time I am writing a review (the first was on "Welcome to my Nightmare 2" by Alice Cooper, look up german amazon.de). I only feel the urge to write a review when the music really affects me. (I am not a native speaker but I hope you understand what I am trying to express.)
Now back to the topic: Sometimetimes you like music spontaneously, but after a few weeks you may lose the interest. On the other hand, sometimes you listen to music sounding somehow interesting, and after having heard it several times, you will realize there is something to it that really gets you. And after having heard the songs maybe 50 times, you will love them even more.
This is how you recognize real good music. And this is why I did not write this review earlier.
Since 1970 Paul wrote a lot of good songs, but (excuse me, Paul!) there was always some muzak (as John said) on the records too.
On "NEW" for the first time there are no fillers at all(or how do you call weaker songs to fill the record?). Each song is worth to be remembered even fifty years on. The compositions are so superb that you will have no problems at all to excuse Paul's sometimes coarse falsetto voice.
You could compare "NEW" with George Harrison's last record "Brainwashed" which also possibly was the best one he ever made.
In my opinion the songs on "NEW" fit perfectly to those of the Beatles era and have a chance to become long lasting classics.
Congratulations, Paul!
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on 14 October 2013
I must admit that i was very sceptical about hearing this album as Paul McCartney's voice is sort of shot nowadays especially from his performance at the 2012 Olympics in London and i thought this would be a Disaster.
This is the best album Paul McCartney has brought out in ages and has all the Beatles and Wings kind of melodies and sounds absolutely Brilliant.
Paul's voice is great on this album and on one track "Early Days" his voice has similarities to how Johnny Cash's voice was in his later years singing "Personal Jesus".
I think this must definitely rank among the very best albums Paul McCartney has made and is a definite MUST BUY for all Paul's Fans.
Every Track is different and has that Beatles feel to it and i think this has to be the comeback of the year.
Surprisingly Brilliant!!!!!!
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on 26 November 2013
McCartney is a legend and it is always difficult to critique a legend, especially when you have been a fan since time was and have pretty much all his albums in various formats tucked away somewhere. Like any artist of his standing, McCartney commands fierce loyalty in some quarters who will rave about his every output; he has also attracted his fair share of critics from only about the 1960s ('granny music', Linda with Wings etc). So any 'new' album will inevitably score the collection of 5 stars and 1 star on a site such as this. Frankly, this album deserves neither; it has its strengths but it has its weaknesses; there are some joyous uplifting tracks such as 'New' and 'Road', but there are some cringe-worthy moments for which McCartney has an unfoprtunate history of including when lesser artists would accept the track should be canned - eg the intensely banal lyrics of 'On My Way to Work' and the 'Early Days'. A number of the tracks are reasonably bland and mediocre, which is not necessarily atypical of many albums - we need the filler tracks in between the major hits - and certainly it boasts the high level of production and musical performance that McCartney excels in when he takes the time to produce a high quality sound, engaging no fewer than 4 producers on this album. There are two key areas in which the album lets itself down - firstly, McCartney really needs to engage someone to help him write lyrics, a skill which is not improving with his advanced age; secondly, he needs someone to explain that his falsetto voice and high register generally is showing its thinness with advanced age. Each of these weaknesses could be readily addressed - who wouldn't give their right arm to co-write with a legend, and songs can be pitched at more comfortable ranges (or, heaven forbid, voices adjusted by digital enhancement). But repeated listening to this album over the past few weeks drew inevitable comparisons to Sachin Tendulkar's retirement at age 40. Surely Tendulkar is talented enough to keep playing at the highest level for at least another 2 or 3 years (like Graham Gooch) and probably for 5 years. He could readily keep playing the 1st class circuit for at least another decade, perhaps longer (like Sid Barnes) and thereafter any club would gladly pay him to keep on plying his wares as an aging superstar at increasingly lower levels until, like McCartney, he was 70 or more. There are international 'super Vets' competitions for over 60s, so there is no physical reason Tendulkar could not keep going and going, no doubt still drawing a (diminishing) crowd of fans and signing autographs. But the question becomes - should he ? Had McCartney reitred at 40 as well, then his swan-song would have been the excellent 'Tug of War' and we'd have missed out on some quality 'innings' (eg Flowers in the Dirt, Flaming Pie) amid the lesser output wrought by advanced age. Like Wordsworth, McCartney has decided to plough on into his 70s plus, and history will judge him from afar as to whether this is a good career move. Commercially, i have no doubt it is profitable, but surely an artist of his standing does not need to worry about such aspects. So listening to the album raises more questions than it answers - what should a legend go on to do in his 70s ? Is it OK for a man in his 70s to be singing about teenage angst ? Is an album of middling standards worth producing for the sake of a couple of good tracks that emerge, almost accidentally ? The fans will scream 'yes' and beg for more; the public will shrug its shoulders and move on. Downloads and CDs are becoming cheaper to buy, and certainly the 12 quid for 'New' is not wasted on what is generally a pleasant enough musical journey - with a couple of really poor numbers, It won't change your life, but it won't ruin your day. If you can, spring for the extra 2 quid and grab the deluxe edition, since track 13 'Turned Out' is one of the stronger ones and the hidden track 15 isn't too bad either - begs another question, how do artists decide on which tracks to eliminate from an album when clearly there are a couple of more worthy candidates on 'New' for scrapping ?
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on 30 October 2013
Looking back at my Amazon reviews of McCartney's Wings/solo catalogue I see that I never gave an album less than 4 stars. I got lambasted for that for 'Wild Life' which I will defend but now I see that Chaos I should have given 3 stars insead of 4. Press To Play (review yet to be written) deserves 3 stars and I think that this album deserves about 3.5. So do I round it up or down? On this ocasion I have bitten the bullet and rounded it down. Why?

