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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2000
After reading Steve Alten's first novel 'Meg', I waited for the certainty of the next book with baited breath... I wasn't disappointed. Set several years later, it seems that Jonas, the reluctant hero of the original book, has fallen on 'hard times'. Having been blamed for all the deaths attributed to the original shark, he has faced a number of lawsuits, causing him to declare bankrupcy and even his promising marriage, that was set as a premise from the previous novel, seems to be floundering. Add to this, secret government plots, a ruthless millionaire/entrepreneur with his own secret agenda involving the deep waters of the trench, several familiar faces and let's not forget 'Angel', the newly escaped Megalodon who's size and potential outweigh even that of her parent, and you have an impressive story worthy of it's predecessor. All in all, I'd say that this story matches the strength of the previous book. Without the general 'newness' and 'surprise' elements of the original, Alten has had to create much more depth to the story and to the characters, which lends credibility to his skill as a writer and to his eye for detail. Hopefully, the success of this book will either persuade the film companies to take the chance, or Steve Alten that he should again put pen to paper.
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on 22 September 2000
man, this book really was a page turner! if u like books on cryptozooloical discovories this is a book to get! up there with lincoln and preston, peter benchley and james byron huggins, this book reads like a movie...
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on 6 August 2004
Steve Alten returns with the second chapter in the Meg saga. The story begins with our hero from first book Jonas Taylor in a right mess. After successfully killing the Megalodon that was on a muderous rampage, he captured one of her offspring a female pup to go on display in the Tanaka Ocean Institute. Jonas married his friend Masao Tanaka's daughter Terry. Everything seemed to be going great. Then the lawsuits rolled in, the families and friends of all the Megs victims began looking for compensation. Jonas and Masao were easy targets their bold attempt to capture the Meg instead of just killing allowed the body count to rise. Jonas now is trapped working at the institute displaying the nearly fully grown Megalodon named Angel to the public with nearly every penny received going straight into another compansation settlement. Jonas feels the strain and is haunted by the Megalodon, having re-occurring nightmares of how he dies in the jaws of the beast. This puts great strain on his marriage to the beautiful Terry.
Further disaster strikes when as Jonas has predicted Angel becomes to big to imprison at nearly 75 feet she is much larger then her mother and smashes free from the Lagoon and enters the open ocean. Jonas is obligated by the Institutes owners to go after the shark and re-capture it, but all is not quite as it seems.
The institutes owner Benedict Singer is actually working on developing fusion technology to create an unlimited energy source that would make him an even wealthier man and the most powerful man in the world. Linked with several terroist outfits he is trying to locate a vital component for the technology a very rare inert gas. The only known supply is in the Mariana Trench the trench that provides home to the Megalodon species and the Trench Jonas worked in on a secret project for the navy. Turns out Jonas was piloting submersibles for the US's own research into finding the material needed for fusion and only he knows the exact location of the source. Singer only bought the Tanaka Institute as a means to get the information he requires from Jonas and have the perfect albi for being in the Mariana Trench claiming to be working on the Tanaka's Earthquake Detection System.
Benedict Singer plants an associate of his a woman named Celeste on the ship with Jonas to try to pry the co-ordinates out of him as he searches for the escaped Angel. Celeste is ordered to do whatever it takes to get the information from Jonas and then kill him. As a security plan he kidnaps Terry Taylor and imprisons her on his research vessel the Benthos located 35,000 feet below the ocean surface in the Marianna Trench.
The book splits into two stories you have Jonas questing to capture Angel on the surface and trying turn away the advances of Celeste all the while unaware he is being set-up by Celeste and her lover Michael Maren who attempts to kill Jonas due to him being jealous, only James 'Mac' Mackreides Jonas's long time friend saves Jonas from death and carries out an act of revenge on Maren.
You also have the story of Terry fighting to stay alive below the surface. Constantly in fear of being killed by Benedict or his right hand man Sergei who has already tried to rape her. Terry is trapped below 35,000 of water with no chance of escape whilst Benedict is in control of the Benthos.
This books also introduces us to another super predator the Kronsaurs a crocodile like creature that inhabits the Mariana Trench and threatens Benedicts Operation by attacking his submersibles and eventually the Benthos. This gives you two threats to our heroes Angel on the surface and the Kronsaurs in the Trench.
The story comes to conclusion in what now seems to be typical Alten fashion which is just all out action. Jonas finally realised something is wrong with his situation and after a near death experience that seems him technically die for several moments, realises he has more important things in his life then trying to get himself killed chasing Angel. At that point he tries to return home but Celeste desperate for his knowledge of the trench informs him the news about Terry and the news the Benthos has been crippled in the Trench. Jonas races to save not only his marriage but his wife's life. This evidently brings Jonas into a confrontation not only with Celeste who kills Benedict and leaves Terry in a position where she'll die when Jonas tries to rescue her but Jonas comes into confrontation with the deadly Kronsaurs and then his nightmares look to come true as Angel returns to the Mariana Trench and he comes face to face with the Monster, which in a great twist becomes a sort of Anti-hero.
I won't spoil the ending but will say this book had me hooked just like the first one. In fact after reading this book I straight away purchased the third in the series 'Primal Waters'. These books are well written and action packed and would make fantastic films someday. So if you've read Meg by this book now, if you haven't get both you will not regret it.
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VINE VOICEon 4 October 2015
I was quite impressed with Meg when I read it several years ago. I enjoy reading shark fiction on the beach before going into the water as it makes me feel extra hardcore. It had been a while since I had a beach holiday and thus my reading of this, the first sequel, had been delayed. Shark fiction is never going to be high quality literature, but the Trench is very enjoyable and fast-moving.

