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on 20 January 2016
Third installment in the Hannibal series, this time the battle is situated in Sicily with the siege of Syracuse. Hanno is send to the city as per Hannibal's order in order to train and advise the leadsmen who support Carthage. Quintus is also sent to Sicily to participate in the dramatic first attack and siege on Syracuse. At an amazing and bloodstunning pace you can see that the story will lead to an encounter of the two old friends in their battle against each other in both arms. The end was bit rushed and I was hoping that Kane would took more time to tell what happened after their meeting during the battle in the city, I was also dissapointed in the end as I thought this was the final chapter of a triloy. My dissapointment was gone immediately when I read in the author's note that their would be a next novel in the series, can't wait till the day this one comes out!
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on 16 June 2016
The final installment of the Hannibal series finds our former friends on Sicily, facing each other across the walls of Syracuse. What follows is another meticulously researched book from the master of Roman historical fiction. There is plenty of detail to satisfy the most ardent of readers whilst maintaining a tempo to keep the casual reader engrossed. The characters are so believable that you will start thinking of them as personal acquaintances. You'll either love them all or have a strange feeling of caution about some of them. You'll certainly be thinking about the book and the people long after putting the book down. The sheer horror of warfare, and in particular siege warfare is described in great detail throughout this book. Both forces are responsible for horrendous events which occurred during this period and Ben Kane is not shy about trying to pretty up these scenes. It is another brutally honest book. The descriptions of the first Roman assaults on the walls of Syracuse are realistic and enlightening at the same time. The ingenuity of Archimedes is clearly a strong influence on Ben and quite rightly his inventions are given the respect that they deserve. I can not recommend this book and this series highly enough. Ben Kane is for me the best writer of Roman historical fiction and any reader of Simon Scarrow and Bernard Cornwell will find these books more than to their liking.
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VINE VOICEon 2 September 2014
Ben Kane’s Hannibal series has been impressive and this is the third (and I sense there will be more).

Set during Rome’s war with Carthage, our central characters are friends who sit on either side of the conflict. In the middle is Aurelia, sister to the Roman Quintus and in love with Hanno who is from Carthage.

Much of this is set on Sicily and the Roman siege of Syracuse and the conflicts and adventures of our three main characters to bring into context the backdrop of the war and the siege. These were not nice times and Ben Kane does well to give us a good perspective from both sides and allows us to have a balanced view. It’s authentic, bloody and brutal.

My favourite is the first in the series, I thought it was brilliantly delivered by the author. I enjoyed this one, but if I had an annoyance with it, it would be that Aurelia seems to have become reckless beyond belief and I found her level of stupidity a little frustrating. Having said that, Hanno and Quintus are as engaging as ever and the story is as vivid and exciting as we have come to expect.
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on 13 March 2016
The Third Hannibal book, "Clouds of War" is another superb offering from Ben Kane, who is a genuine master at story telling, weaving characters from opposite sides of the lines, into a thrilling and realistic description of some of the bloodiest battles the world has ever seen. Like some of the reviewers I turned the last page thinking that the ending was somewhat underwhelming until I read the authors notes saying a 4th Hannibal book would be written after the Eagles at War series, the second of which is just days from release. Clouds of War is possibly the best of the Hannibal series, and demonstrates superbly Ben's skill for historical story telling, brilliant, keep them coming.
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on 18 April 2016
The third of the Hannibal series and the aftermath of Cannae, a battle so bloody that casualties to that extend would not been seen until the battle of the Somme, some 2200 years later.
Starts off a little slow, as Hannibal awaits the Roman surrender, which to the rules of war he should have received, but never does. Instead the Romans pull back, regroup their Legions and look for easier pickings than the great general. They turn to Sicily and the Greek city state of Syracuse.
A lesser known theatre in the Second Punic War, the siege of Syracuse has mixed results for the Romans. A failed naval assault, thanks to the legendary machines greater by one of the greatest minds of the ancient world, Archimedes.
Quintus, now a disgraced surviver from Cannae sees him exiled with the Legions against the Greeks of Syracuse. Though the tyrants of the island do have a Carthaginian adviser, Hanno, and a Roman mistress, Quintus' and Hanno' love Aurelia.
Bens description of the battle again is superb, the attention to detail second to none. Also available on YouTube is a video of Ben at Syracuse, describing the battle, a must watch.
A nice touch was the lead up the book Ben run a completion/raffle for a chance of the winners being mentioned in the book, which was nice to see at the back.
Looking forward to the return of the series, where the conflict heats up again between Roman and Carthage on the Italian Peninsular and moves to Spain. Don't leave it too long please Ben for another top notch novel 👍🏻
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on 7 July 2014
After reading the rubbish reviews for this I feel I had to re-post my original review I do not believe the reviewers have actually read the book.

I'm not sure there's anything Ben Kane writes that I do not love to read. The amount of work that goes into producing each book is amazing. With meticulous research of the period, the political, military and social scene, he paints a very vivid picture, The Battle for the Harbour with the use of Archimedes Claw was very descriptive you could almost smell the fear of the Romans as it is swung into action with devastating effect. Hannibal Clouds of War, is the third in the series but not the last. if you have not read the others I suggest you do for an incredible roller coaster through the 2nd Punic War.
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on 1 October 2015
This is an excellent read, I thoroughly enjoyed every page, didn't even skip pages! The subject, apart from the usual elephant stories, has somehow passed me by until now. Ben manages to get the historical facts in, blending with all of the human elements, another one of his books that kept me reading until 2 am because I didn't want to put it down. I would recommend this, and any of his other books to discerning readers who like a well rounded historically accurate thoroughly enjoyable tale.
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on 19 April 2016
The third novel in Ben Kane's Hannibal series, set around the seige of Syracuse two friends find themselves on opposing sides; Hanno is sent to ensure the city holds out against the Romans while Quintus fighting in the ranks of Romes legions takes part in attempts to storm defences designed by Archimedes.

The novel explores both the strategic and political side of the conflict from the point of Hanno, and also how it would have been for the legionaries from Quintus's side of the story.

There are a number of plots running through the story including Quintus's sister who loves Hanno and Quintus's relationship with his centurion which give the story more depth.

In short this is another great book by Ben Kane highly enjoyable, vivid descriptions of both land and sea battles while keeping the characters engaging.

Hopefully there will be a follow up and a continuation of the Hannibal series.
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on 29 September 2015
Now that all three of these books have been released, they are a seriously good read for anyone who loves an epic story which, unusually, isn't written from the perspective of a hero such as Hannibal or Scipio.

Rather than give any of the story away, I'd definitely recommend you grab all three parts of this trilogy, settle down and blast your way through a finely written, exciting and meticulously researched set of books which are truly 'unputdownable'. Thanks again to Mr Kane for producing a superb trilogy.
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on 24 August 2014
Having read the other Hannibal books , I found this one to be no exception. A really good story line, great characters . The daily life of people was interesting and graphic as were the descriptions of conflict, battle scenes. I read for entertainment and this fullfilled
my criteria. I also learned many things I did not know Historically. It would seem the research was very thorough. Having read much of Ben Kane from a Roman perspective the loyalties of this book make a divided sense of belonging to the Carthagian cause. Thats what good authors do to you. Great read !! Enjoy.
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