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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2012
The Liars have made a career out of never making the same album twice, Wixiw sees them incorporate a thick layer of electronic noise of the top of their tribal rhythms and bleak lyrics. I guess Kid A by Radiohead is the first reference that comes to mind.
I really like it.
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on 7 June 2012
Its strange to think i have been listening to Liars now for what a decade?From the debut They Threw Us All In....,to the weird concept albums They Were Wrong...,Drums Not Dead to Liars and last album Sisterworld.Its been an enlightening journey i must say,strange,frustrating but always cool,always surprising.
Liars are a band who you cannot second guess,where i always feel a sense of anticipation with each album wondering what direction they will be going in.Top marks must go to label Mute for supporting such a band who at times wilfully puzzle an audience,routinely challenge...its a beautiful thing to see a label nurture a band in a day and age where we are led to think albums,bands,aesthetics no longer matter.
WIXIW is a dense record far more in line with electronica,an off kilter ambient album.Liars are striving for something big,i have no idea what this big thing is but it sure is magical......i am not quite sure if Angus and the boys know themselves either.This is a good thing,working in the realms of exact precision is over rated.I have always felt the albums of Liars once they are all done will combine to paint a bigger picture,a rubix cube of sorts....like that one in Hellraiser.
What seperates Liars from being a god awful pretentious band is the palpable sense of fun,naivety,exploration.....you are in on it with the band.Angus most definetly a pied piper figure.I have no idea about the lyrics or what the songs are about.But i know i like what i think they are about.I must apologise for my woeful review of this album,i struggle to articulate when it comes to music,its pretty much based on abstract/emotional response music....lets just say i love this album,love Liars....surely the most important "alternative" bands around.I highly recommend everyone to join the journey.
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on 17 October 2012
Trio originaire de Brooklyn, les LIARS sont connus pour leur sens aigu de l'expérimentation. Débarqué en 2001, leur premier album portait une étiquette dance-punk. Depuis, ils n'ont cessé d'explorer des pistes, se renouvelant à l'occasion de chaque nouvel album. Le sixième et petit dernier se nomme WIXIW. Fondu dans une ambiance embrumée, c'est un album à la fois tendu et minimaliste. Le genre musical est ce qu'on pourrait appeler de l'électronique soft- industrial, soit un style conceptuel, qui privilégie le stress à la douceur mélodique. Les seules guitares présentes sont nappées d'un écho leur permettant de se fondre dans le décor. C'est un disque au genre atypique, délicieusement malsain, qui maintient à son écoute une impression de demi-sommeil, comme un rêve éveillé dont on peine à s'extraire. Il sonne comme une rencontre virtuelle entre Aphex Twin et Radiohead. A écouter dans un contexte posé, et réservé à un public averti !
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on 6 July 2012
An amazing piece of incredible work, such vibes as of from Radio'world' & Under'head' going on throughout ... "Bring me Breakfast after Dinner..." Much more pleasing to the ear and less about the drum, however much we love him & everything he drums... X
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on 10 October 2012
A transitional album I think? Personally, I think it's a little late for Liars to begin pursing an electronica-based direction, & I get the impression that, for the first time, they're following well established trends rather than carving their own uinque swathe through the musical chaff? Though their abrupt change of direction is rather brave, much of WIXIW sounds like a first draft. Given another few months' hard graft, it might've become a bona fide classic. An interesting diversion - albeit by one of the finest bands in the world. An intriguing listen, though not an entirely successful one.
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on 4 June 2012
To be honest I don't know too much about Liars - This is my first album and their sixth for Mute. It has been stated as their first `real' electro release. The noise of guitars have been stripped out since Sisterworld in 2010 and has been replaced with synths, electronic drums and field recordings. The album still feels like a Liars release mainly due to Angus Andrew's vocals that have become even more dreamy. Only on the very electro Brats does the vocal get an industrial soft distortion makeover. The music is still driven by the bass, and the guitars still do pop up now and again.

I suppose Liars can be compared with other New York Indie rockers, post-punk revival bands like Interpol however it would seem Lairs have not lost their flare for the experimental and the strange. This is what makes Liars interesting but at the same time hard to listen to. You never really know what you will find around the corner. WIXIW (pronounced 'Wish You') is at times creepy, distant, cold, and electronic but at the same time human.

Lairs how been known to evolve their style from album to album those who enjoyed their guitar driven noise may find WIXIW a lot harder to stomach but possibly may gain a new following in an electro audience. Possibly harder to compare Lairs now with any other band as they are on their own musical path. WIXIW is co-produced by the band and Mute founder Daniel Miller (Depeche Mode, Yazoo).

Overall, a great new Liars release that some will enjoy immensely while others will despair at the direction the band has taken. Reviewed MP3 version as Vinyl has not arrived due to bank holiday. WIXIW
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