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on 21 July 2015
There simply isn’t a better hard rock band that is as relevant and current as Alter Bridge. Formed in 2004 after the breakup of Creed, Myles, Mark, Brian and Scott are now headlining and selling out arenas worldwide and present their fourth studio album “Fortress.”

You never fix something that isn’t broken, and Alter Bridge stick to the same tried and trusted formula of melodic hard rock. It’s all here, the infectious melodies, crunching guitar riffs, moody bass lines and thumping drums.

It’s their heaviest sounding record to date, catchy lead single “Addicted to Pain” sets the overall tone with other heavy rockers “Farther Than The Sun” and “Cry Me A River” standout songs.

No ballad here really, nothing like “Watch Over You” from the blackbird album. “Lover” sort of gets there but in the end turns into a mid tempo number along the same lines as “All Ends Well.”

At over seven minutes long, album closer “Fortress” drags a bit, plenty of soloing but in my view probably a weaker song on the album.
Overall though, you’d be hard pushed to find a better hard rock record released in 2013. Alter Bridge are also benefiting as well from Myles’ work with Slash, giving them extra exposure.

In summary, “Fortress” is a sublime record. Alter Bridge deserves immense commercial and critical success; the latter has already been achieved with commercial success growing by the day.

If you love your rock, you cannot fail to love this record.
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on 4 October 2013
I don't think I have ever anticipated an album as much as this one. I had gathered from interviews that AB were taking a less commercial, more heavy approach and I worried that they might go too far in that direction. However, this album turns out to be a perfect blend of great riffs (monster riffs in fact!!) pertinent lyrics and just great songs.

I must say I think the first three albums were five stars aswell, but there is just something about this album that makes it their best. I think that the previous albums were slightly more accessible, but having now listened to Fortress approx 200 times it has become my favourite. Cry of Achilles is a contender for best song on the album and is an absolute epic. Other songs that I think are highlights are Calm the Fire and Farther than the Sun. Tremonti sings lead vocals on Waters Rising which was a nice surprise and just shows how talented a band Alter Bridge really are. The overall sound of the album is really heavy and powerful and its obvious that Baskette has done a fantastic job with the production.

I would love to see this album go to No1 on both sides of the Atlantic so that AB get the exposure that their sheer talent deserves. But we all know that real talent isn't rewarded with a high placing in the charts, and this desperately frustrates me. I don't even want to mention certain bands names, but I bet Myles Kennedy has more talent in one of his fingers than some bands nowadays have!

Rock on Alter Bridge, the greatest band on the planet!
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on 3 October 2013
As a fan of Alter Bridge from the moment I first heard "One Day Remains" in 2004, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of this, their fourth album, but even I could not have imagined the level this one reaches. From the first notes of "Cry of Achilles" through to the last of "Fortress", this is sheer quality, class, power, and musicianship, which simply blows me away! Perhaps their time between ABIII and this album, when each member went off on different adventures, the highest profile of which was probably Myles Kennedy teaming up with Slash, (a hugely successful and potent collaboration), has re-focused the band, but whatever, the fact is that each track is just stunning. Songs seem to go off in directions which are unexpected, but exciting, and yes there is a "Muse" type feel to a couple, but you are never in doubt that this is Alter Bridge at their very best. Myles Kennedy has to be by far and away one of the best rock vocalists around and with each album he has got better and better, as well as being a brilliant lead and rhythm guitarist, but on this album he soars in a way this is an absolute joy to listen to. Mark Tremonti pulls out all the stops with his guitar work, the solo from "Bleed it Dry" is perhaps his best yet, comparable with that on "Blackbird", and that is high praise indeed! He is a fine singer too, as proved with his taking the lead vocals on "Waters Rising". The combined talents of Brian Marshall and Scott (Flip) Phillips on bass and drums respectively give this album the perfect thundering back beat when required, they too are on top form. There are no fillers here, just absolute quality, once heard, you will want to play again and again, each sing has so much happening that you want to extract the maximum enjoyment from them, in case there is something you might have missed. Stand out tracks for me are "Lover", "Bleed it Dry", and the hopeful "All Ends Well", but really every track deserves a mention. I know the lyricism of ABIII was quite downbeat, and if you glance at the lyrics in the liner notes, as I did before actually playing this album, you may well think, "here we go again", but whilst the lyrics might sometimes be seen as negative, trust me when I say nothing could be further from the truth when the music kicks in. This album deserves your attention, and respect, as one of the best (if not the best) releases of this, or indeed any other year. If they were not big time before, then this album should propel them into another league. Alter Bridge have taken things to another level, and for that I thank them, BRILLIANT!!!
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on 28 November 2013
I read a lot of reviews for this album ahead of going to see AB at Wembley this year. Some comments went so far as to call it their best album yet, which made me think "Hold on a minute ... they have done 3 immense albums ... are you sure this is that good?" but having listened to it non-stop for over a month I can honestly say they are right. Awesome song writing, superb musical blend and the tunes all just get inside your head. My particular favourites are the opening track Cry Of Achilles, track 4 Lover and track 9 Farther Than The Sun. That is now 4 stonking good albums from this band, who seem to get better with each release ... I heartily recommend you buy this ...somehow they have topped AB III ...and trust me that takes some doing
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on 25 December 2013
The latest offering from Alter Bridge is a truly amazing album, this band just keep going from strength to strength. I did on believe it was possible to improve on Blackbird and ABII but boy have they and how. The brilliant lyrics, melodies and guitar rhythms are enhanced by Tremonti's astonishing lead guitar.

