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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 17 March 2014
I'd been looking forward to the second in the series with great anticipation,
the first was in my view indeed brilliant.
The winners of the 74th Hunger Games 'Katniss Everdeen'(Jennifer Lawrence) and
'Peeta Mellark'(Josh Hutcherson) have to leave their families behind to embark on a victory
tour organised by the 'Establishment' and read out the pre-written speeches, much to the annoyance
of the tour organisers, the pair are not playing by the rules.
District by district is visited by the pair, 'Katniss' begins to sense the undertones of
a rebellion, a observation not missed by 'President Snow'(Donald Sutherland)
The President announces a deadly 75th Hunger Games with a few rule changes,this time former winners
will be matched against each other.
'Katniss' and 'Hamitch's' name are drawn from area '12'.....quickly 'Peetra' offers to take
'Hamitch's' place an offer that cannot be overruled, so the winners of the 74th are back in the fray.
Candidates from many of the other districts are considerably more experience
than 'Katniss' and 'Peetra' which makes them rank outsiders, odds that suit the
President's intent, as he believes that the districts are inspired by last years winners.
Let the Games begin.............
'Jennifer Lawrence' is again outstanding in her role as 'Katniss Everdeen'
An exciting and often tense adventure with several superb action sequences
within the created jungle in which the ruling establishment try to orchestrate the outcome of the games for both entertainment and of course self-preservation.
Sadly the role of 'Plutarch Heavensbee'part of the 2nd part of 'Mokingjay' will have
to be altered following the recent passing of actor 'Phillip Seymour Hoffman'
The story has been set up perfectly for the 3rd in the series, trouble is we almost
certainly have to wait a while to see it Well worth a viewing
Special Features:
*Audio commentary with director 'Mikael Hafstrom' and writer 'Miles Chapman'
*Security: The real life of Tomb.
*Executing the plan.
*Clash of the Titans.
*Deleted Scenes.
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on 30 July 2016
This film was satisfactorily gripping and exciting enough to want to watch the next installment with some eagerness.

Something of a world in itself, this adventure doesn't compete with some of the bigger sci-fi adventures but is still very watchable quite a few times over, combining clever special effects with fun ideas for props, as was the case with the proceeding films in this series.

I did take time to getting round to watching these films as my initial response to the hype was that they seemed a little...under-budgeted, production-wise, and also thought these films were coming under the umbrella of teenage chick-flick movies, but when I actually sat down to watch them for the first time, in the right order, the effects were fine, it was fun, and was just tipping into the bearable side of pretentious...by the time I got to this film I was very much into it all. One episode effortlessly flowed into the next.

This and the next film were probably the best of the four.
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on 1 May 2014
My wife is a big fan of the books, and so I watched the first film under sufferance - it was ok, if slightly ridiculous. Also, I didn't like the guy who plays Peeta - he has only one expression, and appears to be made of Lego.

So it was with a big false grin that I sat down to watch the second instalment, and how surprised I was. After the slightly mopey, self-indulgent opening, the film morphs into a totally kick-ass adventure film. And I mean that in a good way. The stakes are higher, and with the hilariously-named Finnick Odair we have a character with charisma - a quality sorely lacking from the first film.

I was so engrossed that I didn't spot the end coming, and was genuinely aggrieved that I will have to wait months to see the next part.

Watch! You won't be disappointed.
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on 11 July 2016
My 9 year old boy watched the first film whilst away but fell asleep before the end.
Having bought the first in the series in order that he could watch it till the end, I then had to buy part two as he enjoyed the first so much.
This was a bargain, arrived quickly and my son enjoyed it so much he wanted to watch the third installment back to back.
I have no problem recommending this as a family film. Even our 5 year old enjoyed it.
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on 14 April 2014
I was delighted with the two disc edition of Catching Fire because I am always interested in the work that goes into visualizing a story, particularly if it is not set in the present century. Stories set in the future challenge the imagination of the art department as well as the costume department. So much in this series can be conveyed just by clothing and buildings and I have been impressed by all the work so far and as a fan of the books I have been very grateful to the directors for their handling of the material. The casting has been brilliant and the result has been excellent box office returns. I am looking forward to the final two films.
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on 16 January 2016
I watched them on Amazon Video - that service was good. The film itself was alright, though now I've seen 3 of the 4 (still to see the most recent) I feel that they were almost like extended TV episodes, with not much 'happening' (either emotionally or physically) in the films as separate entities - a good way to make me want to watch the next one, simply to reach some kind of crescendo, as on the whole, I feel they fall rather flat. However, that said, I like the idea, the fantastical elements, the uprising against oppression, the strong female.
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on 6 April 2014
It's all ways uncomfortable when kids fight,as they did in the
First film,I felt uncomfortable with that one,that doesn't mean
I felt that hunger games was bad, it wasn't.In the 2nd film
Pres snow feeling cheated with the out come of katliss and
Peetas victory,changes the rules to reassert his authority.the
New contestants include past game survivors angered at being
Recalled for the new special game quarter quell .any disobedience
Is ruthlessly put down by his quasi police force,military. The more adult
Theme meant that it wasn't simply a kill quest like the other one but
An attempt to beat the system by working as a team and escaping
The arena.it's well written and well acted, and well worth seeing
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on 24 May 2014
But then again I say that about every film Ive seen that Ive previously read the book of! The second part of the story, just as the two main characters think they're safe after surviving the hunger games they are dealt a huge blow when the government decide that all previous winners have to go back into a draw to decide who goes into the arena again. If possible this story is darker than the first one (although not as good as the first film) and is leading up to the third part of the story in which the citizens finally decide to fight back after the mockingjay gives them the sense of purpose.
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on 17 January 2015
In my view this was even better than the first, you feel like you get to know the new characters very well, and get to know the characters from the first film even better. The acting and special effects are brilliant and the actual games are better than in the first. If you haven't seen this yet then it is a must see, or it is brilliant just to be able to watch it again. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, and if you haven't seen the first film then you need to see that first. It is certainly worth a watch.
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on 31 March 2014
I love the Hunger Games and Catching Fire. It all came in one case (a blue-ray one) and arrived on the release day. I ordered this one in particular because it was cheap and was the only one I could find with release date delivery and no extra charges.
It was a very enjoyable film (I watched it twice on the day it arrived) and was a very good quality film. The only problem was I found it difficult to distinguish between the Blue-ray disk and the normal DVD.
I would happily order from here again.
I would recommend this to anyone who like the Hunger Games and is looking for a great deal, or if you are looking for a new exciting film to watch.
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