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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2014
This is a good continuation from the first book and the main characters are developing well. For me a little bit too much talking and anguishing taking place, a bit more action would be welcome and earn other star! The 'slow burn' concept continues to fascinate me and I look forward to seeing how it develops in the next book.
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on 30 April 2017
This is a great book! Highly recommended !!
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on 29 December 2013
Slow burn is awesome cant wait for book 3 so what happens to the 3 friends that are left surviving.
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So in book two we leave off right where book one ended. We have Murphy, Jerome and Zed going off on their own after the people they helped kicked them out. How crappy right? These three head off to get to Murphy's house to see if his mom and sister are okay. Now I really liked this one a whole lot better than the first one and I believe it to be because of Murphy. No matter what was going on around him he was just happy and the way he and Zed would pick on each other made it a bit more enjoyable to read. I found myself on more than one occasion laughing or giggling at the way Murphy would rile Zed up.
Now Zed really does have a hero complex in this one and Murphy calls him out on it and it is true. You can tell Zed wants to do the right thing but sometimes I don't think he thinks the whole thing fully through like he should.
We do deal with more zombies, more escapes and more surviving in this one.
We see Zed grow up a bit more in this book and I guess because the way he sees the world now. You have to be harsh but still be kind in a way to those that are trying to deal with it all.
My favorite character is Murphy and I hope we see more of him as we go into book three. I think the humor that it is written within the pages that have him in it is good.
I do believe the author could have used less of the word p***y. It really wasn't a big deal but after a while it just become ridiculously, also what is up with the constant used of The Ogre and the Harpy? I understand that it meant his mom and stepdad but it was just thrown out there at times that I didn't really see the point.
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on 28 March 2016
People suck! They have the virus but still have their mental faculties, yet the uninfected still want to kill them. Zed and Murphy are developing really well, I love their interactions. Lots of fighting, running, and rescuing going on. A fast paced, sometimes humorous tale which has me hooked and more than willing to keep buying Mr Adair's books.
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on 26 October 2013
I really enjoyed the second installment of Slow burn probably a bit more than the first. I read this in one sitting as yet its another book I couldn't put down.
My addiction to zombie/dysotonian reads is definitely getting worse, but what makes it special is when you find a book or series you love. Slow Burn has definitely become another favorite for me.

We continue to follow Zed and Murphy after they have been cast out from the safety of the soldiers because they are "infected" and Murphy goes looking for his family. I love the twist that they can walk among the dead and that there maybe more humans with a "slow burn".
In book 2 we are introduced to another character Mandi a younger girl who they rescued. She adds extra female interest and brings a nice balance to the new group and she is so relatable and fits in well.
The clever twist is Zed and his mobile keeping in contact with Amber and Stephanie hopefully book threes proposed storylines. New interesting character Russell makes fascinating interest and keeps on your toes.

Despite not as fast paced as the first; it allows us to get to know more about the main characters in much more depth. Bobby has a great sense of humour emanating from these two guys; with some funny and comical banter between them. Both Zed, Murphy, Russell and Mandi are well developed characters and I really love Zed the hero with a heart of gold.

Another unique twist is that Zombies behavior is evolving into dangerous pack mentality for extra thrills and just when you think book two is rounding up with some great ideas and their plans of the future; Ambers frantic call pulls the hero Zed to go and find her. Wow what a cliffhanger Bobby kept some fab storylines open; teasing us for book three.

Highly recommended zombie read with some unique twists from others in the genre. Definitely read book one first to get the full plot.

Brilliantly written and I cant wait for book three...hurry!
Keepem coming Bobby!
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on 1 November 2013
Couldn't put it down, can't wait for the next one! Can only think he has the characters close to reality, and without them doing silly B movie slips and trips at the wrong times so they get caught by the zombies. GC
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on 28 February 2014
Love it. The characters say and do things that you don't see very often in zombie stories which kind of makes it more real and relevant to the average reader. I just hope that in reading all these end of the world books I will have an advantage and survive the apocalypse lol. oh and I just read this one in about 2/3 hours so it's definitely worth reading. on to the third one then!
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on 3 April 2014
I bought this just to give it a go - but didn't really have my heart in it. I didn't read the book for a few months...by which time, Bobby had brought out 3 more in the series. So I decided to give it a go - OMG!!! THIS IS A BRILLIANT SERIES!!! I hate writers that put several exclamation marks after sentences but I just had to with this series.

Slow Burn basically means that the sufferer caught the virus - but didn't change into a zombie! They can move about with the other zombies, (carefully that is), which puts a great spin on the whole zombie apocalypse genre. This series is a great read and I cannot recommend it highly enough - although it did have quite a few mistakes...but I am not upset about them because the books were so good
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on 1 November 2014
A good solid read - the greatest compliment you can pay an author is that you pay for his books after reading one for free, which is what I'm doing. A fun twist on the zombie genre, where the main character is a sufferer from the same virus, giving him certain freedoms to walk among them, but also creating tensions with the unaffected humans he meets. (Hey, you would, wouldn't you?)

Just a note that these books are episodic, not standalone, a trick I don't like but which is increasingly popular among indie authors. So if you want the whole story, you'll need to read all five.
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