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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Bought this for my mother as she wanted a slightly smaller tablet - as she found my 10 inch tablet a bit heavy.

This tablet is ideal for holding COMFORTABLY with one hand. It feels more like the weight of a paperback book rather than a really thick hardback book (which is how I would describe my 10 inch tablet).

The screen is fast and responsive. The processor is only DUAL CORE so may not be ideal for really graphic-intensive games (eg games that are rendered in 3D).

However, this tablet is ideal for:
* reading ebooks - either using the free Kindle app or others you can get from the Google Play store
* watching shorter videos or perhaps a TV episode as opposed to say a longer movie (for which I would recommend getting a full size 10 inch tablet)
* browsing the web

Overall, a lightweight but not flimsy-feeling tablet with most of the features that you would want in a tablet (unless you are a power user). And at a great price.
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I am a keen iPad user and when the opportunity came to get one of these Galaxy Tab 3 (7") models I thought I'd try it as it's more compact than a full size iPad and much cheaper than an iPad Mini.

As I see it these are the pros and cons of this latest model, the Tab 3, 7 inch tablet from Samsung;


- Samsung build quality and pedigree - it looks stylish and feels well made.
- The size is ideal to hold in one hand (size = 111.1 x 188 x 9.9mm and it weighs in at 300g) - the bezel around the display is slimmer than the previous model.
- The 1024 x 600 pixel (WSVGA), 16M colour, TFT display offers a reasonably sharp image even when magnifying a web page or text but it's certainly no retina display - colours are good, although, not as vibrant as the AMOLED screens on some Galaxy products or certain competitors such as the Nexus 7.
- The Tab 3 sports a dual core 1.2GHz processor plus 1GB RAM and 8GB of built in storage expandable by 32GB through use of the Micro SD slot. I am using a 32Gb Micro SD card and the Samsung site says 32GB max but other sites suggest you can use 64GB. The SD card can be encrypted to make the data unreadable if it is removed.
- The overall speed of the device is adequate and it keeps pace with demands but performance is more Ford Focus than Ferrari.
- It has front and rear cameras - the front is 1.5MP for video calling via Skype etc. and the rear one is 3MP - their quality is okay but particularly the rear camera is modest by contemporary standards.
- You can lock and unlock the device using facial recognition or a PIN if you wish. If you face isn't recognised or light levels are too low you can unlock the tablet using the PIN - this system works well.
- The twin (stereo) speakers are quite effective considering the size of the unit plus it has a earphone socket.
- Battery life is reasonable - around 6 hours on average and the tablet can charge from a USB port or mains charger.
- Good range of connectivity - USB support (via micro USB socket), Bluetooth, DLNA support plus it has an accelerometer, geo-magnetic and light sensor support as well as GPS/GLONASS location finding technology. Also, supports both 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi.


- Comes loaded with the older Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS overlayed with a Samsung interface (the 8" model runs Android version 4.2.2) - I don't get why there's a step down from the latest iteration of Android in a product that is just being launched.
- The Android/Samsung interface is not as intuitive or as slick as the iPad in my opinion (but it is just that, an opinion).
- Considering Samsung have made their name through their expertise in screens the resolution of this screen is not by any means "leading edge" compared, for example, to the Google Nexus 7 although it is certainly adequate.
- Be warned, as far as I can ascertain, this model does not support HDMI via an MHL adaptor, although my understanding is that the Tab 3 8" and 10" models do.
- No flash on the rear facing camera.
- No SIM slot for mobile data on this model.
- No iPad style automatic cover lock.
- Quite pricey for the spec on offer especially with only 8Gb of built in storage.
- Samsung's Kies connectivity software is quite basic and can be temperamental.
- Nothing else obvious as yet.

This is one of those devices that works fine and delivers what it claims, but it lacks the emotional appeal of some other gadgets I own. I also think given that this is a brand new model, the specifications are modest by contemporary standards, delivering adequate but not outstanding performance. However, the Samsung pedigree ensures quality, support and immunity from the dangers of buying an unknown tablet plus, the size strikes an ideal balance between being portable, usable and viewable.

As my old schoolmaster used to say "he'll pass but could do better" - that's exactly where I am with this latest offering from Samsung. Finally, consider the 8" version of the Galaxy Tab which offers a step up in both screen size and specification (faster processor & more memory), although at present, the price is a fair step up too.
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on 18 November 2013
I bought the tablet for it's versatility & being lightweight and have not been disappointed. I did purchase an additional memory card as wasn't sure the 8mb would suffice. Delivery was next day & it was very easy to set up. Would definitely recommend
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on 5 August 2014
Fantastic tablet and perfect for my needs.
I bought my kids a Tab 2.0 7-inch each, but decided to treat myself to the Tab 3.0, which has a slightly bigger screen and faster processer.

For surfing the internet, communications, watching films, playing music and all the usual entertainment activities, it's a perfect tool. Very easy to use Andriod operating system and extremely portable as it's not huge, but the screen is perfectly big enough for watching a movie. The speakers are good for general sound reproduction and music sounds pretty good on them.

I would recommend getting a back case for it, as the back of the Tab is a bit slippy when holding it. I've also got a protective case to pack it away in. It occasionally freezes up, but I presume this is an OS issue, rather than the Tab itself. It usually either resets, or you switch it off and wait for a bit.

