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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2013
Wow ten years where did that go? I remember when I first stumbled across Keane it was way back in March 2004 on Travis UK tour when they were there support band and yes I was instantly hooked after they played! THE BAND DESERVE THIS BEST OF ALBUM!!

Keane unlike many other bands over the last 10 years have always strived for brilliance over there career so far and it shows in this best of collection. The band are taking a break they are not splitting up. The only thing I will say why not have included "The Lovers Are Losing" surely one of there best songs ever? Perfect Symmetry for me is there strongest album you need to listen a few times and let it grow on you! We then move onto the B-Sides and these are great quality here too all of these could so easily have been put on albums. There is no other band who have touched me emotionally through there music as much as Keane have over the last Ten Years. There lyrics are great and I will say again that Tim Rice Oxley has to be one of the greatest songwriters of our generation!

This should be a celebration of how much there music has enriched our lives over the last ten years. I also find it very very hard to criticise the band in anyway. I actually applaud them for showing other artists how great music can be when the fame doesn't go to your head this is one of the other things I love about Keane the fact there four well grounded blokes!

I think a lot of the stick they have got over the years is totally unfair from the music press as I find all of Keane's work so energising and uplifting surely the way music is meant to make you feel right? well for me yes! but it appears people applaud the downright dull and depressing!

Also Keane are one of the greatest live acts I have ever seen and they top a huge list of bands I have seen over the years since between June 2012 and today I saw the band 5 times! Bristol 5th June, Brixton 9th June, London The 02 Arena 30th November and Newmarket Racecourse 9th August and Kenwood House London 25th August for me there is nobody who tops them live If you have never seen them I urge you to do so because it will stay with you forever like it has me!

I think most UK bands need to look at Keane and there quality of music because it is exceptional! It's how for me music should be and as with all of Keane's album's I never need to skip a track which is very rare to find these days!

Anyways Thank you again Keane for the last 10 years and I raise my glass to another 10+ years after this Hiatus! Let us use this best of as a celebration! and it's a milestone rather than a headstone!

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 November 2013
Please note: This review is for the standard single CD release.

I've been a Keane fan since their first ever hit in 2003. The song was the poignant 'Everybody's Changing', a great track that opens up this eagerly awaited greatest hits collection. The lyrics to these men's songs are often so very true, but the title of that first hit certainly hasn't reflected on Keane's success and popularity. So far, this East Sussex band have released four studio albums (from 2004-2012), and all of them have hit the number one spot, an impressive track record that I hope still stands when they release their fifth.

'The Best of Keane' marks their first decade of chart success, and contains all the radio friendly songs that we love, as well as two brand new tracks: 'Higher Than the Sun' and 'Won't Be Broken', both of which were written during the 'Strangeland' (the fourth album) era

The hits are presented on the CD chronically, tracks 1-5 are from their 2004 debut 'Hopes and Fears', 6-12 are taken from 'Under the Iron Sea' (which was 'almost' a greatest hits album in terms of the six single's success!), 13-14 debuted on 'Perfect Symmetry', 'My Shadow' was never a hit, but did appear on the EP 'Night Train', and 16-18 all appeared on 'Strangeland', Keane's most recent album. The aforementioned new tracks: 'Higher Than The Son' and 'Won't Be Broken' (19-20) are both included at the end.

If you are a casual fan or don't yet own a Keane album, then this really is a brilliant compilation which captures most of the highlights of their chart career so far. If you do however own the studio albums already, 'The Best of Keane' is worth having for the two new tracks, and to remind yourself (if you ever needed to) of all the classic songs the band has to their name.

I couldn't have done a better job myself in picking out the songs for this landmark release. However, I will say that it was a rather strange choice to include 'My Shadow' over 'Stop for a Minute, as that was the single taken from the aforementioned EP, and it WAS a top 40 hit. However, that is a minor criticism and not enough for me to rate this CD anything less than five stars.

Along with The Killers (who have also released a hits collection today), Keane was one of my first bands, and I'm still a fan today. I would recommend this album as a Christmas present, and it looks as though Keane and The Killers will be high in the charts throughout the rest of the month and December. Their fifth number one album perhaps?

