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on 28 June 2017
Good but rubbish instructions. So, you will see all sorts of reviews,but from someone who has a lot of experience applying protectors to iPhones, the main issue is the appalling instructions. They do not translate well to applying to an iPad. So, please read on and save yourself the bother it caused our end! We had to get a refund as first 2 were ruined by the lack of decent instructions. But I can share some wisdom to help you, so you can avoid the problems we encountered!
So, let me help you.
Number one: spend loads of time preparing your iPad to be grease and smudge and importantly dust free. If necessary, wear strong glasses to make sure you don't miss any dust at all, not even the tiniest bit. This is crucial. Use the sticky dust patches to do this.
Number two: Align with the home button and start that end. Once completey aligned this end, with about a third of the back piece peeled off( so you don't touch the adhesive side at all, nor the screen), slowly lower. But again, go evenly and slowly peeling back on yourself if bubbles form. Now this bit is important. Dust WILL have fallen onto the screen again...believe me! So , whilst slowly moving forward, applying the protector, stop every few centimetres and remove dust off the screen, as you go with the sticky patches. You will need to keep peeling more of the back protector off as you go. So be patient and take your time.
Number three: Now smooth out any bubbles to the edge (cardboard tool supplied). And finally, as you peel the part labelled 'front 'off, to reveal the finished protector, you MUST hold the protector down with a finger or you will pull the whole thing off again, rendering it useless, as it will instantly attracts any dust in the atmosphere and that will stick to the adhesive side.
Top Tip: Best place to apply is in a room with the least dust floating about. It is often said that the bathroom is a good place, However, I don't have a table in my bathroom and you really need one to do this on. I imagine most people are the same.
Follow these instructions and hopefully you will have given your protector the best chance to work well for you. Can't comment on the longevity of the product, as this is the first time using an Anker screen protector. But I will say it fits the iPad 2017 9.7" well enough and it would offer scratch protection. I can't imagine it would do much to save it if you drop it, but if you just want to give the screen protection from regular scratches, then this would suit well without being too thick ( which can be annoying at home button if it were).
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on 19 October 2017
I bought the clear version of this as I had previously tried a matte one from a different manufacturer & found it unsuitable. The Anker protector was very easy to apply - this is undoubtedly the best result I've ever had from a screen protector in terms of ease of application & lack of bubbles.

I used two tips that I have picked up from Amazon reviews to help me get the best result. Firstly, I put a strip of sellotape along the short edge of the protector that has the tabs on for lifting the covers (folding the "back" cover tab so that it didn't stick to the tape). Then, having cleaned the iPad screen I positioned the protector on the screen & then asked my husband to press the sellotape down - this ensured that when I removed the backing the protector would drop back down into the right position. I then took the iPad & the cloth & card provided into the bathroom shortly after my husband had had a shower - the steam removes dust from the air (another good Amazon tip!). I then started to peel the backing slowly off the protector, allowing it to drop back into place whilst pressing gently with the microfibre cloth to press out any bubbles. Once past the first couple of inches the protector just dropped onto the screen with no bubbles whatsoever - brilliant! It went on in exactly the right place at the first attempt - thank you to whoever came up with the sellotape idea & to Anker for an excellent product! Having got the protector on I peeled the sellotape off first, being careful not to lift the protector & then used the tab to peel off the front cover - again care is needed not to lift the edge of the cover as you start to peel the cover off.

I have a case for the iPad & once the protector was on I put the case back on & it didn't fetch the protector off.

I now have a crystal clear screen with no bubbles. I would definitely recommend this protector - it is so easy to apply & once it is on it is virtually invisible.
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on 13 October 2017
Bought this after buying my iPad for some extra protection in case of accidents. Fitting the screen was a bit difficult compared to the iPhone screen protectors but that is to be expected when the screen sizes are very different. After getting the screen on and removing the bubbles I was very happy with the overall outcome and look of the screen protector.

