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on 16 October 2016
I first watched this wonderful series as a child and have absolutely loved it ever since. Such an endearing, beautiful story brought to life with outstanding actors, no one has ever played Anne better than Megan Follows.
I have watched this series many times over the years and love it more every time. And now my daughters have watched it and fallen in love with it.
Please don't be put off by Dutch subtitles, they're easily removed with your remote control, in fact nothing came up on the screen when I watched it. The menu at the beginning is in Dutch but it's not a problem. This is excellent for the money and much cheaper than other box sets on here. I would highly recommend this did.
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on 8 May 2014
We first watched this series in the 80's and it has been my ultimate favourite ever since. I bought the trilogy a few years ago on separate DVD's. My mum recently asked me to look into getting her the set. Imagine my excitement at finding this special edition with interviews etc. I ordered it as a surprise for my mum. It arrived today...... unfortunately all of the wording and titles on the DVD are in German! As I am a UK buyer and have requested delivery to a UK address I would have thought this would have been mentioned when purchasing. Luckily the dvds are in English when played but I feel I have bought a sub standard product due to not being able to read any of the detail.
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on 11 January 2010
Bought this DVD set, not sure about the language, as I was concerned it might not be in English.
I needn't have worried. The series is the original Anne of Green Gables, with all the original voices, in English.
An excellent purchase, and a great price. Made for a very pleasant Christmas watching all of the series.
Thank you!
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on 7 March 2011
I couldn't wait for this to arrive i wish i had ordered it years ago. It arrived on time but i had to wait till the following day to try out the first dvd of the set of three. Anne of Green Gables. I was clapping my hands with excitement waiting for the film to start. The last time i had watched this film i was a teenager i am now 37 years old and it still made me feel just the same as when i watched it all them years ago. I loved it!! I Haven't got around to watching the two other dvds that come in the set as i didn't want to watch them all at once i want to savour the experience. Im sure they will be just as good quality and pleasure to watch. I now myself am the proud mother of a 16 year old beautiful daughter with gorgeous red hair. We watched it together my daughters first viewing and we very much enjoyed it. It was so nice to share the lovely film of Anne of Green Gables with my daughter and was glad that she loved the film as much as me. My daughter having red hair understood some of what Anne went through. My daughter gets some friendly name calling about her hair but there are also some nasty people in this world that say the most awful things and truly mean it about red/ginger haired people. The people that truly mean the hateful thngs they say about red heads are horrible and stupid. Red/ginger hair is beautiful. Anyway i would like to finish off by saying do not hesitate in ordering this dvd set of three Anne of Green Gables films. BRILLIANT love it so much. I so so hope if you do order this that you get as much pleasure out of watching it as i have so far. Still two more films to go, i can't wait :))) Mandy from Hertfordshire England xxxxx
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on 5 March 2015
I was first introduced to movies 1 & 2 when I was a late teen (over a decade ago), during one of the PBS telethons. I had not read the books before, so I had nothing to compare them to (perhaps that's a good thing).

For me, the acting is top notch, the storyline uplifting, scenery/locations breathtaking, and the score *particularly the theme* enthralling (although not included on the soundtrack, the piano rendition by Jonathon Lee is amazing)!
I can't believe it's taken me this long to add to my collection.

In November I was able to finally purchase the book set, and have since eagerly devoured books 1-8.
I highly recommend any fan of the movie series to do this; there's so much depth to the story than is portrayed on screen!

I will say that I'm a tad disappointed now in regards to the 2nd movie, being it contains very little of the events and characters of book 2, and basically skipped all of book 3 (which chronicles Anne & Gilbert's 4 college years at Redmond).
Too, we see the formation of new characters; combining 2 or 3 originals into one. For example, Morgan Harris = Roy Gardner (book 3), and Mr. Grayson (book 4); Emmeline Harris = Sophie Sinclaire, & Elizabeth Grayson (book 4) ; Margaret Harris = Miss Sarah Pringle, Mrs. Campbell, & Mrs. Adoniram Gibson (book 4); Pauline Harris = Pauline Gibson (book 4).
I suppose it had to be done to accommodate the merging of books 2-4 into one cohesive story. But I would have preferred that the movies stayed closer to the books. Really, it would have been better to leave out book 4, and focus on books 2, 3, & 5 for the second movie, and 6-8 for the third.

