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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I used this power supply for an upgrade to a gaming computer build I have been working on. The emphasis for this re-build was higher power output to support 2 x AMD graphics cards, and longevity. Corsair give you a 5 year warranty with these power supplied, and with a 92% power conversion rate they are energy efficient in a way budget ones are not. Over the longer term this offsets to a degree to cost of the power supply.

Pack contents are extensive with flat cables and modular connectors on the power supply, this is particularly useful for reducing cable clutter if you don't need all the connections.

Included cables/connectors are:

2 x 4+4pin CPU +12V 20+4 main board connector
8 x 4pin Molex
6 x 6+2pin PCI-E Power
2 x FDD Power
10 x SATA Power (length just over 70cm in total)

You also get a power lead, case badge, cable ties and 4 black screws to attach the power supply to the case. Inside the unit is an oversized 135mm fan, this only starts moving at a load rate of around 40%, in many cases at lower to medium loads it's not even active and is near completely silent in use. At higher loads with more demanding graphics cards the fan has a variable speed and is optimised for silent operation. You can't really hear it bar pushing the power supply to near it's rated limit, even then it's not distracting.

No signs so far of any coil whine or buzz, this could be a consideration for those making quieter computers. Consider the power output you might need, I selected the 850 watt model as two higher power cards were being used (R9 380's), gamers with multiple GPUs's should look at the 850/1000 watt models. For other builds or a single graphics card this is overkill (consider the 550w model as this is a good balance between cost/power), Corsair also make other ranges which are more affordable, and still quite well featured for less outlay, this is aimed more at enthusiasts/gamers.

Finishing is excellent both inside and out, no signs of sloppy board work it's neat and tidy with good quality capacitors. The 5 year warranty adds confidence too. Very happy with this purchase, no obvious faults or flaws.
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on 25 April 2015
Very good build quality. Very efficient. I replaced my old power supply and all other things kept equal, idle power consumption dropped by 5 watts. It is also silent compared to my old power supply which had a constantly running fan.

Only has cabling for 6 sata drives.
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on 14 April 2014
All the power I need and very quiet

my rig runs:
2 x GTX 660 SC in SLI
Corsair H100i
7 fans
...and the usual items

More than enough juice in the RM750!!!
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on 8 March 2016
Was having problems before I got this PSU. My old power supply would just shut down if my GPU started drawing power at full load. Bought this to make sure it was the PSU that was the problem. Now my GPU (Gigabyte 980ti G1) is drawing 107% power, PC doesn't shut down and the PSU is using 100 watts less than the old one at full load and the fan still hasn't turned on. One of the best purchases i have made especially as it was a lot cheaper than trying to replace the GPU.

Was good at first use but after 8 hours it developed really bad coil whine which increased in volume with the level of power draw.
While I'm sure this isn't the case with most of these units I wasn't willing to put up with it or trust another one to not do the same so bought an equivalent EVGA version which doesn't coil whine and was cheaper.
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on 9 January 2016
Just installed the 850W and I was really impressed with the ease of the install. The hardest part on the install was moving my existing cable to allow the unit to fit in the case. Install only the cable I need has given a much less cluttered case allowing better air flow which enabled me to reduce my case fan from three to two without any impact on my the motherboard / cpu temps..

I'm not a gamer I'm a photo editor using lightroom and I've notice an significant load speed improvement for the software. I'm expecting this unit to meet my needs for the next few years and its a very competitively price and quiet
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on 27 November 2014
I absolutely love this PSU!

It looks, feels, even smells top quality!

The fan is extremely quiet, the case feels like grade A material, the sockets are labelled and easy well located. It looks amazing in the rig, and even the rear of the rig you can see what PSU you've got in.

I would buy this again and again!
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on 27 November 2014
This is a very good power supply. Corsair quality is something I do love and, as nothing has gone wrong with this, I can only assume it extends to their RM power supply series. The fan definitely doesn't spin up until it's needed, meaning it's very quiet. Unless I'm really stressing the PC, it doesn't make a sound. 550W is more than enough power for a locked CPU (probably best to go with more watts if you want to overclock), a couple of drives and GTX 970. Obviously you aren't going to be sticking in 3 GPUs, overclocking your i7 4790k to 5.0GHz and piling 40TBs of storage onto this thing. If you are, you're going to have a bad time. This is meant for smaller builds where you won't use more than 1 graphics card. Perfect for HTPCs and M-ITX builds.

It's not without its downsides. The cables are very stiff and I thought the 24pin cable was a little short. For me, not an issue as it's in an ITX build but I'm not sure there would be much slack in a standard ATX case. I can't 100% say that "it's too short for an average case!" because I haven't tried it, but my eagle eye tells me it might be a tight fit.

Either way, it fits my needs perfectly and Amazons service is a good as usual.
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on 3 March 2016
Much better than the Corsair CX series power supply it's replacing. This one puts out a lot less RF noise, meaning I can generally do gaming now with my GTX970 card.

Had to use headphones with the previous power supply when gaming, as my speakers (JBL monitors) were too sensitive to RF noise. Originally thought it was entirely the GTX970's fault... but turns out it wasn't. There's still some RF noise, but it's a lot improved now. :)
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on 26 May 2016
Fantastic. And very, very quiet and without almost any coil whine/chirp noises (that are plaguing the majority of PSUs out there). Corsair did actually explain that they reject components that give rise to coil whine by using a careful selection and measurement process. They even have a blog post showing all this [...] - I must say that it's pretty nice to see a manufacturer going to these lengths to inform the customer.
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on 30 August 2014
We need an upgrade so bought an RM750. We've had an RM650 in our other PC for some time and have been very happy with it - it's quiet and efficient. However the RM750 immediately gave us problems - the unit emitted a high-pitched squealing (sounded very like the fan belt slipping in a car) that increased with load, particularly during Prime95 or graphics benchmarks. The fan would only spin when the unit was fitted with the fan facing down; when fitted fan-side up we couldn't get the fan to spin at all, under any load. The serial number was not from the known faulty batches.

So we returned it to Amazon, who were excellent and sent us a replacement overnight. Sadly the second unit had identical problems. The squealing noise was still there, and for a unit that's marketed as silent it was totally unacceptable. This sadly gives us a 2/5 success rate with Corsair PSUs: we have a CM500 which is 3 years old and is a total workhorse - great value, quiet, and reliable. Its only fault is that it's not modular. We reluctantly upgraded to give us headroom to run a bigger GPU. We later ordered a CX650 for our second PC, which made some very alarming pinging noises from day 1, and died completely within a week. We replaced this with the RM650, which has been fine.

Corsair appear to use pretty cheap parts and unknown manufacturers for a lot of their PSUs now. I'd advise any prospective buyers to research the model they're looking at carefully, and make sure that it's made by someone with a decent reputation and using decent parts. Sadly, buying Corsair-branded products doesn't mean that you're getting a PSU made by Corsair.

Previous review (based on RM650 which is still in service, and has given us no problems in a year and a half):

Has flat, plastic-coated cables that are quite inflexible and difficult to make neat, but will sure as hell stay put once you've got them where you want them. They also look nice and tidy, unlike the Corsair PSUs that come with the fat cables covered in (what feels like) a polyester sleeve.

Not much else to say about this - it's an 80+ gold PSU that does exactly what it says on the tin. No bother with it at all.
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