Delivery was quick as it always is with Anker products, overall I would buy this product again but before doing that I would be happy to buy and try one of the tempered glass screen protectors for my iPad as I have had great experiences with them in the past for my phone. Would definitely recommend this product to people thinking of giving their iPad a little extra protection from scratches!
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on 2 January 2018
This is a good protector but remember that is only a plastic protector, not glass. It will only stop scratches and fingerprints on the screen. It is very easy to put on and it comes with all the equipment needed. It is virtually invisible once in place. It does a good job at stopping fingerprints but it will not stop the screen from cracking. I would probably recommend a glass screen protector but that is more expensive and also makes the screen thicker. If you’re looking for a plastic protector this is s great choice with no flaws.
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on 19 January 2018
Anker always deliver quality products. This item is no different - Its fit is bang on, its finger resistance is nigh on non-existent and has next to no clarity interference - I bought the clear version as Ive used a matte cover before from Media Devil and whilst its exceptional for minimising the glare you get from lights or sun, it does take away from the Retina screen, which is why I opted for the clear this time round. Cut outs are perfect and for 5.99 whats not to get on-board with.
I have a flip case so cant comment on its durability to withstand scratches so apologies if you're looking for an answer to that.
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on 29 June 2017
I've tried lots of brands of screen protectors, none as good as this. Normally applying one takes ages and requires using (and ruining) a number of screen protectors before it works. With these ones, it only took me one attempt! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. All the necessary items are included - 2 protectors (it's useful to have a backup), a cleaning cloth, a card to press out bubbles, and stickers to lift the protector and remove dirt and dust as you're applying it. There were not many bubbles even to start with, and I got rid of the rest easily by lifting the screen protector with the stickers and removing dust. I'm really happy with the finish. Applying screen protectors to a screen as big as an iPad Air can be a bit of a trauma, but this was so easy. Would definitely recommend!
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on 29 March 2017
I think I can give myself a pat on the back as I managed to apply the protector in my first attempt. The product itself is well packaged, appears to be good quality and good value for money.

One improvement I'd like to see is to include either a piece of micro fiber cloth or a damp cloth with ethanol (I guessed) to remove finger prints. I've seen many phone screen protectors include that and it's very useful.
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on 19 July 2017
Bought this product, applied it to the screen and as I put my case on, the protector just peeled off again, so I tried again using the second one (they supply 2!) and tried really carefully, no luck! Same happened, no matter what I tried it just kept peeling off. I was emailed by Anker asking if I was satisfied, and I responded to say how it was unsuitable to be used with a case and that I was going to try tempered glass as that seems the best option. They sent me a tempered glass protector, free of charge and it arrived the next day, and it works perfectly! Thank you Anker!
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on 23 September 2016
UPDATE on original review: on contacting Anker they agreed the item was faulty and sent me a free glass screen protector (ie the 'next one up' in terms of price and quality) which I am very happy with. They were very quick and extremely obliging so I recommend them on that basis.

Original review:

I managed, by following the instructions, to apply this beautifully and as a product I would have given 5 stars.

However, the sticker ON the protector which says 'Front' to let you know what goes where would not come off properly. It was too stuck. Hence I have a perfectly applied protector with a sticky residue on the bottom left corner just where my thumb would hold the iPad :-( I'm hoping I can scrape it off eventually as having done so well applying the protector (and I have found them tricky in the past) I don't want to remove it for that reason! And the second one may have the same issue, for all I know.

That loses a whole two stars as it is very irritating. I've tried a proper screen wipe to get the sticky residue off but it has not worked as yet. Perhaps it had been in storage and the stickers had got old - like a price tag on a mug, which won't come off well.

Oh - and it does increase the glare/reflection a bit more than I anticipated.
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on 14 January 2017
I actually ordered this mistakingly assuming it was a glass screen protector. Since my iPad Pro was only 1 day old and I was paranoid about protecting its beautiful screen, I decided to apply this anyway rather than return it.

As tradition screen protectors go, this one is fit for purpose. Easy to apply and with all the extras you need for cleaning and removing air bubbles, plus it's a two pack should you make a mistake first time around.

The thing is, I've become accustomed to applying tempered glass protectors and in comparison this feels quite fairly nasty to touch. Plastic doesn't compare to glass protection with decent oleophobic coating. I'll probably keep it on for a while until I order a better replacement.

If this is what you're looking for it's certainly fit for purpose and I'd recommend it.
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