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on 15 June 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD as it had so much variety and the quality of the landscapes was first class. Some of the documentary was a little long but after beginning to get bored, all the following subject matter was great. The scenery was stunning and I was fascinated.
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on 30 March 2016
I bought this to have something to watch on my new 3D TV to show off what 3D can do.
There are a number of mini films on it, for me personally the only ones i thought were good were the underwater and space films, i found the rest a bit boring, but I suppose they do show off what 3D can look like.
The quality was fine for the most part, however there were some parts that were a bit out of focus, especially the text.
There is around 3 hours of footage altogether, but I found that i ended up fast forwarding through a lot of it. That said, for £8 i do think it is worth it just for the bits i enjoyed.
Overall it is a good Blu Ray to get if you are a new 3D tv owner, but i think there are better 3D documentaries and films available to show the power of a good 3D TV.
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on 24 October 2015
Simply excellent quality whether under the sea in the air using time lapse photography or even showing a Firework display the experience was enjoyable.
I would recommend: Best of 3D: The Ultimate 3D Collection to anyone Wanting to test out their 3D television as I did. There are many poor 3D productions on the market but this was not one of them.

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on 15 March 2015
The programme content is over two and a half hours long, I would strongly suggest to buyers of this 3 D disc to use the menu and view it in sections, the collection of subjects is many and varied.
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on 26 July 2015
If you are fan of 3D this is a must have - collection of short movies wich shows you differet senarios in 3D
Space- oceans- cultures and countries far away (like Easter iland) all in power full 3D
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on 27 March 2018
What a complete waste of money disjointed and confused. Just a poorly edited collection of effects. The effects themselves if you remove the inappropriate effects and cartoons and re-edit in a way that gives you the chance of viewing the film rather than a few second screen shots and made it into some semberlance of a story it would work.
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on 18 March 2016
This is a lot better than I thought it would be. It's now become my go-to for any 3D demo with my friend.
Some of the footage is really stunning and the 3D effect works very well .
It certainly does the job. Pity it's not on 4K.
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on 24 May 2018
I bought this is in April, 2017 and it has been tried in a number of different players capable of playing 3D discs and it will not play beyond the opening menu. This was a total waste of money. I had to give 1 star in order to leave the review but in actual fact I would give it no stars.
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on 4 December 2015
I found the whole film rather tedious apart from the opening segments and the Hubble space stuff. If you like to watch shoals of fish then you will love it, personally it bored me silly.
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on 19 February 2015
An interesting video showcasing the possibilities of 3D presentations in a series of short episodes. It is probably mainly of interest to those of us who are interested in the technique itself rather than casual viewing.
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