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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 February 2014
I'm not keen on Austen 'takes', but found the idea of an Austen theme holiday fun. I enjoyed the movie tremendously. It's romance without been soppy. It's funny, especially if your into your Regency period romances (husband slept through it... tho this is no indication as he does this with most moves.. haha... so not for everyone) - but I wouldn't call it side splitting. I liked all the characters, tho I took a while to warm to the lead actress, I did warm to her. I will definitely watch it again - for JJ Field if nothing else ;) .
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on 25 February 2014
I honestly didn't know what to expect from this film, to start, I was quite perplexed, its such a random film to the point it feels totally improvised (which, from what I gather, some bits are - check out the expressions of the people in the airport scenes - they're not extras!!).

But actually, its hilarious in its bizarre, slightly camp, random strangeness. Its hilarious in a "I can't believe they've just said that" kind of way (Jennifer Coolidge - for reference)!

JJ Feild, having previous experience of playing one of Austen's leading men (Northanger Abbey) is a perfect Darcy-type character (I am bias, as Mr Tilney [Northanger] is one of my favorites) bringing that Austenness to the film which works wonderfully opposite Keri Russell's Jane (The Waitress).

Its just a weird, quirky wonderful film, with a brilliant (cheesy 80's power ballads) soundtrack.
Its fast become one of my favorite rom-coms, that's perfect, chilled with a glass of wine.

I actually wish Austenland was real!!
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on 6 February 2014
I liked this film, I really did. It was an enjoyable watch and a pretty fair adaptation of the book.

But, and it's a big but. I might have given it five stars if it wasn't for one pretty major flaw. The lead actress. I'm really sorry to say this but there was just no animation in her and it left me wondering why anyone would be attracted to her character at all.
Maybe Kerri Russell is a bigger name in America and the idea was to get someone who might pull in the viewers but she just does not work in the character. To be honest, her character just made me feel little flat and it made me feel a little angry that the producers put someone in the role who seemed to act like she really didn't want to be in the film.

It might not be a classic, but anyone enjoying regency drama might like this as a change.
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on 2 February 2016
This was so much fun, I wasn't expecting anything really, but this film delivered none the less by the bucket load. This is a very tongue in cheek movie and not for a die hard aficionado of Jane Austen but more for someone who appreciates the concept but doesn't take it too seriously.

This movie stars Kerri Russell as Jane Hayes a single thirtysomething, unlucky in love but obsessed with Jane Austen. Therefore, our heroine takes a package holiday to Austenland where she is required to wear traditional dress on landing in England, and to interact with the actors employed to give authenticity to the experience. This difference between the acting and her real life feelings become blurred and we are very much led willingly into to chick flick territory. I loved the chemistry between Jane and her fellow American Austen fan played by Jennifer Collidge who was hilarious throughout.

To be honest it doesn't matter how much our heroine is required to play a part, the actress was so good I felt I identified all the way through. This was a totally charming film, light hearted and well meaning comedy. It met my expectations and totally raised them.

Even though from early on I knew who Jane/ Miss Earstwhile would end up with I still enjoyed this, the supporting cast is so very good that you don't care, and enjoy the ride. Watching this from very early on in I knew I would probably buy it, which is not like me, but it really had such a good feel that I wanted to repeat the experience as soon as possible.

This is a very watchable and well meant piece and not just for Jane Austen fans, of which I am not, so I would recommend to anyone wanting a fairly original and lovely film to pass the time.
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on 30 June 2016
JJ Field was perfect, but just could not save this cringy film. Atrocious writing, awful over-over-over acting and terrible, overall styling made worse by poor direction. It could have been funny with a different script and direction. Unfortunately the film is just WAY too bizarre and slapstick (while oddly trying to be down-to-earth) that the few decent scenes are lost. Such a shame, as the concept is lovely. It undoubtedly could have been far better – even using the same actors, sets and crew and keeping the same concept but with a different vision. Pretty awful. If I had find something else nice to highlight besides JJ Field's lovely performance, it would be that Ricky Whittle and James Callis managed to be quite charming through the ridiculous script and painful slapstick.
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Based on the book by Shannon Hale this is a BBC Films adaptation and it is a little corker. We meet Jane Hayes played wonderfully by Keri Russell (`August Rush' and `Mission Impossible III'). She is completely obsessed with Jane Austen and all her works; she even sports a `I Love D'arcy' bag - he is fictional don't ya know. And has a cardboard cut-out of Colin Firth in her flat - dressed as D'arcy.

