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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 22 October 2013
Unlike many 12" compilations, this one actually contains the full-length original versions of most of the tracks, bar the edited Whistle Bump and Wear It Out. There are no shoddy remixes, re-recordings or live versions on here. What you get are some real rarities, e.g. the 12" versions of Working My Way Back To You and Is It Love You're After, to name just a couple. A real bonus for me is the inclusion of the full length version of Light Of The World's Time. Here are the track timings to help you decide whether you want to buy or not.

Disc: 1
1. Le Freak (12"/LP Version) - Chic (5:19)
2. I'm Every Woman (12"/LP Version) - Chaka Khan (4:06)
3. Young Hearts Run Free (12"/LP Version) - Candi Staton (4:08)
4. Disco Inferno (12"/LP Version) - The Trammps (10:56)
5. Is It Love You're After (12" Disco Version) - Rose Royce (5:47)
6. Space Age (12"/LP Version) - The Jimmy Castor Bunch (6:26)
7. Do What You Wanna Do (12"/LP Version) - T Connection (7:14)
8. Sorcerer (12" Disco Version) - Norma Jean Wright (7:10)
9. Jump To The Beat (12"/LP Version) - Stacy Lattisaw (5:18)
10. Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me, Girl (12"/LP Version) - (Detroit) Spinners (6:00)
11. I Shoulda Loved Ya (12"/LP Version) - Narada Michael Walden (6:37)
12. Here Comes That Sound Again (12" Disco Version) - Love De Luxe (8:51)

Disc: 2
1. Rock Your Baby (12"/LP Version) - George McCrae (6:24)
2. Supernatural Thing (Parts 1&2) (12"/LP Version) - Ben E. King (7:17)
3. Hi-Jack (Long Version) - Herbie Mann (5:34)
4. Welcome To The Club (LP Version) - Blue Magic (5:04)
5. Why Leave Us Alone (12"/LP Version) - Five Special (10:09)
6. When You Wake Up Tomorrow (12"/LP Version) - Candi Staton (6:42)
7. Just A Touch Of Love (12"/LP Version) - Slave (6:30)
8. Welcome To Our World (Of Merry Music) (12"/LP Version) - Mass Production (7:32)
9. You're A Star (12"/LP Version) - Norman Connors & Aquarian Dream (5:28)
10. Clouds (12"/LP Version) - Chaka Khan (4:27)
11. Searching (12"/LP Version) - Change (8:03)

