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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 November 2013
Iv heard and seen so many different views and opinions about trivium over the years. There a great bunch of guys and i managed to meet them in 2012. Every album they have released has had mixed reviews and this new one is no different. Vengeance Falls is certainly a new direction for metal worldwide. Fast technical solos and heavy riffs will leave you wanting more. I reordered mine and havnt actually listened to anything else in my car since it arrived.

Matt the vocalist and rhythm guitarist has really grown on this album. His iconic screaming is still there but he concentrates more on clean good vocals that will have you singing along, i know i do! During and before recording he worked with some of the best vocal trainers to really enhance who HE is. The drums will keep your head banging from the word go and Paolo's bass playing is some of his best.

Overall the album is some of the guys best work since they started back in 2003. Seeing as they are still in there twenty's they have a very bright future ahead and i highly recommend this album to anyone who hasnt listened to them before.

People have moaned about a disturbed influence on this album. Im sorry but there is ONE track that you can KIND of hear it. Im a fan of both bands and to me this is Trivium in top form so ignore all the people who say it! I honestly dont see it. :)
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on 6 February 2016
Let's get to the obvious elitist quaral,David Draiman the vocalist in Disturbed produced this album. It this a blessing? yes. Is this a curse? If you think it makes the songs worse. I do not.Personally I think Draimans involvment abundantly develops Matt heafys vocal confidence and overall technique on Vengence Falls. The album is blistering and Euphoric from start to finish. Every track is played with power and ferocity. The drumming is also the driving force on v.f.,very speedy,pummeling,and most of all groovy. This is the sound of a future world where trivium are the vigilante warriors destroying the cyborgs! Now the melodies are very apparently draiman influenced,you can almost hear him singing them or atleast coaching matt heavy how to hold his notes in the studio,but it does no harm to the music,for me the music on here sounds more focused without too much screaming,it stands firm with matts vocals towering each melody with collosal leadership of the band. Some tracks sound similar,but the concept idea works,it all feels like concept album so i treat it as such. Solid trivium album.They sound alive on this.
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on 14 October 2013
I've been listening to Trivium since Ascendancy in 2005. I've heard everything they've done, and one the thing I've always loved about their music is how emotive it is. Really good metal (for me at least) has always been able to capture that sense of anger or hatred. Trivium has frequently managed to do that with their powerful and technical guitar riffs, brutal vocals and immense drumming to tie it all together, whilst throwing in some slower melodic sections to really mix up tracks.

My absolute favourite album is Shogun, as I don't think there was a single bad track on it - it had phenomenal guitar work and amazing vocals, with tracks that were about a real variety of things, and that real sense of anger and brutality in the music, with those really great melodic slower sections with more relaxed vocals. Ascendancy comes in a close second for me (sometimes I wonder if I prefer it, but if pushed I would pick Shogun) as it delivers that same sense of anger I just mentioned. I did like In Waves a lot too - I listened to that album so much, and it only comes in third because of just how great Shogun and Ascendancy were. The Crusade is the weakest album in my opinion, though there are still memorable tracks there (at least Trivium acknowledged this wasn't the direction the fans wanted the band to go with their music, so delivered something exceptional with their next album).

My main point is that sense of emotion that some of Trivium's music manages to convey. Sadly, Vengeance Falls fails to deliver that feeling. Whilst I the main reason I love the band is not the screaming vocals, it definitely adds to the anger. Occasionally in the album, you hear a bit of the old Trivium seeping through. For example, the last two minutes of Villainy Thrives - the lyrics of the song are actually pretty good, even though the music for the first three minutes is nothing special - then you hit a breakdown with brutal vocals screaming the lyrics "I want to ruin the rapist, Punish the criminal, Violate the abuser, End the murder." (Reminds me a lot of Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation) On top of a simple but awesome sounding riff, this section of the song really makes you wish the rest of it was similar. Other tracks such as Through Blood and Dirt and Bone, and Incineration: The Broken World, feature some screaming but only ever in the backing vocals. Throughout the album this is the same sort of story - you may get a breakdown that sounds like good-old-fashioned-Trivium or some backing vocals that make you feel like punching someone in the face, but nothing more than that.

The guitar riffs are also thoroughly uninspired, and I think anyone (like me) who has enjoyed learning some of the band's songs over the years might be left feeling somewhat underwhelmed by this album. An untrained ear that was unfamiliar with the band could easily say "well, all the songs sound the same" - indeed, when I listened to the full album for the first time this morning, that thought did cross my mind. Some of the riffs are somewhat catchy (such as the main riff in Brave This Storm) but are very simple. I'm not saying that the guitar work needs to be incredibly technical to be good, but one of the reasons I did love Shogun and Ascendancy was the insane picking speeds and kickass riffing - all stuff that adds to that emotive music I (and other Trivium fans) love.

I'm disappointed to be reviewing a Trivium album with a negative review, but I think it has to be done. The reason I give it two stars and not one is that (as mentioned above) it doesn't feel like the days of Shogun and Ascendancy are completely gone - those few points in the tracks that break into proper, heavy, angry, emotion-rich Trivium leave me hopeful that their next album may deliver something more along those lines - and also leave me thinking that the band is clearly still very capable of performing that kind of music, even if this album doesn't provide it.
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on 15 October 2013
Well the wait is over, the follow up to In Waves! Producer aside in some ways this feels very much like a follow on or a part two from where In Waves left off. But I think on some level this feels like The Crusade revisited and what we hear sounds and feels like the album Crusade was meant to be in terms of attitude or at least sound like.