Well she decides to blow her life savings on a `life changing' trip to theme park extraordinaire, `Austenland'. As the name would indicate this is a total immersion event where you get to live the life of one of Austen's characters for a whole week. This means a trip to England (actually filmed down the road from me in West Wycombe Park). On arrival she discovers that her accompanying guest is fellow American Miss Elizabeth Charming (an Austenland given name) played with over the top brilliance by the excessively talented Jennifer Collidge - `Gentleman Broncos' where she is superb too. She is brash, loud and wants to dress in the costumes so she can have a cleavage to die for - and she steals every scene.

Anyway the week will have its ups and downs - social faux pas and consorting with `the help' from `below stairs' no less. There is also a real live Mr D'arcy and the Mistress of ceremonies is played with measured stuffiness and snobbery by Jane Seymour. Of course all the extras are actors and the lines between reality and fiction are sometimes too blurred to tell apart. As this is based on Jane Austen there is always going to be romance, trouble, heartache and in this case some real gut, laugh humour.

Yes this is a rom com but I absolutely loved it. The soundtrack is Emmy the Great and a great cover of Yazoo's `Only You' is waiting in here to be discovered too. I had better stop before I out `gush' myself. Just can't recommend strongly enough and even the run offs are great - pure quality.
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on 9 March 2014
My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the book and couldn't wait to see the film. We were not disappointed the story has been improved, the characters have been given more depth, Jennifer Coolidge is so very very funny and Keri Russell is the perfect heroine. If you enjoyed 'Lost in Austen' you will love this.
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on 17 February 2015
Well, this is a very odd review to write because I really wasn't sure what to make of this film, I started off hating it, but persevered because of the reviews, and ended up kinda liking it but still feeling a bit bemused as to whether it is brilliant or awful. (I think the former, although I'd have to watch it again to be certain)

Took me about half of the film to get used to its quirky nature; at first I thought it was badly scripted and badly acted; but then came the slow realisation that (I think, anyway!) that is is meant to come across like that, and that is what makes it so clever.

In hindsight I'm not sure what I was expecting. I love Jane Austen, and loved the idea of an Austen themed park, but I guess the only way such a concept would work is if it is treated like it is in this film.

The fact I came to like the characters, rooted for the 'heroine' and was in a quandry as to which of the two suitors, if any, would be better for her, echoes the plot in many an Austen novel, as does the presence of an amusing but churlish friend.

All in all, I'm pretty sure this is a grower and may even turn out to be one of my favourite films. I quite enjoyed the journey it took me on, but there were times when I wanted to get off at the next stop. But all was worth it at the final destination.

So thankyou, all fellow Amazon reviewers; as without your great reviews I'd have given up on this and missed a gem.
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on 7 August 2015
I was looking forward to this film but was disappointed, the plot was flimsier than I expected and I was repelled by the number of scenes with actors either talking with their mouths visibly full or even worse, spitting out food. If I'd wanted something to make me throw up I'd have drank some salt water and saved myself a few quid. Even the 'theatrical' bit which I thought might be worth a watch was just flung together. I gave up halfway through and couldn't care less what happened to them all.
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on 9 April 2014
I have always been a fan of making a classic into something contempary and yet keeping the essence of the original. Take Lost in Austen. A fantastic ITV drama which relayed the telling of Pride and Prejudice in a new and humourous way. This film just failed on every level. Despite starring the likes of Kerri Russell and JJ Field among others this film was neither funny or compelling. It lacked any real story or plot. The funny moments were non existent and the film appeared to be made on the cheap. The fact that the film was about a woman so obsessed with Austen that she wanted to visit Austenland and live the life she had dreamed of for so long, she very quickly became disinterested and bored along with the audience. Definitely not one I would recommend.
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