Disc: 3
1. He's The Greatest Dancer (12"/LP Version) - Sister Sledge (6:06)
2. A Lover's Holiday (12"/LP Version) - Change (6:24)
3. Whistle Bump (12" Disco Version) - Eumir Deodato (4:29) (7:42)
4. Wear It Out (12"/LP Version) - Stargard (5:17) (6:23)
5. You're Lying (12" Disco Version) - Linx (6:35)
6. Time (12" Disco Version) - Light Of The World (10:55)
7. Look Up (12" Disco Version) - Patrice Rushen (4:55)
8. Starbooty (12"/LP Version) - Roy Ayers Ubiquity (6:05)
9. Keep Your Body Workin' (12"/LP Version) - Kleeer (5:19)
10. Dancer (12"/LP Version) - Gino Soccio (8:27)
11. Weekend (12" Disco Version) - Patrick Adams & Phreek (8:14)
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on 13 November 2013
I've brushed past this compilation on several occasions but then I re-read the tracklist and investigated. And surprisingly, amongst the headline tunes that we all know and have multiple copies of, there are several tracks that have either never been released on CD or are only available on long-deleted or out-of-print reissues. Rose Royce, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Detroit Spinners, Love De Luxe, Ben E. King, Candi Staton, Mass Production, Light Of The World, Patrice Rushen and Roy Ayers Ubiquity aren't available elsewhere as far as I can see. That's 10 tracks that most of us won't have for £4.50. And that my friends is a great deal. If the CD artwork wasn't so naff and there weren't so many obvious choices included I'm sure this CD would have sold many more. Ironically, if it had a cool cover, was a single CD with just those 10 rare tracks and marketed as 'rare' or 'deleted' disco compilation, I would have paid a tenner for it. But with naff graphics and lots of well-worn tracks I passed it by. Silly me. Good job I looked again. So I recommend it. Buy it now before Rhino delete it!
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on 25 November 2013
Sure, this compilation contains pieces, you should have got already if you are a collector like I am. But it also consists of very hard to get tracks like Herbie Mann's 'Hi-Jack' or 'Weekend' by Phreek. Even tracks, I didn't know or come by yet are on this 3-CD-Sampler as Candi Staton's 'When you wake up tomorrow'. And some songs, you would have perhaps failed to buy, when they were released, but belong to every valuable collection (Ubiquity or Aquarian Dream for instance). But the main reason for me to write this review is the turning-up of Ben E. King's 'Supernatural Thing' in a version I'd never come by before. When released on the album with the same name it was devided in part 1 and 2 with fade outs and fade ins I'd never understood so far. Even the original 12 inch as released in Germany has both parts divided. Then a few sampler released part 1 and 2 in a 7:17 version and my heart jumped for joy. Finally I thought. What a disappointment. Those also were splitted in two. In the end you can find two versions on youtube in satisfying versions (6:58 and 8:?, the latter very cool). So I thought when I sought through the tracklist: Just another release of a union of two parts in a way as before. But what a surprise. For the very first time I heard this song in an unedited version. I had to repeat it two times before I believed it. Not that good as the youtube long version but nevertheless a version you can listen to with pleasure.
As for the containing of new versions. In my opinion 'Rock your baby' by George Mc Crae could be a re-recording judged by the beginning. But I might be mistaken. Hope all the costumers who bought this sampler enjoyed the contains as I did and still do.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 December 2013
You can always rely on Rhino to come up with a cracking compilation and 99.9% of the time you can guarantee that the songs on their CD's will be original versions by the original artists. I am glad to say that with the exception of 'Rock Your Baby' by George McCrae, which is a very well done remake, that statement holds fast here...

What makes this collection such a winner though is the fact that it includes plenty of everyone's best known and most loved classics (Le Freak, A Lover's Holiday, Do What You Wanna Do, You're Lying) with a selection of original but little heard versions ( The Detroit Spinners song is different to the hit version but IS the original - it was re-recorded by them when a hit) AND a few lesser known but actually fab songs even I was not previously aware of ('Space Age' by Jimmy Castor Bunch, 'Supernatural Thing' Ben E King and 'Why Leave Us Alone' by Five Special.

Add to all that a track list which includes bona fide classics (but non hits) for serious fans of Disco music like 'Sorcerer' by Norma Jean Wright ( A Chic production), 'Welcome To Our World Of Merry Music' by Mass Production (A Jazzy funk workout) and 'Weekend' by Patrick Adams/Phreek and you have a great balance of tracks to suit all tastes and all levels of knowledge.

Each CD sounds great as well! I think most of the tracks have been remastered but if so the remastering has been done sympathetically and has not made the songs sound overly loud or like cover versions of themselves. All of the CD's work well as danceable sets and the fact that even a few Brit Funk Classics (Linx and Light Of The World) are included means that this compilation covers pretty much every base of the disco spectrum at one point or another.

There isn't much in the way of sleeve notes here but with 3 CD's for your money this collection is amazing value already. The only thing I would say that could be seen as a negative about this album is that it may not suit those who are looking for just the REALLY obvious disco hits/ classics. If you are after the more mainstream stuff like 'Blame It On The Boogie' then you should probably look elsewhere but if you have a significant collection already and have all of that stuff zillions of times over on vinyl, CD and mp3 this is for you.

AWESOME - well done Rhino and at its current BARGAIN price you would be crazy not to buy this!
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on 31 October 2013
I'm afraid I have to slightly disagree with the other review of this collection. The version of Rock Your Baby by George McCrae is most definitely not the original TK version. It appears to be a re-recorded version George made for a 2005 collection called "Latest and Greatest Hits". It's not exactly shoddy but, as is usually the case, it is vastly inferior to the original.

