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on 24 April 2018
A wonderful old comedy starring Gene Tierney (as a young widow) and Rex Harrison (as a ghost) Rex Harrison’s character was the former owner of the house which the lovely young widow rents in a seaside village. He used to be a sea captain, and plays it to the hilt. The young widow is in need of money, so Rex Harrison helps out by getting her to ghost write his life story. (Pun intended.) Inevitably, they fall in love. Equally inevitably, there is competition, in the form of George Sanders’ smooth (and slimy) chat-up artist. The pace and tone of this piece are damn near perfect. A great film for a relaxing night-in with a loved one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 November 2015
I was pleased to see that this film didn't age at all, as I always liked a lot this "haunted" romantic comedy...))) I am very glad that I bought and watched it even if I already was familiar with the story, having seen this film long, long time ago... Below, more of my impressions, with some limited SPOILERS

In the early 1900s, young widow Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) moves to the seaside English village of Whitecliff. Having only limited funds she rents a splendid, but surprisingly cheap house, named Gull Cottage. The reason for the low rent is the reputation of this place - locals are convinced that it is being haunted by the ghost of the previous owner, a roguish sea captain named Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison), who supposedly committed suicide. Albeit slightly apprehensive, Mrs Muir moves in with her young daughter Anna (Natalie Wood) and her maid Martha (Edna Best) - and once she turns off the lights on the first night in the new place the film really begins and I will say nothing more about the story...

Made in 1947, in the middle of Hollywood golden age, this is a very, very charming and entertaining romatic comedy, with a good scenario containing lots of wit, good dialogs, emotion, some drama (not much) and a little bit of sadness (not much). The film is absolutely NOT scary as the ghost, although somehow rude in its manners, is really a brave fellow... Rex Harrison is as great as always and Gene Tierney simply SHINES both by her beauty and her talent. Young Natalie Wood (she was nine at the time) in one of her first screen appearances adds a lot of charm to this film. Later in the film adult Anna is played by Vanessa Brown, a very charming young lady, for whom it was the first role ever. Edna Best, an actress who began her career in the 1920s in silent movies is excellent in the secondary but important role of Martha, the housekeeper.

I like this film a lot. It is not any kind of immortal masterpiece, but a very nice, charming, heart warming, wity and pleasant thing to watch. I am absolutely keeping my DVD for another viewing. ENJOY!
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on 22 October 2014
This film dates from 1947 and its a great movie. Top notch perfromances from all the cast, but the two things that stands out are the brilliant b/w photographer Charles lang it's simply stunning and B.Herrman romantic and beautiful score. They just don't make films like this anymore. They wouldn't know how to.
A classic from start to finish.
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on 9 May 2010
Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison capture our hearts, George Sanders tries to steal them away, but Rex Harrison is a ghost, slowly fading into non-existence. This is an impossible love story that cannot fail to move us.

The stunningly beautiful photography from Charles Lang was nominated for the 1947 Academy Award, and the outstanding score by Bernard Hermann should also have been. The direction by Joseph L Mankiewicz is excellent and the characters and their actions seem entirely natural, especially the abrasive sea captain who cannot quite control his coarseness in the presence of a genteel lady.

The Amazon summary and synopsis almost tell us too much, but having watched the film on TV a couple of times, we knew the story and still bought our own copy to be able to continue to enjoy it, especially since there is less and less worth watching on any TV these days.

The print is only B&W and shown in 4:3 with 2.0 `Stereo' sound, but the quality is as good as one might expect from 35mm, and one soon forgets this as the story and characters come to life and take a firm grip on our attention.

We find that a dark and wet and windy winter's night makes the perfect backdrop to watching this in the snug of our living room, and we always have tears in our eyes at the end.
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on 27 January 2014
I had been looking for this title on Blu Ray for some time as it is one of my favourite films but I was initially put off of purchasing this version as it it was a US import and I thought that it would require a region A blu ray player to be able to play the film in the United Kingdom. I purchased the film anyway as I intended to eventually buy a multi-region blu ray play but on loading this disc into my bog standard region B (UK) blue ray player I was amazed that it played and I was so impressed with the picture clarity.
So if you have you have considered buying this title on blu ray but have been put off because it says it is a US import, do not let this discourage you as it should play on your UK blu ray player and I'm sure, like me, you will not be disappointed.
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on 8 June 2017
oh just a quality film. I may be called old (46) but this is just the kind of film you watch on a cold, dark day with crisps. It has history, romance, fun and such a feel good factor (although a little sad). This is a quality produced, acted and phtotographed film. You can make films like this anymore.
DISCLAMER: this film was made waaaaaay before even I was born. so its an old film........ but its such a good film. enjoy.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 August 2014
Superb transfer of a gentle and ultimately profoundly moving classic. The blu ray offers excellent audio and video definition and allows this charming film to spin its magic. Script, acting, direction and design are all truly first rate and despite its many comic moments the ending is almost unbearably moving - it creeps up on the viewer to deliver a stronger emotional punch than you might expect. Highly recommended.
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on 16 December 2012
REX HARRISON(Dr Doolittle, My Fair Lady) and GENE TIERNEY an acress of many talents. This film suited them both, Rex as the ghost trying to scare the living daylights out of Mrs Muir a widow, whose trying her hardess to get away from her overbearing husbands family. Finds the perfect place, the cottage that nobody stays for long in and even the estate agent does not wish to sell the place to her thinking she will be scared too. he is himself scared of the place. But she is an obstinate woman and rents the place. And for the rest you must watch the film, it's too bloody marvellous to tell all. Good watching, you don't need to hide, but tissues are required at some point.
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on 27 April 2017
I can't remember when I first saw this movie on TV but definitely a long long time ago. I loved it as a child and love it even more as an aging adult. The acting is faultless. The young Natalie Wood is lovely. The soundtrack is beautiful. In fact there is nothing not to love about it. If you haven't seen it then you have missed a masterpiece in film history.
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on 8 May 2015
What a great film! You sure don't get them like this one! a fantastic film with great actors! Rex Harrison as a cantankerous old sea captain,and a refined lady who starts using his language! Hilarious! I am glad to have this classic gem in my collection and will happily recommend this seller for his quick response and quality products he has to offer! Thanks to all at amazon!
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