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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 November 2013
I bought this because I was interested to see what Stone Temple Pilots would sound like with Chester. Inevitably people want comparrisons so here we go: Out Of Time is very much classic Stone Temple Pilots, allbeit with a different voice obviously, Black Heart and Same On The Inside are a bit different from the Stone Temple Pilots we are familiar with but they are still good songs, Cry Cry and Tomorrow are also something you would have heard on a classic Stone Temple Pilots record and Tomorrow especially is a really good song. The shame is too many people will write this new incarnation off because it isn't Weiland but the fact remains that either way this is really good music and if it were under a different name from Stone Temple Pilots I bet it would do really well. I hope it does really well anyway because the world could do with more bands like this and in the absence of the original line up being capable of producing more work we should not have to suffer the loss of a good band altogether.
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on 3 December 2013
It's nice to see S.T.P continuing to release music after Scott Weiland's firing and Chester Bennington does a fine job as frontman for the band although in my opinion he has big shoes to fill. Weiland's vocal style and lyrics were quite unique.
True fans of S.T.P will note that this is not the first time that the other members of the band have recorded with another frontman. That beng Dave Couuts. The band(and self titled album)Talkshow proved it could be done although the vocal style was very different from Weiland's and the album didn't do very well sales wise.

Will this be the only offering from Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington?
Scott Weiland and the band are fighting over who owns the S.T.P band name. Maybe they should have resurrected Talkshow?

Best song in my opinion is track 5, Tomorrow which I think sounds the most like S.T.P of old.
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on 18 November 2013
A great new EP which gives us all hope for a new album in the aftermath of Scott Weiland's departure from the band. Chester Bennington has got a great voice and he has fit in well with STP and seems to have given them a new lease of life. The STP sound is here for all to hear, and comes more to the fore with the new vocalist in tow. A great return for STP and some good tunes, with variety to the songs despite the typical STP sound throughout. Looking forward to more from STP.
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on 2 July 2014
Ill start by saying im a huge lp fan and bought this purely for Chester but wow the guitars and everything is classic rock.
Dunno how ive missed tgis band all these years.
Im going to make ut my mission to listen to them with there previous singer to compare
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on 9 December 2013
Chester Bennington is one of the most underrated rock singers on the planet, on this EP you could almost forget it was him singing, a fantastic set of tunes from a great rock and roll band with a genuinely top geezer singing for them
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on 4 November 2013
If, like me, you thought that STP were about more than just their lead singer, then you will find much to enjoy here. Scott Weiland may have gone, but the DeLeo brothers have delivered another, albeit shorter, set of solid songs.

More akin to the most recent STP album, 'High Rise' is definitely on the 'classic rock' end of the alternative rock spectrum, as opposed to the nu metal side normally frequented by Chester Bennington's main band, Linkin Park. That said, he turns in a fine performance here, providing a vocal which fits perfectly with the songs and which probably isn't a million miles removed from what Scott himself might have done.

In short, if you are a fan of STP, there's a good chance you will like this.

Past experience would suggest that the Mark II line up will only be an interim solution prior to a potentially more lucrative reunion of the classic line up. But if that does turn out to be the case, then I hope they hurry up and get an album out, rather than leave us debating about what could have been.
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on 8 October 2013
Chester's no Scott Weiland, but STP are still STP if this EP is anything to go by.

While lacking the sort of melodic genius Weiland brought to the STP table, Bennington proves himself a decent successor here. The instrumentation is as tight as ever, and the production sparkling. 5 decent tunes, that once past the 2 singles become less radio friendly and more inventive, once again breaking new ground for the band, something that was lacking on their recent self titled LP.

Probably not one for hardcore Linkin Park fans, unless they were already STP fans, but STP fans should find much to enjoy here provided they can concern themselves with music rather than personnel gripes.
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on 18 August 2014
I loved this as a Linkin Park fan - not sure what STP fans will make of it.It's still in the classic, rocking STP style - that hasn't really changed with the addition of Chester Bennington. I think his voice is actually really suited to it, and it reminds me of his Grey Daze days. Really liked these songs but why is it only an EP? Where's the album??
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on 8 November 2015
A new era and a new singer for a classic grunge rock band that were long overdue a resurgence.

It is great to hear Chester's voice being put to good use since Linkin Park have gone off the boil, and it works so well with the grinding rock of the Pilots.

Bring on a full length album!
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on 20 August 2016
Well... I've always been a STP fan in it's classic formation (with Scott Weiland on vocals), but it's a shame that Chester Bennington is not with STP anymore. High Rise is a great EP. I like all the songs. "Same On The Inside" is my favorite track. I give 5 stars with no doubt!!
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