Musicality wise this has got to be some of Triviums finest work, some of the tunes are just breath taking, particularly on the guitar side a great example is 'To Believe'. The band sound fresh, sharp, focussed and driven and there's a sense of urgency and uniqueness about the tunes which makes them very entertaining, with each listen I seem to hear/find something different. The only odd/out of place tune is 'Wake [The End is Nigh]'. If you own the non special edition its a very odd closing tune and almost sounds like its back to front, as it only really gets going literally towards the end.

Matt's vocals although perhaps not overly 'classic' Trivium, are confident and pristine, to the extent they are AMAZING! Its a side which was glimpsed in moments of Shogun, and now sounds even more powerful and assertive.

Overall this album is just another part of the ever growing Trivium puzzle, it will probably be even more amazing when heard live, particular with the likes of Strife and At The End of This War. Its only a matter of time till all the pieces sit perfectly and Trivium will deliver the masterpiece they have always threatened to deliver. The hardest part will be to believe.
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on 12 November 2013
At first the album didn't really stand out to me too much although I really dug this more Thrash Metal approach and less Screaming and Metalcore influence. A few weeks later and I'm loving it. The songs are all fast heavy and catchy. Absolutely amazing 9/10
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on 8 November 2013
This is Trivium at their finest. This album is probably their best next to Ascendancy. Having bought all their previous albums barring the Crusade (which, in my opinion was something of a let down, but this isn't about that) I figured that this would have to be something big, particularly after In Waves which had some massive songs which translated almost perfectly onto the stage: I saw them live after purchasing and they blew me away again.

Vengeance Falls has some songs that deal some seriously crushing blows to the ears when listened to via headphones. Many songs are eardrum butchery in the sense that they're unrelenting and brutal and it's just a FANTASTIC album to listen to. It's got a couple of songs on there that will make you want to seriously rage and start a moshpit where you are. I'm not exaggerating there. Strife is a brilliant song. Through Blood and Through Dirt and Bone is another immense track.

I just love this album. I have basically played it on repeat until the brink of insanity.
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on 18 October 2013
Let me start by saying, I am an immense Trivium fan...and an immense Disturbed/Device fan, so when I heard that Draiman was producing this album like many people I thought, "Well this may be a problem, these bands are VERY different...". But it really isn't. Okay, yes, one or two songs are a bit...different, but that doesn't mean they are bad.

Some people were SURE this was going to be a disaster from day one. Saying that putting one of the best (in my opinion) metal singers in charge of producing this album was a terrible idea is like saying its a terrible idea to let Kit Kat make a Twix....yes maybe your twix will taste a bit like a kit kat but let's face it....that's going to be delicious. And this album is definitely delicious.Some of the tracks have a small twist of disturbed to them (Through Blood and Dirt and Bone, and trust me this works very well) and some I am quite convinced were intended to be performed by Disturbed (i.e. To Believe, which I will say is my least favourite track on the album. It is influence TOO heavily by Disturbed to be featured on a Trivium album). But lets face it this had to be expected with Draiman producing.

Vocals are clean, clear and powerful and nothing that we haven't come to expect from Mr Heafy. The guitar work is heavy when it needs to be, light and fast when it wants to and rather creative in several places. The bass is as always next to perfect and and drums are driving without being overpowering. Overall, a really good album, deserving of a place on your shelf and/or mp3.

If you are stuck nailed and riveted to the Ascendancy era and are the kind of person who shies away from change like a cow from a branding iron then this probably isn't for you. But if for one evening you wish to try something new, give this a try and you will not be disappointed.

Stand out tracks for me so far are Vengeance Falls,Strife and Villainy Thrives.
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on 1 November 2013
The brilliance of Trivium is that if you stick with their albums for a few listens, you will always suddenly 'get' them. This is no different, it's a fast-paced, brutal answer to the scene kids currently running amok in the genre.
I'm not a music reviewer so I'll leave it there, but I whole-heartedly recommend buying this!
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on 15 October 2013
trivium are and always will be a very talented band theres no taking that away from them, they can play their instruments and do it well which is why i dont understand why they teamed up with dopey david draiman?? i mean device is the worst thing ive heard for a while and lets face it david draimen is absolutely crap live, anyway his influence is present on the albums vocals and in some parts matt actually sounds like hes trying to sing a disturbed song!! but the album as a whole is solid the music flows alot better than in waves which was all over the place, vengeance falls has alot of very good tracks, riffs, melodies and choruses, the stand out tracks for me are: brave this storm,villainy of thieves, wake(the end is nigh) and one of the bonus tracks a great misfits cover skulls...we are 138 so i recommend the special edition with 3 extra tracks because without them its a very short album with only 10 tracks, overall great album but!! they will never beat shogun!! especially if they team up with no talent "musicians".
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on 5 January 2014
Normally, it takes me a few listens of a Trivium album to properly appreciate it and start going on about it every waking hour and day. It took me all of one listen to fall in love with Vengeance Falls. Yeah, it's not got as much screaming in it as most of the previous releases, and there aren't as many shredded solos, but actually that didn't matter in the end. The riffs are inventive, the melodies fantastic, the song structures original and well thought-out, and the overall effect excellent. As a metal-studded cherry on top of this iron-welded cake, Matt Heafy's singing is the best I have ever heard it. Seriously, listen to Through Blood and Dirt and Bone. Just listen to it. I'm pretty sure Heafy and Beaulieu have been taking some kind of finger steroids too, judging by some of the solos (don't worry, they get some great melody in there too). The whole album has a great variety of delights, ranging from the kind of anthemic tunes that make you want to grow rocket engines on your feet and conquer the moon (for example, To Believe) to drops heavier than a mountain on a trampoline (Wake). Buy this album.
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