I haven't seen the 3'd movie in years; but have plans as soon as I finish pt. 2 of the second movie.
Unfortunately, it really doesn't follow any of LMM's book series at all (aside from one event).
The books were set in the late Victorian era (1876- onward; for in-depth info on each books timeline, etc. go here: anneofgreengables.wikia(DOT)com/wiki/Anne_of_Green_Gables_Wiki ), whereas the movies are set in the mid to late Edwardian period.
The last book in the "Anne" set- "Rilla of Ingleside"- takes place during WW1, but is centered around her oldest children.
The only semi-consolation is, at least Megan (Anne), and Jonathan (Gilbert) reprise their roles, and gives fans a little closure for their characters romantic storyline; along with some deleted scenes.
I chose to go with the "Collector's Edition", being my research has lead me to believe the "Restoration" is not much of an improvement-- at least for the money; and the 4th movie sounds like a downright abomination!
**You might want to check out this site for a comprehensive comparison of some of the releases (namely the "Restored/Restoration" vs. "Collector's (Anniversary)" edition**:
In conclusion, I highly recommend this series for those that enjoy period drama, or are looking for something suitable for family viewing (at least 1 & 2)! I feel this trilogy series really brings to life the essence of this beloved book series, and for that- despite some major changes- I'll still give it 5 stars!

Other film adaptations like it: "Christy" (short lived TV series 1994/95) based on Catherine Marshall's novel. And a brand new television series by the Hallmark channel entitled "When Calls the Heart", based on Janette Oke's "Canadian West" book series.

**Side note, there is an interesting interview here with Kevin Sullivan about the movies, and some reasons of his for writing them the way he did: avonlea.hu/guide/interviews/kevin_sullivan
As mentioned in that interview, there was a lawsuit between him and LMM's heirs, so perhaps that had a bearing on the storyline of the 3'd movie? Perhaps this is also why nobody else has attempted to make another adaptation? ...I for one would be interested in seeing another interpretation more true to the books, but I have doubts that it will ever happen.**
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on 30 November 2007
Just received the trilogy, I still love the films like the first time I watched them, but I am quite disappointed with the quality image.

The DVD cases read "digitally restored", so I was hoping for near-perfect quality, however I find it quite poor and grainy, I'm not sure if this is normal or not, I hope I wasn't sold a bad copy!

Also, some of the "missing scenes" are out of synch, and although subtitles are a menu option, they don't come up even when turned on.
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on 17 March 2002
I first watched the tape when i was 10 when my grandmother came round with the recording. I loved it. It was brilliant. Anne is and orphan girl who is always getting into trouble or "scrapes" as ahe calls them. Together with her best friend Diana, Anne goes into the world headfirst and doesn't think much about the concequences. A very humorous story and good to watch with the family.
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on 26 January 2014
So glad to find this book I loved as a child made into a film, the acting, casting and setting are almost exactly as I imagined which normally never happens when a film is made after the book... Treasure these memories and hope my 8yr old daughter will too ... Shame about the German subtitles apart from that I'm very chuffed with this purchase! Well worth the money wish I had found it sooner! X
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on 24 November 2009
I remember watching this on T.V years ago,so when I saw there was a DVD I wanted it so badly. I was a bit sceptical when I sat down to watch it because I thought I had maybe built it up in my memory. I certainly was not disappointed! It is fantasticly well done and not at all dated. For children who won't read, this is a great adaptation of the book. I will watch it again and again.
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on 27 April 2016
The picture is grainy. Although an old recording I would have thought they would have made digital enhancement for this DVD version.
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