The album took a little time to get used to I must admit but now its on in the car, gym constantly now. Favourite tracks for me are Bleed it Dry, Waters Rising, Calm the Fire, Cry a River and Lover. I also saw the band live in Birmingham earlier this year and the experience is awesome these guys are the next megastars of rock, let there be no doubt that!

So if you have not already done so, buy this album crank up the volume.....you will not regret it!
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on 2 October 2013
I've been a fan for many years and seen them live on numerous occasions. With their last release ABIII, as good as it was, I felt like I wanted more! Greedy, perhaps? Fortress is an amazing album from start to finish and it sounds like an album. Not just a couple of big tracks and the rest 'filler' - this is complete.

Musically it surpasses the amazing 'Blackbird' album, because of its range and myriad of styles. The vocals are incredible and the musicianship is superb. This is a band that have had a tough run of things, work incredibly hard and put their hearts and souls into their music.

This album marks a new level of energy and exciting times ahead. Go buy it, you won't be disappointed!
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on 12 October 2013
There's no big changes here to the AB formula but that's a good thing. You know what you're gonna get, hard hitting riffage with great vocals, melodic choruses and a solid rhythm section. But the songs have taken a step up on Fortress with some stunning guitar playing. Cry Of Achilles and Fortress are pure class but there's hooks galore on songs like Addicted To Pain and Peace Is Broken. Myles as ever is in great form, especially on the emotive Lover and there's even another chance to hear Tremonti's surprisingly good vocal chords.
Unsurprisingly, given that AB are so consistent, there's no filler and the bar has been raised again.
Buy it!
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on 11 October 2013
These guys are really talented musicians with the best vocalist in Rock. It is amazing they do not get any airplay on UK radio, people should be hearing this music. AB always manage to throw something new and exciting in the mix with their new albums and this does not disappoint. Do not expect a rerun of earlier albums - open your mind and listen to the beautiful vocals, lyrics and guitar playing - amazing. There's only one track i felt let them down but will leave that to you to check out. Go get it now, you will be glad you did - enjoy!
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on 8 October 2013
Wow, what an album! Just like most I have followed Alter Bridge since the downfall of Creed and since the day they were formed I have loved every minute of the countless number of hours I have spent listening to their music both on cd and live.

Fortress is a superb album, and quite possibly Alter Bridge's best (yes even better than Blackbird). The band have experimented quite a lot with their musical style on this album with progressive influences, melodic, classic rock, and also Tremonti's love of heavier metal music all being used to superb effect. Myles' vocals are as good as ever and the songs lyrically brilliant.

Each song is as good as the other but in it's own different and unique way which makes for great listening and no filler tracks. Cry of Achilles is a great way to open the album and from that moment right through to the ending track Fortress your ears will enjoy what they're listening to. Stand out tracks for me have to be Cry of Achilles, Bleed it Dry, Lover, The Uninvited, Waters Rising, Cry a River and Fortress itself but every song is fantastic.

All in all, if your an Alter Bridge fan you need to buy this album and you will enjoy it for sure. I can't wait for the arena tour now with Shinedown and Halestorm, what a night that will be!
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on 11 January 2014
if you want the commercial stuff this is not it . Alter Bridge are the rock worlds best kept secret. word of mouth fan base building and an Alliance between band and fans that is unbelievable.
fortress is album number 4 and is a monster rock record to compliment the first three albums.
try the samples and if its for you, welcome to AB. if not don't worry we are still the happiest fans on planet rock.
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