I prefer this Tab 3.0 to the Tab 2.0, patly due to the slim design, but also because of the 'Home' button, as this makes it easier to adjust from using the iPhone every day! The 'Menu' and 'Return' buttons are 'soft keys' and are illuminated when in use.

I've expanded the memory on mine with a 32GB micro SD card, so I can put a few films and some music on it.

I'd highly recommend this, especially to any Samsung or Andrio cynics, as I was really not sure about going for Andriod after having used Apple for so long, but it's a superb piece of kit and I use it every day!
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on 15 April 2014
Very easy to set up and find your way around. I would recomend the " Samsung Galaxxy 7' Tab3", if I can use it and( believe me, I'm not the sharpest tool in the bag ), them it won't disappoint.
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on 14 July 2014
I purchased this Android Tablet as an addition to my Kindle Fire HD. I was getting a bit frustrated by the unavailability of many and various Android apps I wanted but were not designed to function on the Kindle Fire.
The Galaxy Tablet 3 itself in much less bulky than the Kindle Fire too. It is slimmer in width, thinner and lighter. It comes with a lot of included apps, some of which are not for me - I'm 67 not 7! But I have now been able to download apps which I wanted.
The Galaxy Tablet 3 has built in GPS which I found to be really useful when I downloaded a navigation app for walking. It works outdoors with the addition of previous in App purchasing of OS maps. Brilliant! Went for a country walk and didn't get lost. This has to be a first, for me anyway who has a negative sense of direction.
As for the tablet itself, set up was very straight forward and quick, the screen is bright and clear, controls are pretty intuitive. The rear facing camera is adequate and has to be better than the ridiculous Kindle Fire camera which faces the operator and is only really any use for Skype.
One built in app caused the tablet to crash repeatedly, this was the Google maps app. It would freeze the screen totally and only a re-boot would get the Tablet going again. Maybe Google or Samsung would like to address that at some time, sooner rather than later. This is the reason for 4 not 5 stars.
And the prize for the dumbest built-in app has to be voice control. If anyone thinks I am going to start shouting at my tablet to get it to show me the weather, they can think again.
However I'm sure there are those who would love it. But like a lot of "progress" in apps and their functions, just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to. But I could see the app being handy for users who have difficulties with manual dexterity.
Sound quality is not great but small tablet sound is never much cop. Earphones are fairly essential for decent sound. The tablet also has a Micro SD port. I inserted a 32 Gb Micro SD chip and loaded it with lots of MP3 files. Playback is very good.
So if you want a reasonably cheap 7" tablet with built-in GPS that's easy to use, this is the one. Definitely recommended.
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on 12 February 2014
This is a excellent tablet, I've brought a few cheap ones which were rubbish. If your thinking of a starter tablet then this is it, its quick and smooth to operate. The only downside to this tablet is that you can not transfer games to the sd micro card at present I'm hoping that there will be a update to the firmware soon so this can happen. but other than that it's a great tablet and is keeping my 10 yr old son busy.
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on 26 January 2015
A really good piece of kit. It took me some time to get used to not having a mouse. The music software is remarkably effective and with virtually no effort you can get to any part of a large selection of music.
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" model seems to have been extremely popular with my friends and relatives recently. Thanks to the good name associated with the brand and keen pricing it appears to have become the model of choice for those looking for a good all-rounder tablet without spending a small fortune, and it's certainly why I ended up ordering this one. It's physically a little smaller than the Tab2 model it replaces and is comfortable to hold in the hand. It now features a micro USB connection rather than the Samsung connector which featured on the earlier models which makes it far simpler to connect to other equipment and also to recharge it since that connector also features on most modern mobile phones.

Set-up is pretty easy even for those new to Android, but anyone with an Android smartphone will be familiar with the way it works. It helps if you already have a Google account but that can be done online beforehand if preferred, or even ignored altogether (that's what one friend of mine has done). Battery life has been very good so far and I've found the tablet performs well at most things - even for some of the tasks that are more demanding of its technical capabilities such as watching films, and although the screen isn't as high-resolution as some of its more expensive competitors it does still look good. This model is also likely to benefit from upgrades to the Android software in the future; they're issued free of charge by Samsung and the much talked about `KitKat' update is expected at some point in 2014. One thing I've noticed to be missing from the Tab 3 is the Samsung SmartStay feature which detects when you're looking at the screen and keeps it on. Although the system isn't perfect it does seem to be a backward step not to offer it any more on what's supposed to be an upgraded model.

For protection I bought the IVSO® Slim-fit Stand Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Tablet (Black) which is actually a newer version of the one I'd bought for my old tablet. That has proven to be very good which is why I was happy to get another. As for the tablet there's actually little change over the old Tab 2, and I don't think it's worth buying this one if you already have the old one. However, for newcomers I think that it works well as a simple tablet and it would make a great introduction to anyone looking for their first one. I'm not new to tablets or to Android but can still say that as a simple, small tablet it's just right for the price.
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on 29 July 2014
Excellent product. Compact and yet large enough to add documents. Will be used in a nursery setting for observations and photographs to produce a learning journey for each child. Light and slim to carry. Very happy.
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