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on 3 May 2015
I think I misread the reviews in this film. I thought it would be a story of a late middle aged couple finding the romance and the passion they had when they first fell in love. I guess I was looking for a pink fluffy sort of film, but instead I got a gritty, disturbing movie that left me feeling the opposite of pink and fluffy. I found the husband a sad pathetic character who was desperately wanting his wife's love and compassion. The wife, to me, was totally fed up with her doormat of a husband and wanted excitement and romance in her life. They both wanted change but seemed to be stuck in their humdrum lives. Despite the ending I foresaw divorce in the not too distant future. (Yes I do know they were not a real couple). In summation I am glad I finally watched it and would recommend it as long as you are not expecting pink and fluffy.
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on 3 December 2014
This is one of the poorest films that I have ever watched. It made pathetic attempts to be profound but failed miserably. I would not recommend it to anyone, having just wasted my time watching it in the hope that it would get slightly better, at least. The very weak story line at the beginning of the film got gradually weaker, so the sudden end was not so much a shock as a gradual prolonged death.
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on 27 April 2014
What a nice surprise! This film is nice, light, melancholic, sweet. It's filled with a sense of end and rebirth, memories and joy of living. The music, the acting, the definition of the characters (incuding a fantastic Jeff goldblum) makes this film a must have for those who loves films made of characters, setting and atmosphere, and not just plot.
The story unfolds not by a planned plot but following the rules of the hearts and relationships among charcters, so you feel constantly involved with their state of mind, in a pleasant way, with the right dose of drama, comedy and intimacy.
The closing scene is the perfect representation of the path they took to tell the story: not a resolution, but a moment of their life, which we don't know where it will lead them to.
A film full of enchanting suspension
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on 2 February 2015
Worth watching for -

Pretty pictures of Paris
Dinner party scene
Jeff Goldblum's rather eccentric turn
Jim Broadbent as a man whose life is unravelling
The first hotel reception scene

BUT Lindsay Duncan's character is so sour neurotic and horrid one longs for the film to turn into Jagged Edge.

Entertaining though as a study of how unpleasant middle age can be if you make the wrong choices in your youth
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on 12 January 2015
I loved this film. Took a little while to get into but was well worth it. The story line is excellent, the acting is very good and the scenes are fab of Paris. If you are in your middle age this DVD will ring home a lot of home truths. This is truly a film to remember and one to watch many times over. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
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on 14 February 2015
What a disappointment this film is. You would think that with such an esteemed cast it would but a winner but sadly no. The acting is ok but the story and characters are so unbelievable it really isn't worth seeing. The female character is downright evil towards her partner that it is impossible to think he stays with her at all. They spend money as if there is no tomorrow and then are surprised that they cannot pay the bill for the hotel.
To crown it all the ending is nonsense: we are in deep sh.. so let's dance, really how likely is that?
On top of it all it also really sad to see the two lead actors rant and rave about the script. Are they that desparate for work?
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on 6 August 2016
This film is a joy. Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent attempt to resurrect the romance of their relationship by returning to Paris, the scdne of their Honeymoon. Their interchanges are wonderfully caught and the set pieces are either hilarious or moving. If you're of a certain age you WILL identify with it!
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on 11 February 2015
The understanding between the two main characters in this story goes deeper than they imagine, I have watched this film twice and I enjoyed it both times, this is a film I will watch when I need cheering up, so cleverly written, I felt I knew the characters well, and empathized especially with the main female protagonist.
Jim Broadbent is such a treasure too.
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on 6 August 2014
Despite excellent acting and popular actors(with me anyway) this film missed the mark somehow. Parts rang true, but overall we were slightly depressed by the end! I don't think that was the reaction the director was after, but I think the script let the film down.
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on 18 June 2018
Didn't like Linney in this romance, Broad bent humbled through
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