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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 August 2016
I love the character Carson. He's dedicated, hard working, and a sweetheart.
Dallas is a struggle sometimes... Personally I didn't really connect with her which is probably why I struggled with this book at times.
Well written, it kept me entertained with Carson and his muscles 😉
But i didn't enjoy as much as the last book I read.
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on 15 January 2015
I’d been wanting to read All Lined Up since it was first released and eventually managed to snag it a couple of months ago on kindle really cheap – I’m sure it was like 59p – so you know I couldn’t say no to that. But it was a very well spent 59p because All Lined Up was just as good as I was hoping it would be.

Dallas Cole has grown up around nothing but football. Her father coach football and her ex-boyfriend is a quarterback but for Dallas, she hates the sport because she’s always comes second to it. Moving to Rusk University is supposed to be her way out but when her father takes a new coaching job and her ex-boyfriend gets a scholarship there, football seems to be following her everywhere. So when she meets Carson McClain – someone she has an instant connection to – she’s devastated when she finds out he plays football too but can’t deny the attraction between them.

Carson McClain needs to become Rusk University’s staring line up to get the scholarship he needs to continue school. But when Dallas Cole comes into his life he is determined to not get distracted and more importantly finding out that she’s the new coach’s daughter should turn him away but it doesn’t. No matter what Dallas has Carson’s full attention and soon these two discover what it’s like to have something else to focus on.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a new adult story because I find I have to be in the right mood for a new adult story but Cora Carmack did a great job with All Lined Up. I find myself hoping I can get around to reading All Broke Down sometime soon.

I really enjoyed both Dallas and Carson and the fact that it’s told in a dual narrative is a bonus to. I liked Dallas, I loved that she was head strong and determined. But I think I liked Carson more. What surprised me was he’s not your typical football player. He doesn’t play around with girls. He’s not a player. He’s quiet and dedicated. And most of all he’s honest. He surprised me. I was expecting another bad boy that reforms because of the girl but Carson really isn’t that. He’s already a good guy and that was totally unexpected.

In all, All Lined Up is a good and easy read and one that makes you invest in the characters. I can’t wait to read more from Cora Carmack.
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Why didn’t I buy this sooner?! Cora Carmack’s Losing It series was super good, I loved all of her characters and the humour in the books, so I think I was a bit nervous about not liking her new books. I shouldn’t have let that stop me because All Lined Up met all of my hopes and expectations – and then flew past them!

The only slightly negative part of this review is that at first it seemed like the way Dallas was portrayed when reading from her POV was really different to how Carson perceived her, but that feeling went away after two chapters. Speaking of the dual POV, it worked really well in this book :) .

Dallas and Carson’s relationship was amazing to read about and the way Ms. Cormack developed the relationship and characters made this book shine! There is chemistry from the start between our two characters but that isn’t the basis for their relationship. Neither Dallas nor Carson are in the right place for a relationship and they know this! There isn’t any attempt at having a fling or one-night-stand just because they don’t want to be serious and I’m thankful for this. Instead, a wonderful friendship bloomed.

Dallas and Carson really take the time the get to know one another and they talked. They confided in each other and were pretty much always honest, even when it was easier to lie. Their connection and honesty was beautiful and is my favourite part of the book.

Some of you might be thinking, “but waht about the swoons?!”. Trust me, All Lined Up is definitely not lacking in that department ;) . All I can say is if I saw Carson McClain in the street I’d probably swoon to death. Is that a phrase? It should be. Guys, this boy is HOTT. And sweet. And funny. And not at all arrogant. And – well, you get the idea. He’s a solid book boyfriend.

Anyone who likes New Adult romance will LOVE All Lined Up and the sequel is high on my TBR list!


4.5 stars
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on 5 November 2014
I had only ever read one of Cora's books before reading this one but I enjoyed it so much that every book she brings out I try and get my grubby hands on it and this one was no different. I'm glad I did get this book as I loved it...

I do feel as though the cover is a little bit cheesy but I can imagine the couple on the front cover is Carson and Dallas. I do like the font used for the title as it reminds me sport which is heavily involved in this story.

I can't believe I forgot to do a review for this book (but in my defence I thought I already had) and that it took me so long to read it as there was nothing wrong with this book and as a matter of fact I loved it. From the very beginning I felt strongly invested in the story as I was completely hooked and just wanted everything to turn out the way I felt like it needed to end. Even though there was an instant attraction between the two main characters it still felt like it was longer before they felt anything more than lust for one another even if it wasn't as long as what I had initially thought. The chemistry between these two characters definitely felt like it jumped out of the pages even when they wouldn't admit to their feelings I felt like us the reader knew better. For some strange reason I love books that are sport related as I can't stand to watch most sports but it doesn't seem to matter when reading about the sports. I think the reason why I love the sports related books is because I feel like I can feel their passion in what they want to do and it adds another dimension to the book. All Lined Up isn't just about sport and romance but also about the relationship between father and daughter as well as pressure you get from family and team mates. What I really enjoyed about this book is that it made me laugh out loud but there was also some really heartbreaking parts as well which sure kept me on my toes. I loved the ending as it felt like a lot of things was cleared up but not everything was perfect which makes me want to see if we find out more about hose in the up and coming books even if they are from different characters perspectives I'm sure we will still see more from Carson or least hear about him.

