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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2015
Amazing edition of all Roger's works through the years, including The Cross albums and singles. Fans were asking for this kind of official compilation, which has great sound quality and a complete set of his out of Queen solo recordings. Even advisable for not hard Roger / Queen fans, who want to have in one purchase, all Roger's solo and The Cross original material.
One of the most remarkable items of this "Lot", is Roger's new album Fun On Earth, an enjoyable set of songs, some with very good lyrics, and music passing from different moods : love ballads (like Be With You, composed with his son Rufus Tiger), through explosive rock drums (I Am The Drummer), synth pop (Up), Beatle-esque sound (Smile), and my fav album track : Quality Street, that song makes love to my soul!
The other most remarkable item is the packaging, and the book itself. Every album is commented and illustrated, also with a technical note and all the track lyrics. The singles and videos are also commented with a very interesting anecdote, and the color photographs and print quality, make the reading even more enjoyable.
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on 1 January 2014
I am working my way through the music, so will not comment on that yet but have to question the pricing on Amazon. I was lucky enough to order a copy of the 'corrected set' on Dec 10th directly from Amazon for £88.81 - it was despatched on 17th Dec and arrived promptly.
Amazon now has same set on sale for an incredible £140, whereas Queen online says in stock for £100 and my local record store (Rock Box, Camberley) offers it for £96.
Is this variation driven by supply and demand? My advice - shop around. A must have for RT fans though.
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on 13 February 2014
as a Roger Taylor fan, very impressed with "The Lot", Worth the wait and money, certainly recommend buying it. As a collector I was still missing the DVD's of Roger and "The Cross" glad everything was put together on this set. "BUY IT TODAY!" you wont be dissapointed.
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on 20 December 2014
Yeah right!
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on 8 January 2014
I'm reviewing the re-issued 2nd pressing as the many problems with the first release are well documented. I would recommend sending review samples out to a few fans next time before the official release.

Although I managed to track down most of Roger's solo albums over the years this set finally brings the single B-sides and hard to find Cross albums back to the market. Lets face it in these days with digital distribution there is really no excuse for not making tracks available to the fans and then complaining when people go looking for bootlegs to hear these things.

The remastering seems much better than the mid- 1990's reissues and details in old favourite tracks pop out - rather like the remastering on the Queen 40th album reissues. The Book is of good quality with the key details and along with having a DVD makes the package worth the premium over the download only option.
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on 26 November 2013
Ok - originally I slated this. 1) Because it was released full of errors that quite frankly a three year old should have picked up (probably one of the shoddiest releases I have seen), 2) A complete lack of info from the record company on whether it would be fixed, and 3) Frequent promises of stock to Amazon which led to a lot of us being promised delivery and it never arrived as promised.

However, there was one representative who works directly for Roger Taylor (you know who you are - hello if you're reading this), who could not do enough to resolve the issues and who always responded promptly to fans questions - even, once, at 10pm ( I wasn't expecting a reply that late, honestly!)

And now we have a fully corrected product in our hands. And boy at the price Amazon are selling it at - it really is a no brainer.

I will presume that most people reading this will be Queen fans who are "RT curious". You are probably not luck enough (as I was) to have heard most of these CDs before (the only one new to me was Fun on Earth, Mad Bad and Dangerous to know, and the compilations). Well let me tell you. Roger produced probably THE best body of work of any of the members of Queen. And so we have :

Fun in Space - his first solo release, and consisting of songs that he felt wouldn't work within Queen. There really are some absolute classic tracks on this album. There are some great rockers, some great tunes, and it has consistency. Out of 5 this would get a 4.5

Strange Frontier - not as consistent as his first effort, but still a very good album. There is some filler on here, but also some of his best tracks. Slightly less rockier than the first album, and probably slightly more "eighties" in sound this is still worth a solid 4.

Shove It - the first The Cross album - Taylor's band who were designed to give rise to his rockier, dirtier side. This, to me, is an extremely underrated album with some killer riffs and this would get another 4.5

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know - the second The Cross album and one I had never managed to track down. There are some great songs on here, but WAY too much filler. The weakest so far. Still a good 3 out of 5 though.

Blue Rock - The final The Cross album and people this is a straight forward 5/5. A brilliant album, and if you don't adore Life Changes then you are emotionally bankrupt.

