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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 June 2017
Corsair have always provide an excellent power supplies from my experience with them.

Let me start off with saying that if you're making a Gaming computer, go for a 650w for single GPU or 750-850w for Dual GPU. don't waste so much money on this. I bought it for a crypto mining rig.

My corsair PSU experience:
TX750M - My main and gaming PC (this is now about 5 years old and running strong)
CX430 - brother's pc
CS650M - other brother's pc and also a friend's pc.

Now I've bought this RM1000x and have been using for almost a month without the slightest of problems.
My mining rig draws 750w-800w with 5 graphics cards.

At 800w, the air that is blown out of it during 24/7 use is barely warm meaning it is not being stressed hard.

For noise: I have never heard the fan on this since I started using it. It's quieter than the idle CPU cooler.

I also want to say that this has a CRAZY amount of different cables to use.
3x multi SATA power cables
3x multi Molex power cables
4x 8pin to dual 6+2 pin PCIE cables

You could potentially build an 8 graphics card rig with this quite easily if you use efficient graphics cards.

If you want a good quality 80+ Gold power supply. Corsair won't let you down.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 November 2016
Running a 6700k , with more fans than at Justin Biebs concert, two Gtx 1080's in SLI - I bought this to prevent any headaches associated with me or my home catching fire.

So far i'm really happy with it, it is super snappy at regulating every single rail I can monitor . I noticed it really keeps a firm control of any fluctuations when a lot of components suddenly demand high power - and the voltage is only mildly down for a few miliseconds by a few millivolts.

The Kit Bag of cables is a really nice touch, but they are quite stiff to get around to the cpu voltage input at the angle I needed to - softly softly I got there.
Don't be tempted to use old cables, as some in the kit have in-line shrouded capacitors which help this unit perform better.
Fan test switch and high quality UK mains lead included- digital link output if you want to uber monitor this.
Delivered sealed
Not a Job to rush.
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on 10 December 2017
When i bought this i never thought i would need the 7 year warrantee in any way as its corsair...right? Wrong, sadly. Bought this in july 2016, had to RMA in march 2017 for a faulty capacitor that blew. And at the tail end of November in 2017 the exact same thing has happened again... I will be hoping for a refund as i cannot risk going with the same psu for my enthusiast grade machine. But i know a refund will most likely be out of question because some terms bull**** that means i can still only RMA it. So i'll update this post in another 6-8 months when the same happens again.
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on 27 June 2017
Very nice, quiet power supply that integrates beautifully with Corsair Link ~ which allows you to monitor temperatures and re-write the fan profile if you want more cooling or whatever.
I run just one CPU and a GTX1070, so this is not at all demanding for this PSU. I could have used a smaller PSU but the price difference wasn't much, so I decided to get this one so that it runs well below maximum load. That way it runs cooler and so quieter and also has plenty of room for expansion should I wish to get a more power hungry graphics card - or two.
It normally runs at less than 40 degrees for me so the fan never switches on. If I take control of that in Link, however, I can switch it on and it's about as quiet as a fan gets and drops the temperature of the PSU to just a few degrees above room temperature. Lovely!
The PSU nearly lost one star because the first one that was sent to me buzzed under load. Luckily the replacement one is completely silent. Judging by comments this happens fairly often and surely Corsair QA should be better? So come on, Corsair, good, great even, but room for improvement!
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on 6 July 2017
I had to get this refunded due to a highly irritating and ominous buzzing sound emitted by this and 2 other replacements of the same device. Buzzing would be barely noticeable when upon initial boot but after going under load, such as when playing The Witcher 3, it got so loud I expected to see sparks flying out the back of my PC. This would continue until the PSU had been left unpowered for at least 1 hour.

Three examples of this product all displayed the same fault, clearly poor manufacturing at hand with Corsair these days. My faith in Corsair products has been destroyed because of this product and a faulty Corsair SSD that kept freezing.
DO NOT BUY Corsair products.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 February 2018
 This is a high quality, high power PSU which I got in conjunction with a variety of components for a new Coffee Lake custom desktop build. I chose 750W as it gives me plenty of room for expansion even with the high tier components I chose. I have a 1080ti with an I7, 2 HDDs, an M.2 SSD and lots of RGB all being powered perfectly by this PSU.

The build quality is fantastic, as with all Corsair products. A stylish colour combined with high quality materials makes the product, in my opinion, look quite good while still being durable and reliable. Installation was simple, pop it in and the 4 screw holes line up. Job done. I also like how the logo is printed so both fan up and fan down orientations have the logo text the right way up.

