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on 28 October 2014
Not the best Womans Murder Club book (but the last one annoyed me even worse when Boxer went back to work when her baby was only 2 weeks old. Then the baby had a cancer scare and Boxer was nipping out to visit crime scenes in between hospital visits - seriously, come on!!) Also felt like the main story didn't quite wrap up at the end of the book.
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on 31 December 2014
Disappointed! Having read the entire series I have to agree with others quality is going downwards.

Three plot lines running at once was confusing. I found myself caring little about what was happening with yuki and Brady and skipping these chapters. The cindy and jackie plot line was great - until the end.
All that build up and all she does is show up at the end, with a gun, in broad daylight and get shot. Hardly #5 on Americas most wanted list. As for the main plot line - has my kindle broken? What was the ending? Did they get any evidence to prosecute? We're there anymore bombs? Did chucks reopen?

I will buy the next one - but if it's the same issues again I won't buy more. I think Patterson perhaps needs to limit the amount of books being released by him and his "co-writers". It seems tome forgoing quality for quantity (although undoubtedly this way is more profitable - it's a shame for true fans)
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on 5 October 2015
I thought this was another gem in this terrific series and didn't really understand all the bad press it's getting and awful reviews. I enjoyed it the same as the others.......my only complaint is we didn't see much of Claire in this instalment.
I've never heard of belly bombs and it's quite a horrifying thing unless it's just something Mr Patterson has invented. These days, who can tell ??
Not sure why he added a space in foot well which is usually the one word and irritatingly one character's name altered from Worley to Morley within a couple of pages. Those were the only mistakes I spotted though, which is better than in previous e-books of his.
I loved all the sweet parts with Yuki and her man in this story although nothing was plain sailing for them, that's for sure !! I'd love to see Cindy and Richie make amends too. Fingers crossed for number 14 !!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 July 2014
My last few books in this series have been something of a let down. However, this latest instalment has somewhat restored some of my previous faith in these Patterson books. It seems that Lindsay Boxer has returned somewhat to her previous personality. What at first appears to be a routine accident on the Golden Gate Bridge, actually turns out to be the start of a disturbing case. The victims look like they have ingested bombs. Lindsey and Richie need to work out who and why.

In addition to this, we see Yuki (2nd of the 4 WMC) get married to Brady (who also happens to be Lindsay’s boss). As they go off on their honeymoon, it appears that another thread to the story emerges with an attack on their Cruise ship. If that wasn’t enough then the return of Mackie Morales is the thread to complete the lot. Mackie was an ex-colleague of Lindsay’s who turned out to be a ruthless killer. She is now back and looking for her revenge. It seems that while Mackie is back, Cindy (the 3rd in the 4 of the WMC) is chasing her right back to give her, hopefully, the biggest story of her career in journalism. It appears that Clare (the 4th of the WMC) didn’t want to make much of an appearance.

The writing style is the usual short and sharp affair, which always maintains my interest. Although there are three threads to the story the downside was that it at times appeared a little disjointed. That aside, I thought it was pretty pacey and the reintroduction of Mackie Morales made for a pretty exciting story too. I think the series is a far cry from being where it was in the early days, however this latest book I think is a big improvement on some of the others.
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on 11 April 2015
This is the weakest of the Women's Murder Club novels and I have read and enjoyed all the others. The writing is simplistic and childlike with poor plot development and outcomes for each of the three plots which were fairly predictable. Patterson is best when writing alone as in the Alex Cross novels. His co-authors who I imagine do most of the writing are less consistent and sometimes downright poor as in this case.This book gives the impression of being churned out without much thought and checking by Mr Patterson. Seemingly Miss Paetro must have been engrossed in "50 Shades of Grey" as we even have the "Oh my " additions to love scenes! Oh dear!
I think Mr Patterson et al need to concentrate more on quality rather than quantity in the future.
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on 10 July 2015
I have to agree with many other posts that this certainly wasn't one of Patterson's finest. I wonder what the relationships are with his co-writers? Do they write them & he puts his name to them as this one certainly lacked any real depth. Too many stories that were totally unconnected and rushed. Particularly hated the Yuki honeymoon scenario, stupid & pointless plot. I read this on my Kindle and, at the end of the book, skipped backwards as I was convinced it can't have ended where it did with no real conclusion to the main story in my opinion. The book is easy to read and I've already bought the next book so I'll give it a try. If it doesn't improve the WMC books will go the same way as Martina Cole & Patricia Cornwell and will remain unpurchased.
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on 18 March 2014
OMG James Patterson is trying to kill me. I nearly had a heart attack myself reading this one. His genius is in his characterisations.
I love the characters in this series and secretly cheer them on when they get the bad guys. As per usual there are three stories for the price of one. Lindsay and Rich are trying to track down some maniac who is blowing folk up from the inside out. Yuki and Brady are in deep trouble and end up fighting for their lives. Ace reporter Cindy is still chasing her big story and may be placing herself in danger as a result. Morales is more deluded and demented since last we heard of her and she is out for vengeance, but who is her target and will she succeed in her mission. Lindsay and baby Julie have a close shave and Cindy shows just how heroic she can be Cindy and Rich are not yet reconciled which is my only disappointment, Fantastic yet again. Mr Patterson not writing quickly enough for me, I'm seriously addicted.
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on 4 October 2014
Don't you just hate it when you are left in limbo and wondering when you will find out what happens in one of the cases covered in the book? It doesn't happen very often but when it does its very frustrating. Mr P. you will sell your books no matter what so there is no need to leave things open ended to ensure readers buy no 14. Apart from that, it was as usual an excellent read. Over the years you feel like you know the characters so well and I can't wait for the next one. I can happily recommend this as I am sure that like me, everyone who reads the women's murder club are hooked, but I have dropped a star for the unfinished ending.
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on 11 October 2015
Another good read in the Women's Murder Club series. Although recalling a previous story in the series, this one can and does stand alone. Chapters are short and punchy as is James Patterson's style. Cindy is more prominently featured that Lindsay or Claire. While Yuki on her honeymoon cruise is captured by pirates. Possibly all a little far fetched but hey ho what more can you want from a holiday read - unless perhaps you are on a cruise.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 October 2016
I really like the Murder club series but I have found the stories lacking in substance over the past few books. I would rather Mr Patterson take longer writing a good book than churning out many within one year.
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