Set 4 years after the first this novel is now "only" 14-years-old but feels way more dated due to references to film cameras, VCRs (already 4 years obsolete at this point) and a pre-9/11 Osama Bin Laden as an obscure terrorist rather than the worldwide "celebrity" he became. It's weird to think of a novel from the 21st century already being so dated.

Jonas Taylor has become a worldwide celebrity since cutting out the heart of the giant shark first time around and has been integral in opening up a Sea World-type aquarium featuring "Angel" one of the captured off-spring. The plot splits in two fairly early on as Jonas' wife goes into the Mariana Trench with a diabolical villain to mine for precious ore, while the man himself stays behind when Angel escapes and goes on a killing rampage.

The plot within the Mariana Trench itself seems like it's from a different novel and is quite unnecessary. Like I said, it's very fast-moving, but it feels like a heavy deviation and it is extremely convoluted. Meanwhile the plot of Angel gobbling up everything she encounters on the west coast is darkly comic and very macabre. The two stories eventually converge but the incongruous nature of them leads to a fairly unsatisfying climax. Still, I won't let this put me off and I look forward to reading the 3rd in the series.
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on 24 September 2015
If you have read the previous books then you will like this one, as it adds to the pace of the story! All the books follow on one after the other. You feel for the main characters of the story and what they are going through. You can't but not like the baddie of the book either it certainly adds to it. As well as reading about the Mariana Trench and the depth of the ocean itself. Another good read.
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on 29 September 2013
Second stories (or sequels, if you like) are often a tough thing to get right. Can the second installment of a beloved film or book recapture the magic of the first, and still be fresh? And stand on its own if you don't know the first? Will it be an Empire Strikes Back or a Sting II?

Fortunately, Steve Alten's second outing in Meg's waters does everything right. You get more of what was brilliant about the first book - the characters, the little marine biology lessons, the spectacular set-pieces of shark-on-human action - as well as a general upping of stakes across the board - as well as some exciting new ideas and concepts, some of which survive to take their place in the Meg universe, and some of which are devoured by the queen of the seas by book's end.

If you thought the first book was a nice idea that had run its course after 400-odd pages, think again. The Trench still has some (very large) surprises for you...
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on 30 October 2015
I have read the first 4 books in this series and I am hooked. Absolutely fantastic books. Wish book 5 Primal Waters and book 6 Night stalkers were available on kindle fire. I could complete the set. Going to try his other books now I've had a taste.
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on 28 January 2001
This is a wonderfull follow up. Jonas Taylor Once again must fight his fears and return to the Trench. The question is Who is the bigger monster Angel or her captors? If you havent read this, you really need to its a non-stop thrill ride.
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on 18 November 2013
After reading and enjoying Meg-Origins and Meg-Novel of Deep Terror I had to wait months for The Trench to come out on Kindle format, I even harrassed the author :)
The wait was worthwhile and another great book in the Meg series.
The conclusion to the story at the end was jaw dropping.
I now have to badger the author again to get Meg-Primal Waters on Kindle before I read Meg-Hells Aquarium whis IS on Kindle.
Good Read....
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on 19 January 2014
Excellent story and attention to detail, couldn't put it down. Only one problem, there are six books in the Meg series by Steve Alton. I have read four of them, but there are two missing from the series, Meg Primal Waters and Meg Night Stalkers. Whenis Amazon going to put them in the library.
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