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on 15 November 2015
A while ago I purchased an All Powers battery pack which claimed to be 12,000mAh. It wasn't anywhere near this, managing only a single iphone charge before declaring itself flat, and proved to generally be a piece of rubbish. This Tecknet power pack on the other hand cost about the same but is a genuinely good bit of kit.
You're never going to get the full stated capacity from one of these things but this certainly comes close and happily charges iphones and my 2200mAh ecig several times over before requiring a charge itself. It will fully charge my iPad Air 2 from 0% to full with plenty of power left over. Recharging it takes several hours, as you would expect given the capacity, but I tend to leave it overnight and it's mostly if not fully done in the morning. Using a higher powered ipad charging plug is faster than a standard usb plug. I haven't experienced any drop in capacity or capability with several months of almost daily usage.
I thought the Bluetek feature would be a gimmick, but no! It does indeed recognise the needs of the device being charged and ups the charge rate accordingly. For example, hubby's almost dead phone will charge much faster than my half charged one if I plug them in together. A very clever little feature!
Aesthetically the pack looks nice with the white finish and blue LEDs. It's not light but it's certainly not so heavy that I mind carrying it in my bag. I do think it's worth investing in a little case for it to keep it clean and stop dust and fluff getting in the ports, though. I have mine in a neoprene cover meant for a large Samsung phone and it fits nicely.
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on 31 March 2016
I have waited a while before posting a review for this as i saw a number of people claiming that it breaks after a short while. Well i have had mine (16000mAh version) for 10 months now and it gets a lot of use. I charge my phone off it, two tablets and a variety of other small gadgets. It has not only performed faultlessly over the time i have had it but it has never actually run out! I have had a number of similar things over the years and they always make big claims and hardly ever live up to them eg I had supposedly 4.4Ah chargers from a different manufacturer and i even emailed them to clarify the capacity and weather that also took into account the various losses in up/down voltage conversion (3.6 to 5 etc) and charging/standby losses but they assured me that the figures were not 'fudged in their favour'. But using bench measuring equipment, it was easy to prove the stated capacity was BUNK! Anyway, i digress, This one is great! Buy it! you'll never look back.
I saw a question relating to charging it while using it, so while i'm here, Yes it does that on the 16Ah model, I do that with it regularly
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on 10 September 2016
Great little device, Holds a lot more power than a " regular" power bank can so, Is a bit bigger in relation to those 2600mah single charge items. The extra size is worth it though, You can charge an iPad from empty to full with one of these! We took it to a festival and charged 5 devices up throughout the day with it and it still had about 25% left at the end of the day. The build quality is great. It feels really solid in your hand. The instructions are basic but it's a case of charge it up. Plug devices in. It's literally plug and play from the aspects of being charged and charging.
One thing that sets the 1600mah device apart from a lot of other power banks is that it can be charged whilst it is charging other devices. What's the point of that i hear you ask? Well.. You can run this alongside say a solar charger if you are camping or biking and know it's charging during the day and charging say phone or USB power fan / light for one. Another use we found for it was on holiday. The plug socket was a long way from the bed and we wanted to set an alarm and charge a phone at the same time. So we used the power bank between two usb cables to allow the phone to be next to the bed.
This is a versatile, Well build, Stable product and not the first Tecknet powerbank i have purchased. Would i purchase another? Without thinking twice!
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on 11 April 2016
This is a great portable charger.

I bought this to charge my devices while on the move, as needed something that could charge an iPhone from empty to full and do it again and again before being depleted itself. This does just that. I haven't run this flat yet. This goes travelling with me, in the UK and abroad.

I can charge my iPhone (or other device) from it and use it at the same time. It will allow the device to pull enough current, so that it can be used whilst being charged - as you would with a good quality mains USB adapter.

The physical design is sleek and unobtrusive. It's tapered sides make it feel smaller than it is when in the hand, which is a good thing. It's not too large though. Of course it's going to be much larger than the lipstick sized powerbanks which don't hold enough juice to completely charge a smart phone once. But it's still small enough to drop into your back pocket.