I loved the two main characters as well as some of the side characters but there was a couple that I couldn't warm up to main one being Levi not sure I even want him to get his own book. I loved Dallas's character as even though on the outside she seems fine but the more we find out about here everything is far from fine with her making her a more real character. Carson I absolutely adored he was so sweet as I am used to the male characters in New Adult books being the bad guy but he is far from a bad boy but I love him all the same. There was a couple of characters that I wasn't too sure about but then by the end they really grew on me which I'm pleased about as one of those characters was Silas and his book is next!

Overall another hit from Cora Carmack and now I need to read some more of her books and I hope that is sooner rather than later.
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on 7 December 2015
I have to say that I'm not usually one to read romances but after a particularly tough week I decided I needed something light-hearted to make things a little better and this book certainly did that! This book was a steal when I got it and I wasn't let down. Following Dallas through her journey as Rusk is one experience I couldn't put down. Putting things together with her football-coach father and putting her own issues to bed while meeting and falling for the hottest guy she has ever seen is hard for Dallas but that's what she strives to do throughout this novel. As Carson comes into her life she finds it harder and harder to say no despite all of her perceptions but it seems that it was just right.
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on 6 July 2014
I pre-ordered this book, as soon as I could. I've become a fan of Cora's new adult novels in the last year. I was introduced to the Losing It series via twitter and I read the three novels in quick succession, so it was a no brainer that I would be reading this. I was also told by a friend that the male MC Carson was her favourite of Cora's so far so it was also a challenge to see if he could out do Jackson Hunt from Finding It!

The story is about Dallas Cole and Carson McClain. The two meet at Rusk University where to begin with they both know very little about each other. Dallas is hampered by her father's reputation as football coach and is trying to get out from under his strict rules about how she can live her life and Carson is from a family not swimming in cash, trying to prove his skill on the football field is worthy of a scholarship to see him achieve his dream.

The characters have this instant connection when they first meet, not just a chemistry but on a deeper level too, born out of common personality traits. I liked that neither character knew much about the other allowing them to form a relationship and bond that wasn't based on preconceptions made by either of them. I got swept up in their first meeting right along side them and enjoyed that palpable chemistry that was set there and then.

Throughout the story you get a feel for both characters and their feelings about each other, and their goals and dreams for their time at university, through the dual narration. I love a story that has a dual POV, especially when you get one side of the story form the male lead character because it almost feels sneaky getting to see what he's thinking. It worked well in the story because both characters have a lot more going on than meets the eye, and than what they both reveal to each other in the beginning of the story - so you get to know them both as individuals too.

Although both characters do take part in some of the stereotypical college things like frat parties and football parades Cora embraces some of the deeper and not always evident issues that college students face, high expectations and insecurity. It's not written in a patronising or judgemental manner but more like someone who has already been there and been through it all. I think that facing the reality of being a student is what New Adult is about, you're finding yourself and your way in the world, and it won't always be perfect or work out first time but there's almost always someone who has been in your shoes too.

The relationship between Dallas and Carson quickly becomes romantic in the face of their undeniable chemistry but it remains more of a romantic relationship than a physical relationship throughout the story until nearer the end. I loved that Carson totally went against all of the footballer stereotypes and looked out for Dallas and her feelings.

New adult novels are something that I've just been introduced to in the last year and I love them, probably mostly because it's my age range. It you enjoy new adult and haven't read any of Cora's novels before you should definitely give the all a go!
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on 14 April 2015
I recently finished Friday Night Lights and wanted something to help to cure my FNL hangover. This was the best antidote. The books is cute, sexy and funny. Topped off with the great suspense of college football. All Lined Up is everything I wanted to read about and more. Carson is cute and a FOOTBALLER! The best combination. Dallas is a dancer, with her dad being the coach of the team. The two meet at a party in a Romeo and Juliet style scene. All Lined Up reminded me of FNL but was completely different yet gave me the same feels. The writing was so passionate and on point when the football team is being played I feel as if I am actually there. I don't know all the rules of the game but I am beginning to learn. As soon as I had finished with this book I couldn't wait to buy the next book in the series. Now to wait patiently for "All Played Out". So freaking excited!
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on 4 June 2014
Actual rating 3.5

I haven't read a lot of football based books, but I always go into a book with an open mind. This book was a nice change from the books I've read lately for several reasons, and it ended up being a good read.

Dallas starts college hoping for a fresh start, with no preconceptions about her. Unfortunately that isn't what she gets when her father takes a job at the same college. She still hopes to somehow slip under the radar. But again, that doesn't happen.

Carson just wants to play football, it is all he has wanted to do for as long as he can remember. But he has to give it his all, allow no distractions if he wants to achieve his goal. He doesn't count on meeting Dallas, and all his carefully laid plans begin to fall apart.