Happiness? - his next solo offering, and this is the weakest album in the set. Mawkish and sentimental and sounding quite under-produced apart from Nazis and Old Friends, this is a weak offering. 2 only I'm afraid

Electric Fire - his most underrated solo album including, I am afraid by me who hated it when it first came out. However, this has conistency and great tracks so is another 4.5

Finally we have 4 CDs of remixes, rarities, and extended versions. As with any product of this nature, there are bound to be repetitive moments listening to these - but there are also some absolutely superb things I have never heard before. I LOVE the extended versions off the first two albums and the Denniz pop remix of Shove It is awesome. That bassline!!! :)

So worth a purchase? I would say if you like Queen, then it is a no brainer. RT wrote some of the band's biggest and most well known tracks so if you like his Queen songs you know you will like this.

The packaging is great, the booklet informative, and you get 10 CDS and a rather poor (ie un-remastered) DVD with terrible picture quality but a comprehensive selection of material.

I am giving it a four because despite being called "The Lot" there are a couple of things missing - but this is a really really good product.......

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on 21 December 2013
Now the issues have been fixed - And this is a remarkable box set. It has been remastered and sounds so clear - Everything is just better - not louder - clearer and more powerful - The early singles that have only been available on vinyl sound particularly clear and strong - I wanna testify is such a great song, and now it rocks like it was recorded yesterday - Fantastic.
Now the issues are solved - enjoy the music - It's'all'gooooood !
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on 25 November 2013
I'm a 52 year old Queen fan preferring Roger Taylor's solo/group stuff to that of the other members-terrific underrated voice and songs. Have bought most of his issues when they were released and can't believe my luck that he's actually released a collection like this. The sound quality I think is brilliant-not sure if they have all been remastered but to my aging ears much cleaner than the original issues-particularly The Cross albums. Have read the slating reviews and perhaps to a "professional" Queen fan there are disappointments but to my amateurish interest I'm more than happy with having every album again in one collection together with all the singles, b sides and extended versions that I never thought would be issued in this form. The DVD is also great with most tracks very rarely seen unless trawling through the internet.
I wasn't sure whether it was worth five stars. but there is always more presumably available-would have been nice to have a complete Cross or Roger Taylor concert either audio or visual or ideally both and perhaps a few more photos or dialogue in the booklet. In the end I would never be completely satisfied because more is always wanted so five stars it got.
I have only listened to the new album Fun on Earth a couple of times and whilst not amazing at the first couple of listens I am sure it will grow on me. A lot of the songs have been around for a bit in one form or another and many seem to end too quickly!! All in all a brilliant addition to my collection that I will lovingly cherish and listen to for many years to come.
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on 11 November 2013

Disc Errors:
1.) Track index marker error on track 9 of Shove It.
2.) Pressure On (Electric Fire): wrong mix. No 2nd voice for half of the first chorus. (01:58 - 02:07)
3.) Wrong running order of FOE bonus tracks: "Whole House Rockin'" plays first, "Dear Mr. Murdoch" comes second.
4.) There are some complaints of juddering video on the DVD
5.) Life Changes (Blue Rock) the song suddenly stops, and then the first seconds of the song start again.
6.) Shove It (extended mix) with track duration 5:02 should have been on 'The Cross Singles 1' disc, but instead it has 'The 2nd Shelf Mix' with track duration 5:55.
7.) I Can't Get You Out Of My Head unfortunately has count-in chords badly edited out, causing a slight cut to the beginning of the song.
8.) Celebration is abridged version. 1:45-2:25 fragment of the original 5:15 track is edited out.
9.) Track index marker error on track 3 of Happiness.

Text Errors:
1.) The lyrics to the first four songs of Electric Fire are missing in the book (it starts with "People on streets")
2.) Incorrect spelling of 'Holocaust'
3.) The credits from 'Blue Rock' are directly taken from Discogs.com , including the (2) suffix for Peter Noone and the ANV-asteriks for Josh Macrae
4.) Wrong information - The book states Dear Mr Murdoch originally featured on the 1994 album "Electric Fire".
5.) In his foreword, final sentence, Rhys talks about a "cole" instead of "collection".
6.) In the track listing of the Cross-singles, last track (Shove it US), it is stated that the inclusion is a last minute "edition" instead of "addition".
7.) The DVD notes incorrectly state that both versions of the "Power to Love" video are included (or perhaps one is actually missing from the disc?)

Please report or confirm any errors.
I'll update or amend this post accordingly.

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on 17 February 2014
I love pretty much everything Queen related, Roger is my favorite, especially his stuff with The Cross (yes they do have their fans, and not all of them live in Germany). Having tracked down and collected all his solo stuff over the years this was a collosal waste of money for me, there were basically two or three tracks on here that I didn't have already, and one of them didn't even feature Roger on vocals! Still, a really nice collection that I just couldn't bare to be without. Goes well with the massive Freddie Mercury solo collection from a few years back (about twice as big as Roger's collection, and rightfully so I guess). The only thing missing now is a similar package for Brian May's solo work.
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