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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Atlantis - Series 1 [Blu-ray]
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on 2 November 2017
To me the Greek myths are tales of tragedy, doom and heroism. They have a visceral quality that explores life through scenarios born of extreme actions and with equally extreme consequences.

Atlantis is a lazy way of making television. It discards the adult themes of sex, violence and selfishness which make the myths so potent and lasting. Instead we have a children's version which begins with all the men wearing trousers! I am sure that some men wore them back then but their ubiquity in Atlantis appears anachronistic and sets the asexual (almost Victorian!) tone for the series: everything is covered up and nothing offensive or unwholesome is allowed!

The insipid nature of the production is also revealed by the lack of real characters. Cardboard cutouts abound and the myths are pulped into a thin porridge.

The acting is fine and if I am harsh it is because the idea is actually quite a good one: use the myth of Atlantis as a platform to tell the other Greek myths.

The one good thing it has (apart from some decent actors) is a sense of fun.
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on 12 May 2017
great item many thanks quick post
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on 15 August 2017
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on 4 April 2015
It's alright but I see why it was discontinued
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on 31 July 2017
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on 16 November 2014
I loved this series! I wasn't too sure about when it first aired, I thought it was just another crappy BBC show but got made to watch it round a friends house once and was hooked!

Yes, the acting isn't Hollywood/Oscar level but the cast are still fantastic actors. A couple of the storylines did seem like they were there just for the episode count but it has a continuous storyline involving Jason (unlike a lot of other BBC shows).

I thoroughly enjoyed this series.
If you like slightly "sci-fi" action, with a bit of romance & comedy, then I'd suggest you give this show a go!

The 2nd series has just started on the BBC (which is fantastic!)

Highly recommend
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on 20 January 2014
A young man, Jason (Donnelly), is exploring the sea bed in a one man underwater mini-sub, in search of his missing father, when he get's into difficulty & sucked into some kind of bright light. The next moment, he awakes awash on a sandy beach in a place called, Atlantis. Where he soon makes friends & enemies, as he tries to find out more about his own past, while continuing the search for his father.

This fantasy BBC T.V show is consistently watchable , despite a few so, so episodes in the middle of the series, it's mixture of humor, Greek mythology, star crossed lovers & scheming power hungry royalty, makes it an entertaining show, albeit at times forgivably implausible for the sake of entertainment sake. Visually the Greek/Mediterranean setting which traverses from City to countryside, gives you that feeling of Atlantis being a large, beliveable, living & breathing place. The props, sets & costumes are all good quality, as are the special effects when called upon (okay it's not movie quality, but what do you expect). Along with the canny reuse of locations & some creaky sets, they achieve a lot.

Each week the show follows the exploits of three friends, who are always strapped for money & they're money making schemes usually backfire with entertaining results, they stick they're noses into things they shouldn't or trouble simply lands at they're door. Jack Donnelly (House of Anubis) is the dashing lead character (pictured center of the DVD cover). Whose role features a lot action scenes, which he excels at. Mark Addy (The Full Monty) as the larger than life Hercules (pictured left), makes the show very enjoyable through his character, always bumbling & getting into trouble in one way or another. Along with his many character flaws which the others play off of well as the straight guys. And a capable Robert Emms (War Horse ) as the nerdy Pythagoras (pictured right), who all together make for a great duo/trio of beliveable friends who get into scrapes each week. Sarah Parish (Cutting It) is good as the devilish & cunning villain, Queen Pasiphae. Aiysha Hart as the love interest, Princess Ariadne, shows promise handling forbidden romance & a battle of wills with her step mother. Also Co-stars Jermima Rooper (Kinky Boots) , Juliet Stevenson(Truly Madly Deeply) & Alexander Siddig (Primeval).

In conclusion, Atlantis is an enjoyable fantasy T.V series based on Greek Mythology that needs to be given a little leeway to enjoy. Suitable for all the family, more than enough to make a 2nd series. Contains violence & some scary monsters similar strength to Dr Who. Recommended.
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on 6 March 2015
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 November 2014
In the present Jason determines to discover what happened to his father, missing when exploring the ocean's depths. Suddenly his own bathyscaphe is in trouble. He regains consciousness to find himself whisked back in time to Atlantis, there to make friends with Hercules and Pythagoras.

He is there for a reason, a destiny to fulfil....

In a bonus, creators cheerfully admit they have played fast and loose with myths and history. The series is best enjoyed by those prepared to accept that.

Even so the show is uneven. Visually it stuns, the sets excellent. Sadly the scripts often need more attention. Too many storylines are rather poorly contrived. A major weakness concerns the portrayal of Hercules, the character played for cheap laughs. He seems to have strayed in from a programme intended for very young children (who deserve better). Much time is devoted to sorting out problems caused by his drinking, gambling and laziness. This sets everything off balance, doing the show no favours at all - the reason why I quit watching when the series was first shown.

I hoped acquiring the box set would help me better to appreciate the strengths. It does.

Many assets include an enigmatic oracle, a wicked queen, a handsome (if rather one dimensional) hero, a likeable Pythagoras, great stunts and exciting arena sequences.

13 episodes. An interesting thirty minute bonus.

At their best when more serious, the ingredients exist here for a family show with real impact. Hopefully this will be more evident in Season 2.
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on 28 December 2013
I have loved every moment of this series. The characters have really grown on me since the first episode and I am going to miss it so much on a Saturday night. I can't wait to buy the box set when it becomes available and hope like mad a second series will be made. I love the Greek myth elements of the stories and the mystery that surrounds Jason. It has made me laugh, cry and gasp with excitement. I thought it was fantastic.

Although there were some areas that could be improved upon, I think this is a really solid start to a cracking series. You have to give programmes a chance to settle down and hit their stride. I am sure it will go from strength to strength, given the chance. Why people have to comment on their TV license fees being wasted, I don't know. There are a great many programmes that are made that I wouldn't want to sit and watch, but that's how it goes. The BBC make a variety of programmes that will suit all kinds of different tastes. I, for one, am glad that my money went on this offering. May many more series follow!
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