Note: There is also a two CD set available (The Best of Keane - Deluxe Editon) which contains 17 of the band's B sides (ideal for a fan who wishes to own those tunes all in one place without having to collect the singles), and for the extra five quid or so, if you're really into them, I would say that it is well worth getting.
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on 15 November 2013
Keane embody songwriting in its truest sense. Every one of their offerings tells a story, often with a very deep and meaningful thread running through it. This collection of songs nicely embraces the last decade of Keane (though they have been around for much longer than that). It includes the soaring anthemic melodies that we all know and love alongside some amazing B sides too. Anyone that questions the inclusion of songs such as Atlantic or Try Again simply don't know this band well enough or what those songs mean personally to the band members. They have indulged themselves by choosing hugely personal tracks that, in turn, mean so much to those that have been fans of the band since the beginning. Snowed Under and Fly to Me are super B sides and the acoustic DVD that comes with the deluxe version of this album comprises a set list voted for entirely by fans that gives us the opportunity to hear much loved songs (Black Burning Heart) that are very seldom played live. This album is a unique collection of songs so would thoroughly recommend the purchase.
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on 22 November 2013
A great celebration of of fantastic band. For me, Keane are the most original and creative band to emerge from the last decade. Their output speaks for itself, not least the fabulous collection of B-sides on the deluxe version, which I have always thought warrant being made into an album in their own right.
I don't really understand some of the criticisms made in other reviews on here. The album does what it says on the tin, it is Keane's greatest hits. It may be called The Best of Keane, but it's meant to be a greatest hits collection with a few added extras. It's as simple as that, and either you like the music or you don't.
I have bought the album, even though I own all the albums, just to complete my collection. If people don't like the hits, then you can always make your own collection on iTunes etc. This album may not be everyone's 'best of' Keane collection, but this is what mp3 and players are for, so that you can make your own playlists!
It's great to have an album with all the singles together. I have spent the last half hour in a constant state of goose-pimples, such is the touching nature and musical quality of their songs. The songs are especially meaningful for me, living not far from their home county of Sussex. Many of their songs conjure up beautiful images of nostalgia, friendships and love, lost and found, in and around the sleepy town of Battle.
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on 3 July 2016
Bought at full cost, My reviews are based on honest truth meaning the good, the bad and the ugly where appropriate. Music of any sort is a matter for the listener. Discovered through TV soundtrack. Most of the CD, to my taste is well wort listening to. I have some hearing issues so actually hearing the wording / lyrics is sometimes difficult but the music is easy to listen to. Played in the background whilst video editing, reading or similar is quite relaxing. Worth buying but do the rounds to get the best value
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on 19 November 2013
This group (alone among its contemporaries) inspires me. They set such incredibly high standards in their music, it's mildly disappointing to find the packaging of this 10th anniversary dvd/double-cd de-luxe issue failing to match up to the musical content. Despite a lavishly produced - & illustrated - 100-page booklet, the set contains:-

- NO record release dates,
- NO track timings,
- NO indication of which B sides backed which singles,
- NO lyric-sheets (missed not so much for the album tracks - already included on original releases - as B sides.

Of course, the music (even the B's) is utterly compelling & worth the purchase price alone. For someone like myself who never bought the singles (& have never seen the band "live"), it's rather like hearing a whole new album of Keane material, although the influence of other, better-known tracks can occasionally be detected, as on:-

Fly to me (Your eyes open),
Let it slide (Lovers are losing/Again & again),
Maybe I can change (Try again),
Myth (Spiralling),
Difficult child (Broken Toy).

The two new tracks on CD1 - Higher than the sun & Won't be broken - are OK, though vaguely reminiscent of other songs from 'Strangeland.' The DVD sees the band perform before a select group of enthusiasts, and includes some interesting, amusing 'between-songs' banter.

So far, Keane have hardly put a foot wrong in a unique, illustrious career (and I cannot agree with the reviewers who rate 'Perfect Symmetry' below the group's other output - to me, all four albums sound pretty even, while showing definite - and welcome - musical & lyrical development). Will the next 10 years be as inventive & exciting? It hardly seems likely, but NEVER write off this band - they're blessed with that rarest of gifts: the ability to pull something special & magical out of the hat whenever called upon to do so, seemingly at will.
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on 22 July 2016
Keane have created some amazing music. There are some tunes which are bland but there are also ones which are Beatiful moments which just take you to another place. They don't fit in any particular pigeon hole they are just Keane and when they are good they are one of the best.
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on 15 November 2013
I bought this for the b sides on disc 2 that I haven`t heard before and full marks to Keane for bringing out the deluxe version for this reason. The standard edition is probably for the housewife Christmas market as most Keane fans will already have the songs on disc 1. The two new tracks however are good and very similar to Strangeland tracks, but not worth buying the standard version for alone.
Unfortunately the mastering is the usual poor stardard with clipping and distortion evident throughout particularly in the bass. Considering masterering was done at Abbey Road studios this makes it all the more surprising and I was hoping for better. Keane`s Night Train was also done at Abbey Road and by the same engineer too and sounds better, so it can be done. Probably the expected sales market dictated the loudness this time,but surely disc 2 could have been mastered properly as I doubt many deluxe versions will be sold in Tescos and similar.
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on 18 November 2013
I wasn't too pleased with the packaging of the super deluxe version as I can't stand CD's not in plastic cases (this happens more and more) but I soon rectified this by placing them in some empty cases I had. I'm more than happy with the content though. I actually listened to the second CD first, not being as familiar with the songs listed. I'm amazed to learn the majority are B-sides when they all sound like big hits to me. I especially loved tracks 1 and 3 (wish the latter had been on the DVD). Beautiful crafted songs, an absolute joy to hear. I'm pleased a live version of "Sea Fog" is included and the brilliant "Under the Iron Sea". The next day I listened to the first CD and of course loved it all as I've played the albums numerous times. Great to have two new songs at the end, one I had heard previously on the radio but not the last one. The DVD was very enjoyable to watch, running to 55 minutes which is a reasonable length. I love acoustic events and even felt I was there! A few of the song choices did surprise me however; I would have replaced two or three with others. This DVD has to make up for my disappointment of no "Strangeland Tour" DVD being released - why ever not? The book adds a nice touch to the package. Keane are my favourite band of modern times as they really do the most perfect music. Hope I don't have to wait too many years for their next album.
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on 18 December 2013
Like many I was spurned into looking closer at Keane's music following the recent Christmas song for John Lewis - "Somewhere Only We Know" - sung on the advert by Lilly Allen. I have to say that Keane's original version beats it hands down and the rest of the tracks are a joy to listen to. Excellent value album. A must buy if, like me, you only kept Keane on the fringes of your music listening time.
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