The relationships in this book are, I feel, what makes it. Not only the obvious one between Dallas and Carson, but also between Dallas and her father. What makes this book like a breath of fresh air for me is that the romantic relationship which builds between Dallas and Carson is just that, a romantic one. The physical side of it doesn't come into it at all until right at the end. I feel that by doing this the author has written a story which sits well with me as it is based on young adults taking it slowly. Hats off to her for not rushing into something which would, for me at least, have changed the tone of the story totally.

All in all a good read and I will definitely be checking out future books in this series.
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on 25 May 2014
*I received a copy via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.*

“In Texas, two things are cherished above all else – football and gossip. My life has always been ruled by both.”

Being the daughter of a coach means that football has always been a big part of Dallas Cole’s life, and not always in a good way. She has a difficult relationship with her father she has always felt second best to football with him. The players feared her or use her to get closer to her dad, and after her ex turned out to be an ass, as a result, she has vowed to stay away from football players, and certainly never date one again.

“I will never be the person who cares more, because that person is always the one that gets hurt more”

That is until she meets Carson McClain quarterback who has just transferred to Rush University who has his own issues. Both have their reason for not being together, but the attraction they feel for each other means that this is not as easy to do even with the risks involved.

‘I need to stay focused on football, of how it's the only chance I stand of a decent future’

I enjoyed the storyline told from dual point of view. It was sweet, sexy and funny. As it was lower on the drama than I expected, and relatively angst free it meant it was an easy read. Love the football aspect of the story, and for me being English, American football is not something that I know much about, however, Cora wrote in a way that I felt that I was able to understand it and as if watching from the sideline.

I really like Dallas she had a love for dancing, and could be funny, sarcastic, and say what she was thinking, but at the same time she was guarded with her heart, and could be shy, and nervous, which I could understand as she was fighting to get some independence from her father, and his overprotective ways.

Carson was a sweetheart. He was all about football, didn’t think he had room for anything else until he meets Dallas. Loved the way he felt about Dallas. They had great chemistry together you could see it from the first time they meet. They were good together, and I like the way their friendship/ relationship developed slowly and I was rooting for them all the way.

“I can’t walk away from you because I don’t’ want to. There are a thousands things I want and need to do, but you trump all of them. You drive me to distraction, and all I want to do is get lost in you. All I want to do is make you lose it, too."

“I want to dive into him headfirst, submerge myself in the way he makes me feel, and not come up for air until I have no other choice”

I loved Dallas’s best friend Stella such a great and interesting character, and a great friend. I really like their relationship they were total opposite, but she brings out Dallas of her comfort zone. Then there was Ryan I like him too. I must admit I was a little disappointed to discover the next book will not be about Stella and Ryan as I have high hopes for those two. I think they could be good together,

Even thought I liked the ending, as it cliffhanger free, I wish the epilogue had of been years later, and not just months, as I would have like read a bit more about Dallas and Carson, so I’m hoping that as the is the first in the Rush University series we will see more on them in future books, and, therefore, with that in mind I’m looking forward to reading the next book ‘ALL Broke Down’ which will be Silas’s story even thought I wasn’t a fan of his I have a feeling that Cora is going to make me change my mind about him.

Overall I enjoy this book, it’s not full of hot steamy sex filled scenes, but I didn’t mind, as it was definitely fun, cute, sweet, and flirty. I like Cora’s writing style as she always has a way of drawing me in with such likeable characters. All Lined up has a different feel from the Losing It series, and for me in a good way. If you are a fan of Cora and her books, then I recommend you give this one a try. And don’t forget to the read the ‘Behind the Book’ part at the end of the book where Cora writes about what the book means to her, and how it has effected her since and whilst writing it. It was touching to read.
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on 25 May 2014
Hmmm... Well. I should probably start by saying that, for me, this is THE BEST Cora Carmack novel I've read yet, and I've read them all.

This book is just beautiful. It's different from most of the college based NA that I've read.
There is no over the top drama.
No man-whorish bad boy trying to sweep the only girl not to drop their pants to him off her feet.
Instead there is Carson who is a really nice guy, he is serious about doing the best he can do in college and working his ass off to get where he want/needs to be in the football team. He respects women and he is unbelievably sweet, sexy and lickable!

Dallas is a character with daddy issues, who has been burned by her ex but she isn't an angry shrew. She's reserved and slow to trust but she is likeable and it's nice watching her confidence grow along with her courage as she stands up for herself and pursues what she wants in life.

All the characters are great, they are well written and they are real. These are people that you could know. They are the people you went to school with, to Uni with. There is no OTT insanity or far-flung tales. Just life.

The story moves at a nice pace. Dallas and Carson meet early in the book and the chemistry is instant but there is no insta-love. The romance builds and builds and is unbearably sweet at times. Something real emerges and it's the kind of love you could see actually lasting in the real world...

The romance is really kinda PG which is also a break from the norm in NA but it works. It makes this a really good transition book for those who are just moving away from YA and high school themselves and moving into something more while at the same time providing a fantastically engaging story, written with Cora's trademark humour, that will hold the attention of NA virgins, NA veterans and junkies alike.
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