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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 November 2015
There seems to be a slew of trash-for-cash, low to semi-low budget horror films being churned out these days with bad lines and gratuitous sex and gore, routine story’s, wooden acting and clichéd scares or glossy horrors that forget to be scary. NOT Banshee Chapter! Although the co-producer calls this a micro budget film, it has much higher standards in every respect, look, feel, effects, make-up, music and of course acting than the routine trash.
The story’s pretty original for a change and keeps you on edge. Inspired by the 1976 CIA MK-Ultra programme, it is gripping stuff.
The only issue I have is that there are scenes that require a video camera style and there is the general motion picture photography, that you would expect in a movie, but, then there is also the occasional unexplained wobbly, stylised, grainy footage, which is confusing, is neither here nor there and not necessary IMO. Still that’s a small complaint.
An outstanding film that is a well-directed and produced production amongst a glut of the usual horror film Narnia. Good music too introducing me to the awesome songs by Mark Lenover!

Oh, did I say this is genuinely creep?
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on 1 January 2015
i don't normally like films that are purely about the "jump scares". however, this film was different. i felt that although it mainly relied on cheap jumpy type horror, this film maintained an oppressive feel of menace and dread throughout despite the low budget and lack of big effects. it is based on an h.p. lovecraft story (from beyond) and although it is set in the modern day i feel it captures the feeling of madness and despair that lovecraft's stories conveyed.

a proper low budget gem in my opinion
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 August 2015
A good effort; I thought the director did a good job of creating a tense and atmospheric feel to the film. The lead actress, Katia Winter was very good and really has a touch of Keira Knightley about her (despite beng Swedish in origin) It's a small cast and a small budget and night time lasts a very long time in this film but the story on which it's based has some scope, the desert setting was creepy, good effects and solid performances.
Based upon nefarious CIA drug experiments upon civilians and the aftermath this caused; the effect said chemical has on the brain and the other worldly forces it attracts, it's an entertaining watch. Some of it doesn't make a lot of sense and it's not clear where the Banshee element of the title comes in, seems a bit pegged in after the fact for marketing purposes and the extras are all 2-3 minutes long and largely just provide a synopsis of the original CIA experiments but what the hell.
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on 15 January 2014
Honestly, this is one of the jumpiest horror films I've ever seen! The opening sequence sets the film up really well, mixing conspiracy theory with truth to create one hell of a creepy introduction. I liked the sudden gore too which I wasn't expecting. Todd Levine is great playing horror's Hunter S. Thompson! One of my absolute favourites from last year's FrightFest.
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on 2 March 2014
I personally found this movie to be an unknown gem. I like something with a more original story line and this didn't feel like it had just copied everything else out there.

The camera work, the acting and the story line were brilliant for a cheap watch.

If you like a bit of the X files, mixed in with a scare fest then you are likely to like this. It isn't blood and guts and more frights in the dark sort of movie.

Government drug experimentation, finds that using a compound found in a human brain opens the mind to something else that is out there. It allows us to make contact. Unfortunately this isn't the sort of contact we want to make. What if you accidentally ingest this drug. Is what you're seeing real? What if you see things and then find out you never ingested the drug at all.

Only downside was the actor who played "steve newland" in true blood and trying to detach him as the movie opens with him. If you have never watched that series you won't have the same issue I did.

Its really nice when you take the chance and then find a hidden gem like this movie.

Don't expect big budget. Don't expect expensive effects. Don't expect a perfect story line. Be prepared for lots of night time camera work.
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on 6 January 2017
Great movie if you like slightly weird and quite scary. Basic premise is around journalist trying to find answers to the death of her friend through a dangerous psychedelic drug which causes horrifying hallucinations. She is led on a frightening and mysterious journey where reality is never what it seems. Tension ratchets up right from the opening scene and doesn't let you go until the end of the closing credits, effectively delivering some real shocks on the way. I watched it with some friends who really weren't into "horror" or "scary" movies - they all found it very unsettling with a couple physically jumping out of their seats more than once with the consensus that it was pretty good and certainly not a movie where you could fall asleep.
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on 13 December 2013
I watched this at Frightfest in August 2013 and it got my vote for the scariest film I saw that year...it's a great story with strong cast and it keeps you guessing as it isn't the same old possession story.
It looks great, sounds great and is genuinely very scary.
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on 26 January 2014
At Frightfest, I was stricken with flu-like illness, and in no way capable of appreciating an atmosphere-driven movie... or so I thought! Yet, this movie really terrified me.

As a Lovecraftian type horror I'd recommend this movie to anyone who liked Absentia (which, incidentally, I'd consider THE horror movie of 2012). A bit less character focused though.

The only downside is of all methods of scaring people, jump "scares" are easily the least talent-requiring, and while this film's use of atmosphere is indeed good, the accompanying jump scares were a bit annoying. Strangely, this isn't the only serious horror movie I've seen recently that also used jump scares (In Fear for example). But, jump scares are an annoyance I can overlook, because the writing and atmospheric elements of the movie easily counterbalance them.
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on 14 July 2016
In the same theme as CHERNOBYL DIARIES and THE ENTITY (no not that one), this appears like hand held/ ff style when its actually not. Therefore not remotely found footage as I term that as a character filming the film, or web cams etc. So this doesn't qualify.
However it is a great horror, good characters at time complex plot so its not some easy cheap film. I personally haven't met anyone who dislikes it, rightly so. An easy. 8/10
Good film, not great but def enjoyable enough to buy.
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on 13 January 2014
I first watched Banshee Chapter at last year's Film4 FrightFest in London and was blown away by it! I had read very little about it beforehand so I went in with a friend as she was dying to watch it. I can honestly say that it freaked me the hell out. It plays around with fact and a supernatural fiction that had everyone in the cinema on the edge of their seats! The cast were excellent too - massive props to Ted Levine (from Silence of the Lambs) who rocks this awesome Hunter S Thompson-type vibe throughout. Anyway, after telling a lot of my friends about this I've just found out that it's coming to DVD this month. Desperate to watch this again - but not alone that's for sure! Best horror I've seen in ages. 5*
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