The built quality feels solid and reassuring. It has blue LED lights on it which indicate the amount of power remaining, and also the charging status while plugged into the mains.

It also comes with a micro USB cable with which you can charge the powerbank, or charge a compatible device.

Overall, I have found this to be a great product and would recommend it. In fact, based on my experience with this powerbank, I have since purchased other TechNet products, with no regret!
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on 28 September 2016
This is amazing. My family have a variety of battery packs but NONE are as good as this. This successfully and quickly charges my phone 3 times over or more before requiring a charge itself.

I stick the pack on charge overnight until full battery and don't have to worry about it for such a long time.

The only downside to this pack is that it's quite large, but still fits in lots of my smaller handbags. It's rather heavy too. If TeckNet were to produce something this powerful but slightly smaller that would be fantastic.

I have recommended this to all of my friends and a friend who borrowed it says she's going to buy one herself because it's so good!
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on 28 October 2014
Actually, this item seems solid. I've only got it around 16th October so a bit too early to comment on but so far, I've used it about 3 times now and it seems to hold power. It's impressed me at this stage but still watching. I think it's a really good product. It comes with a usb cable but no bag. It really doesn't look like something that will disappoint. I will recommend it. It's about 5.35" ie almost the size of a Samsung s4 in length tho but one quarter inch longer than it. In width, the s4 is definitely wider but the item is obviously sturdy. I will definitely recommend 95% until I come back in a month or two's time to say otherwise if I have to.

30/10/14; Update: The more I get to use this item the more I love it but it charges forever tho, over 12hrs! But I really don't mind. Item is really beautiful. It holds charge very well and doesn't discharge it quickly, which is a big plus to it.

23/10/15: Update: Still loving this item. It still retains power. Still can't fault it. Loving it. Highly recommended.
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on 24 December 2017
Excellent quality product. Worked well out of the box. Now over 3 years and
still carries 6 phone charges. Because I rely extensively on Phonemaps when
out walking, it is an essential piece of safety kit to keep your phone and maps alive
when hikes are longer than expected
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on 26 January 2016
I bought this after buying other, cheaper Chinese products which were all rubbish, poorly built and barely even half a charge of a phone. This product is far from those bad examples, the built quality is very good, solid feeling and the charge capacity is great.

I have had several External Battery models and I chose to buy this model as it had high capacity as well as 2A output.

Most of the mobile phones can charge with 1A output but for tablets require higher output or it will not charge.

Everything works fine and I can charge my phone about 3/4 times after one full charge of the external battery.

The size is similar to external HDD and it is quite heavy.

The other external batteries that I have had which have smaller capacity are much more compact and does the job.

In conclusion - it is good buy if you need high capacity power for your devices and are in situation where it is difficult to find power sockets.
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on 17 August 2017
I had brought this product several times in the past before. I did have some difficulty with the product most recently, however I emailed the customer service of the company and the response and support that I received from them was overwhelming. They were so understanding and supportive which was very pleasant of them to do so as I have contacted customer service on other companies who didn't even bother replying to a simple message. Tecknet dealt with the situation and were so understanding which was incredible. Would 100% recommend this product and company to whoever as its worth the time and money. Would definitely purchase again. Thank you
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on 31 March 2015
I honestly can't believe just how fantastic this power bank is.
I have a galaxy S5 and the power bank is roughly the same size, thicker though.
Yes it takes a long time to fully charge the power bank but that's because it holds enough juice to power a small town! I charged my S5 four times when it was on less than 30% battery remaining and the power bank still had more than a third of its juice left in it. And that was over a month too so when you charge the power bank up it doesn't drain when you're not using it. Certainly not to any great extent anyway.
It charges the phone as fast as if it were charging from the mains too.
I saw one review saying don't lose the charging lead that comes with it because charging times are dramatically increased when using other leads. That's only because that person obviously bought a cheap lead with reduced capacity. I've used the power bank with several other quality leads with no problem.
I'd be very surprised if there were anything better on the market than this item at this price. I love it!
And you can charges two things at once from it!
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