I don't understand why reputable labels such as Rhino insist on doing this. If you haven't got the rights to the original why not just use another track. If it's just a mistake, then it's pretty poor work by the compiler.

Otherwise an excellent compilation. Particularly enjoyed the Blue Magic, Five Special and Deodato selections
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on 28 December 2015
I bought it at my local music store, but want to share my happines with you. It is a very good collection. sounds great and includes some killer tracks from the era, 2 of my all time favourites: "Jump To the Beat" by Stacy Lattisaw and "I Shoulda Ya Love Ya" by Narada (Who also produced Stacy's hit). It is an amazing bunch of songs. The only dissapointment is as somebody cleaverly mentioned is the inclusion of a non original "Rock your Baby" by George McCree. The rest it is so good that I keep the 5 stars. Also here "Look Up" by Patrice Rushen and the full long version of "Dancer" by Ginno Soccio. For all that and many unknown gems this collection is a must for funk lovers. Let me recommend you to check "70s Groove" similar to this one with several highlights and some more hits to discover.
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on 19 December 2013
A brilliant album of course, but the track listing is not correct.

Here is the correct track listing:

Disc 1
01 - Chic - Le Freak [12'' Version]
02 - Chaka Khan - I''m Every Woman
03 - Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free
04 - The Trammps - Disco Inferno [12'' Version]
05 - Rose Royce - Is It Love You''re After [12'' Disco Version]
06 - The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Space Age [12'' Version]
07 - T - Connection - Do What You Wanna Do [12'' Version]
08 - Norma Jean Wright - Sorcerer [12'' Disco Version]
09 - Stacy Lattisaw - Jump To the Beat [12'' Version]
10 - The Spinners - Working My Way Back To You - Forgive Me Girl [12'' Version]
11 - Narada Michael Walden - I Should''ve Loved Ya [12'' Version]
12 - Love Deluxe - Here Comes That Sound Again [12'' Disco Version]

Disc 2
01 - George McCrae - Rock Your Body [12'' Version]
02 - Ben E. King - Supernatural Thing, Pt. 1 - 2 [12'' Version]
03 - Herbie Mann - Hi - Jack [Long Version]
04 - Blue Magic - Welcome To the Club [LP Version]
05 - Five Special - Why Leave Us Alone [12'' Version]
06 - Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow [12'' Version]
07 - Slave - Just A Touch Of Love [12'' Version]
08 - Mass Production - Welcome To Our World (of Merry Music) [12'' Version]
09 - Aquarium Dream - You''re a Star [12'' Version]
10 - Chaka Khan - Clouds [12'' Version]
11 - Change - Searching [12'' Version]

Disc 3
01 - Sister Sledge - He''s the Greatest Dancer [12'' Version]
02 - Change - A Lover''s Holiday [12'' Version]
03 - Eumir Deodato - Whistle Bump [12'' Disco Version]
04 - Stargard - Wear It Out [12'' Version]
05 - Linx - You''re Lying [12'' Disco Version]
06 - Time - Light Of The World [12'' Disco Version]
07 - Patrice Rushen - Look Up [12'' Disco Version]
08 - Ubiquity - Starbooty [12'' Version]
09 - Kleeer - Keep Your Body Workin'' [12'' Version]
10 - Gino Soccio - Dancer [12'' Version]
11 - Phreek - Weekend [12'' Disco Version]
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on 1 September 2014
Disco music at its best. Old favourites such as ~Chic Trammps Rose Royce and my favourite Love de Luxe with Here comes that sound again which was the main reason for my purchase. Herbie Manns Hi-Jack was another good reason to buy.
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on 20 September 2015
Have looked at this cd a few times now, so I went for it, should have got this the first time I saw it, so good, many tracks you do not ever hear now, great collection and I am now playing this non-stop, I was around the first time the tracks hit the clubs so I am pleased I have got this now.... disco rules.. get it if your thinking about it, shove it on and dance the night away and just enjoy......
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on 31 December 2013
If you were born in the 60s and grew up in the 70s, then this is for you. I love if and my friends love it. Guaranteed dance floor filler. 10/10
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