The cables it comes with are extensive, plenty of variety and amount so no issues powering lots of hard drive, GPUs or even Molex devices. The cables themselves are nicely covered with a mesh to neaten your cable management a bit. Looks nice inside the case. Fittings are good and go firmly into the sockets.

I’m extremely happy with this product. I expect it to last as long as my previous corsair PSU which is still going strong after several years. I highly recommend this product.

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on 10 October 2017
Well I had a Corsair TX650 before and that lasted 8 years so I thought I'll have a punt on another Corsair, researched on the net and most of the technical testing and the RM650x looked ok (for what I'll be using it for anyway) plus the 'Silent Fan' option kind of swung it for me (I have a super quiet Fractal R5 case with all round quiet low RPM fans). The old corsair PSU fan was slowly getting noisier and it stood out agains everything else.

The RM650 however, heck, not managed to really push the PSU far enough to need to turn on to become remotley audible, infact the HO Gen 8 Microserver on the other side of the room is more audible than the PC 3 feet from me now!

Only 1 issue, the short spacing between SATA Power connectors was a bit of a pain, in the Drive rack, spacing was just ok and no more but the 2 SSD on the back of the MB tray means losing one connectoron the cable due to the short spacing of the connectors that leaves me with a single cable of 3 for expansion at a later date (although with 4 SSD and 1 spinning rust, I dont think that's likley in the future).

Well made, black screws in the box, could do with a few more cable ties but I did have a 10m roll of double sided velcro so I was ok there.

other than that it's all good, at present I have run it for a weekend, 4 hours straight on the Division and some time puttering away on Rust, and everything is fully stable according to my system monitoring even when i5 overclocked to 4.9.

At the end of the day, it's a 10 year warranty (£9 a year at the Amazon price when I bought it) no brainer for me!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 October 2017
I used this to replace my gaming PC's Power Supply after my older NZXT branded Power Supply failed and had to be sent back for a refund.

I spent a little more to get the RM series rather than the Corsair's CX series, which has gotten a bad name for quality and reliability due to it being significantly cheapened.

The difference is massive, my PC is practically silent since this swap. The power supply fan doesn't even appear to run while browsing the web, and while gaming it's still quiet.

The cables are fully black, both the inner-cables as well as the braiding is black. This means the individual cables that show where the braiding ends are not coloured, making the PC look a lot tidier.
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on 15 March 2018
I had this PSU for approx 10 months . Then my system started rebooting all over the place . I applied all the Windows 10 fixes in the times the computer stayed on. Then I noticed that the computer even rebooted on the Bios screen (F2 held down at restart). I made the same experiment 3 times and from that I deduced that the power supply was faulty . On one occasion subsequent to this I did run the software (Corsair Link) and was shocked to see the current (amps) graph spiking all over the place ( same place as before ) just before it rebooted again.
Judging by the 9% of people who have given this PSU a score of 1 and the few who gave numbers in between, I recommend that Corsair re-name this PSU - 750w RMA !! I have bought cheap PSUs in the Early Days £20 or thereabouts - I have still got one that works - A PC World Brown box ATX with the short 20 pin MB connector. I bought a Be Quiet 750W - It was a little cheaper than The Corsair and that seems to be ok so far. In fact I was startled when I powered it up as every thing on the computer looked fine but I was waiting for the usual triple chug you get when you auto reset from overclocking but when I looked up it had booted straight into Windows. FIXED .
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on 5 January 2016
The 2nd RMA for this item has just been received.
Due to the issues I had with RM650 series, Corsair kindly sent me the new model (RMx series) as a replacement. For this reason it's only fair if I increase the rating for this purchase.
My system is now running like a dream again with no power loss issues.

Ever since purchasing this PSU I've had nothing but issues with my system.

At 4-6 months of use I noticed when playing games it would give off a rather irritatting high pitched electrical whine.

Roughly a year after purchase my system started to become extremely unstable (no overclocks - all stock). It got to the stage where my system would just cut out and reboot randomly, even when doing the simplest of tasks such as web browsing.

I then got in contact with Corsair and explained what was happening, and they agreed to send me a replacement - Initially they wouldn't even cover the return postage cost to their warehouse in the Netherlands, but after back and forth emails they agreed to cover the returns costs.

Once I recieved the replacement PSU, I installed it into my system and everything was fine again.

7 months after recieving a replacment exactly the same issue again.........

2 days ago my system has started to become unstable once again, with the exact same symtoms as previously - kernel-power errors ie. unexpected system power loss. This is the signs of a failing PSU once again.
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