Because there are some tracks which I actually dislike. Almost unheard of, though not quite, for me. And I can't I am sorry to say find any classics on here. So here goes:
Save Us Annoying rocker. Tiresome oh oh backing vocals. Sounds like an 'Off The Ground' reject. 5/10
Alligator Decent,this one grows on you for sure. 7/10
On My Way To Work Again a grower,particularly melody wise,nice bass line 7/10
Queenie Eye Half decent rocker, but not as good as Only Mama Knows from MAM. S*** video though. 7/10
Early Days At last, this is more like it! Genuinely moving 8.5/10
New Catchy but quite annoying after a few listens. Compare this one to the inspired simplicity of MAM's opener Dance Tonight. 7/10
Appreciate Other worldly, nice mood and nice production 7/10
Everybody Out There See review of Track 1. Meant as a crowd pleaser? Pointless 5/10
Hosanna Has grown on me slightly but pretty directionless and uninspired 6/10
I Can Bet Decent enough but too repetitive. Nice guitar solo though 7/10
Looking At Her Best song here with Early Days. Nice production,infectious melody 8/10
Road Not bad production but as a song doesn't really work for me.
Turned Out (1st bonus track) First minute is great but after that descends into repetition. Not sure why Paul is suddenly changing tempo on at least three occasions on this album. To the detriment of the song, Alligator excepted perhaps 6/10
Get Me Out Of Here (2nd bonus track) Simple but quite effective and endearing 7/10
Scared (3rd hidden bonus track) Almost a great ballad but not quite somehow. Some nice chords 7.5/10

Personally I think the most recent efforts from Bowie (certainly) and Dylan (probably) are more impressive than this. At least it's better than Paul Simon's latest which was so flat it wasn't even funny. Still don't read 3 stars as meaning this album is crap. There are some good moments here as there have been on all his releases since that insurmountable peak that was the Beatles swan song 'Abbey Road'.

On his next album Paul should ditch the 'crowd pleasers' such as 'Save Us' and 'Everybody Out There' which to quote Carr and Tyler are 'doleful, lacklustre would-be singalongs which quite fail to inspire'. Just do something nearer the genuine article all the way through. I haven't lost faith.
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on 16 October 2013
Since, probably the early nineties, McCartney has (Unfairly) been dismissed by a lot of music critics as a recording artist with nothing more offer, this seems to have taken a great weight of expectancy off McCartney's shoulders, resulting in an outstanding run of studio albums (Flaming Pie, Driving Rain, Chaos & Creation, Memory almost full & Electric Arguments).
This winning streak continues (mostly) with "New".
The big talking point with this new record is the four producers, but oddly if you weren't told of this fact, I don't think you would have guessed, with not a massive amount of diversity in the production of the tracks. There could have been a bit more experimentation; "Appreciate" really the only example of McCartney's left-field attitude to music (most Paul McCartney fans I'm sure are also quite broadminded in their musical tastes & would not have minded a few more challenging songs).
Plus when an artist records with a single producer on a project, they usually build up a strong relationship, with each party bringing something important to the table.
As for the songs themselves, they're mostly quite complex, with lots of over-dubs (I think each producer was trying to stamp their individual mark on the record). On one hand this means that repeated listens to the album unlocks sounds & bit of music you miss on previous listens, but on the other hand it could be deemed over-egging the pudding just a little. It's just a shame there aren't any simple, stripped down tracks which McCartney does so well, to give the record a bit more diversity.
As for the extra tracks, "Turned Out" is a great retro rocker in a similar vain to "Save Us", "Get me out of Here" has a nice bluesy Led Zeppelin feel to it, the hidden track ""How much you mean to me" is your bog standard piano ballad that McCartney can write in his sleep, still worth paying the extra for though.
There is always a unfair hope that McCartney's next album is going to be as good as Sgt Pepper, which I know is ridiculous, but there's always a small part of your brain that always thinks so.
So a good, if not outstanding album, I don't think it's a strong as "Chaos & Creation" & "Memory almost Full", but his done a lot worse in his career.
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on 10 November 2013
I have always loved the Beatles music so whenever the remaining Beatles Paul & Ringo release music I automatically buy it. Pauls' "NEW" album is the best one he has done for quite a while
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on 22 October 2013
A great comeback after the horrible "kisses on the bottom".
I admire the way he can when he turns his mind to it still produce an album of great original songs even at the age of 71.
Long may he continue.
Now if only Billy Joel could do the same......................
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on 14 October 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect at all from this album (I got the Deluxe version). I liked the 'New' single, but decided to take a chance and buy it blind. W O W. It's a sheer aural delight! Can't stop listening to it! All new, all different, yet all with the familiar touch that only Paul can add. He's truly a songwriting wizard and his ear for a catchy melodic tune cannot be rivalled.

Wholeheartedly recommended for anyone who loves good music - and an absolute MUST for any McCartney fan!

GET IT!! :)
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on 3 November 2013
Paul McCartney is well and truly back in style with this latest album. Absolutely love it and haven't stopped playing it for the past two weeks.
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on 14 November 2013
Absolutely brilliant...really grows on you, Macca just gets better with age... Keep rocking Sir Paul. Some great lyrics,something you would expect from a great .
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