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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Closer To The Truth
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on 5 December 2013
Love this latest cd ,it's been along time since Cher has released one ,she still has it, I ember seeing her at Wembley fantastic!!!!!!
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on 21 February 2014
A new music release from Cher is probably not high on everybody's priority list. Given the period of time before this and the last full cd release I would guess it's not a priority for Cher either. Anyhow, here it is and it's better than expected. Nobody should be fooled that it's nothing more than a companion piece to a (I suspect) gloriously OTT live show. The first 6 tracks are heaven sent for Cher to perform on stage with a gaggle of dancers gyrating furiously behind her ...and that's a shame because it's the slower numbers that deserve the attention. Sirens (the 3rd uk single) stands out from the glut of campy tracks (campy in this context is good) and certainly warranted some investment/ push from the Record Company. An Essential Cher Cd ? Maybe not....but it's good fun. I've got a niggling feeling though what this CD may lack in depth, the Tour will more than make up
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on 15 October 2013
She's loved and hated, glorified and mocked. I have to say I'm proud of her and this truly beautiful record. It was never going to be understood universally but for her to come out at 67 and create and album like this (and doing it all with confidence) you can't put her down on that.
From the high energy start to the slower ending, there are many words to describe it but the one word that can sum any Cher album up is GENUINE. You know she's doing it because it makes her happy and it's what she wants to do. Her face shows it when she performed 'I hope you find it' on xfactor.
I honestly couldn't pick 1 ultimate favourite song from this as there are so many that tick all the right boxes, but there are 2 that I don't really like;

Woman's World - Terribly generic and a bland leading single compared to the rest.

I Don't Have To Sleep To Dream - Vocals are great but Timbaland's production seems half finished, as if he couldn't be bothered or maybe he was out of his depth producing a 90s style dance track for a 67 year old, which is a shame as this song had a lot more potential.

Although I've been laughed at a lot for liking her, this is and will always be one of my favourite albums. It was something I didn't believe would happen for a long time through all the twitter announcements and rumours She's really lived up to her name and if it is overlooked at least I can know that it's a great product that true Cher fans can get lost in.
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on 13 November 2013
Cher proves with this album that she is still on fantastic form. Every track is great! I can highly recommend this album.
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on 17 October 2013
This is Cher still belting out brilliance in every track. She is at her best here with little use or her famous vocoder effect (except on the fabulous 'Take It Like A Man' where it shines)
Rounded, modern and classic Cher!
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on 10 November 2013
I have been a Cher fan since the sixties and it never fails to amaze me that she always stays on trend. With this new album she has taken some chances and, for me, they have all paid off. From the dance tracks to the ballads she has maintained her integrity, putting her stamp on whatever she attempts. There are the singles which all will know but every other track has its merits. for me the outstanding non single tracks are Red and Sirens. The latter is one of Cher's thundering ballads and shows she still has a tender voice alongside the disco Diva. All in all there there is not a bad track on the cd. I am not one of these people who would suggest a purchase simply on past merit. This is an excellent album. Just give it a try and I hope you will agree. incidentally I was in The States when Dancing With Stars had a 'Cher' Evening and she was on the judging panel and also performed a ballad superbly. What surprised me was the fact that she came across as a genuinely nice person - a lesson many of her peers could take on board!!
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on 16 October 2013
After 12 long years the wait is finally over, although I am still not sure if I can forgive Cher for taking so long!

To the point this album has around two thirds of pop/dance style music and a third of ballads. It is hard to believe but Cher seems to be singing her highest notes in her career. The voice is still powerful especially you can hear this on "Lovers Forever" which sounds a mash up between what could be a James Bond theme tune and something from a hit musical. Not only are the notes bold and strong, they also have length which almost all performers struggle in their later recording careers but not Cher.

To pick out favourites "Sirens" has got to be pretty much the best ballad Cher has recorded in many years. There is such warmth and gentleness to her voice and you can sense her meaning each and every word about 9/11.

"My Love" is really a ballad with strong pop beats, it would have been interesting to hear this in a ballad but it is still works very well. "Take it like a man" and "Dressed to kill" sound very much like they could have been from the "Believe" era but still manages to stay relevant to todays music, very catchy and a bit of fun.

My favourite pop song on this album has to be "Red" Cher sings the verses with attitude to then reveal a soaring chorus that is great to sing along to, just a pity it is quite a short song!

"Favourite Scars" and "Lie to me" sound a little like the album Cher intended to record to start with (as she mentioned a couple of years ago), a little bit country/blues with a pop/ballad twist. This works ok and these two tracks are more growers than instant classics.

The current single "I hope you find it" is probably the second best ballad behind "Sirens" for me personally and it has been great to see Cher perform this live and the song suits her voice perfectly.

"YHSTLOM" for short was recorded for burlesque in 2010 but is a nice addition to this album.

If I was to say one little disappointment would be that "Womans World" is probably the third or fourth best pop song on this album (not to say it isn't good!) and I feel maybe it shouldn't have been the first single in the U.S as there are so many strong pop songs on this album.

Overall this is an excellent album and for me it is great to have Cher back, and also the fact we have the best ballads since "Its a mans world" album way back in the mid 90's. This has made me a very happy person :-)
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on 21 October 2013
It's been a long wait - well worth it though! Cher is back, as brilliant as ever. Half dance, half ballad songs, Cher's music remains faithful to Cher fans and brings something new to the current music scene. Can't ask for anything more from this album, it's a perfect blend of songs, no weak link at all. A joy to hear Cher's powerful vocal back!

I'd recommend spending that bit extra on the deluxe edition, you'd be missing some brilliant songs that aren't on the standard edition.

Cher is truly ageless!
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on 4 October 2013
Do yourself a favour and buy the 17 track deluxe edition the bonus tracks are fantastic 1.I dont have to sleep to dream 2.Pride 3.Womans world ( Extended remix ), but all in all the whole album are great one of the best album of the year (dance album anyway )its nice that there in 2013 still can be made good quality pop music this opus is a pop MASTERPIECE, Lady gaga i hope you have made your best album ever when you release it in november because i dont think you can beat this long live queen diva Cher i am blown away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 28 January 2014
Cher really should have suck to her guns and recorded a country / southern rock album like she originally intended instead of this over camp disco romp aimed at her gay audience. There is nothing new or exiting here expect for 'Sirens' and 'Lie to me'. She's done it all before and much better. 'Livin' Proof' is a much stronger album and in my opinion 'It's a man's world' was her best album. She is basically a rock chic and not a disco diva. And her voice should not be wasted on trash like 'Woman's world'. The strongest song on the album by far is the bonus 'You haven't heard the last of me'.

Your voice is much better than this Cher and you should use it on material than can show it off, not this camp drivel.
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