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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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This album contains many many well known artists performing songs from down the ages,
with numbers from the likes of 'Bob Dylan' 'Pete Seeger' 'Peter Paul and Mary' 'Judy Collins'
'Joan Baez' and 'Odetta' among the contributors.
Some of the well known songs to enjoy on-board include .....on disc one.....'Bob Dylan' --House
of the Rising Sun' (A 60'S HIT FOR 'THE ANIMALS) ......'Pete Seeger' --'Molly Malone' ......
'Judy Collins' --'Golden Apples of the Sun' ......'Peter, Paul and Mary' --'500 Miles' (A HIT FOR
THE FOLK-GROUP)......'Dave Fredrickson' --'Farewell Fair Ladies'.......and.......'Odetta with
Harry Belafonte' --'There's a Hole in My Bucket' (an old-favourite)......just some of the diverse
material to enjoy on disc one......on disc two......'Peter Paul and Mary' --'Puff the Magic Dragon'
(ANOTHER HIT FOR THE TRIO)......'Bob Gibson' --'Yes I See'.......'Doc Wilson' --'Peg and Awl'
'Joan Baaz' --'Banks of The Ohio' ......'Pete Seeger' --'On Top of Old Smokey' (an old favourite)
'Odetta' --'Jack of Diamonds' .....and......'Joan Baaz' --'All ,My Trials' .......just a few of the numbers
included on disc two......on disc three......'Peter, Paul and Mary' --'If I Had a Hammer' (AlSO A HIT
FOR 'TRINI LOPEZ').......'The New Cristy Minstrels' --'Big Rock Candy Mountain' .....'Pete Seeger'
--'We Will Overcome' ......'Tom Paley' --'Shady Grove' ......'Odetta' --'All the Pretty Little Horse' ...
'Paul Clayton' --'Spanish Ladies'......'Bob Dylan' --'Song To Woody' .....again some of the songs
many will remember from disc three.
I have picked around six or seven numbers from each of the three discs on this 'Folk' compilation,
glancing at the discs I reckon most of 'Peter, Paul and Mary's' hits of the sixties are included on
the play-list, this is a collection of songs some familiar some perhaps not from many well-known
names of the music-scene down the years.
It's a collection of material that perhaps I don't listen to that often, however there are many many
tracks that really will trigger many a memory bank from down the ages.
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There is a stunning collection of classic folk tracks, such as Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul & Mary), There's a Hole in my Bucket, Copper Kettle (Pale Moonlight), On Top of Old Smokey, Banks of the Ohio, etc, etc.

Fabulous range of songs from Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger (including We Shall Overcom, Turn Turn Turn, This Land is Our Land); Peter Paul& Mary (Puff, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?). One recalls how lovely a voice Mary had.

Great to listen to outside in the sunshine. Conjures up images of the American folkie South, hillbillies and the civil rights movement, when Dylan was raw, fresh and immediate. Great VFM, one good track after another.
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If you love folk, then this is the album for you. LOADS of music. A lot I've never heard before, but am having fun discovering.
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I have mixed feelings about this because I prefer multi-artist compilations to have a lot of different artists represented by one or two songs each rather than a few artists represented by a lot of songs each. That said, maybe focusing on a few star names was the only way that a folk compilation in this series of budget compilations would be viable, Given all that, this set still justifies a 5-star rating. As with the other compilations in the series, no performance copyright is payable under European law because of the age of the recordings.

There are eight tracks here by Peter, Paul and Mary, seven of them coming from their debut album. Their most recent track here is Puff the magic dragon, which was a big hit in America during 1963, but maybe it is old enough to be copyright-expired before the law changed. In any case, the eight Paul and Mary tracks all feature familiar songs. From the track listing, I didn't recognize It's raining, but I soon rembered when I heard it :-)

There are seven tracks each by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Bob Gibson, five each by Elizabeth Cotton (recorded when she was old) and Pete Seeger (three of them live). Four tracks by Dave Fredrickson include Farewell fair ladies, which I remewmber as Goodbye Od Paint. Odetta is represented by three tracks including her classic live duet with Harry Belafonte, There's a hole in my bucket.

Dave Van Ronk is here with four tracks, but they aren't songs I was already familiar with. Doc Watson also gets four, of which I've heard Peg and Awl, not necessarily by him. The only Rooftop Singers track, Walk right in, is very famous. Jean Ritchie is here with a live track and a duet with Paul Clayton. Two track hardly does her justice but maybe there are reasons for her being so modestly represented. The only way to remedy the situation is to buy some of her music, and I'll do that eventually.

This provides a great introduction to folk music recorded no later than 1963, especially at the UK price.
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With folk music currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity this is a good triple CD album to have, reminding us of what has already gone in the past when folk was popular before. There is just over 3 ½ hours of listening pleasure in total here, and although you may know some of the songs on these albums it is unlikely that you will know them all. I think my introduction to folk music was when my little sister and I had to hear my dad strumming his guitar and warbling ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’, which is probably considered as child abuse today. Thankfully that never put me off for life.

The good thing about folk is that it takes in so much, you have traditional and contemporary and this can take in songs that are political and activist motivated, from music that could fall into blues and country, gospel and spiritual genres as well. It is probably this broad range that means that it is so popular once again. So you have music here that is slow as well as faster tracks and spiritual as well as more pop type music.

With seventy five tracks here with songs by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, and Peter, Paul and Mary, and so many others, you can’t really go wrong with this triple album. I don’t know how popular it ever was but I must admit that this does have a particular favourite of mine on here, and that is ‘Willie The Weeper’, by Dave Van Ronk. Ideal to play anytime this triple CD album is well worth getting, although it does mainly centre on a few stars in the main, and then some others.
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on 24 February 2014
Casual purchase when looking at typical folk albums. Great value for 75 tracks. Lots of great well-known tracks and one or two questionable but more than worth the money.
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on 25 March 2014
Some of the tracks are old gems , worth buying for those alone - plus some nice surprises - well worth the price.
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on 6 June 2014
Some of these songs I hadn't hear for years; great to hear them again. Very interesting to hear the old versions of songs done by newer artists; e.g."A sailor's life" (disc 3) by Judy Collins I'd only ever hear the Fairport Convention extended folk-rock version on the Unhalfbricking Lp, equally "Gallows Pole" I'd only hear Page and Plant's version (Led Zepplin), "Going down the road feeling bad" only heard Grateful Dead's version; interesting version of "the trees they do grow high" by Joan Baez, as opposed to Pentangle, and many more. Worth buying this collection if you like folk or even just love folk ha - ha!
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on 12 December 2015
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on 27 May 2015
I thought I quite liked Folk so I took a chance on this large size compilation, and it turns out that I really do love Folk!

What an amazing price for a huge number of songs. If I'm honest, I chose it as much as anything for 'Puff the Magic Dragon', which I remembered from childhood. And it's still a great song. But there's plenty more here too. I wasn't that familiar with Bob Dylan, but I really enjoyed his songs - which could hardly be further removed from 'Puff'. Then there are the songs I'd heard of like 'turn, turn, turn' and 'house of the rising sun' - but in versions I wasn't used too - and they're great too.

All in all, this is a great album for anyone who leans towards folk but doesn't really know where to begin.
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