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on 5 October 2013
I have to say this album has restored my faith in metal as I thought it was going down the toilet a bit with what passes for 'metal' these days.
I also can't help wondering though if this should've have been the new Slipknot album.

With that said I LOVE this album very heavy but also very melodic and I hope it's not a one off from the best drummer in metal, a bit confused though when I ordered the album the free MP3 version was the deluxe edition, but when the CD arrived I got the standard version.

All in all a good album will appeal to Slipknot fans, like me, and those who just love a good metal album, not quite album of the year for me, waiting for the new Trivium album before I decide but awesome none the less.
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on 17 October 2013
When i first purchased this album i must say i was not nail biting waiting for it to drop onto my doormat. However this is some of the best stuff iv'e heard in years! The best way to describe this album is almost like a complex food recipe. You take a handful of Slipkot, a pinch of Murderdolls, a hint of American Head Charge and a dash of In Flames and somehow you get a new outcome which tastes familiar but at the same time very original. It took me a couple of cycles to put this album towards the top of my list of albums for 2013, but i can safely say its up there now and possibly holding the crown. With new albums from A7X, Killswitch and Motorhead to compete against i can safety say this album holds its own with each one of them, i have listened to them all of the above albums several times and i still return to this. This album almost has an addiction and keeps drawing me back to listen to it again and again and i must say ive not experienced that since SOAD Toxicity!!! By the way i am in no way comparing any of these albums that i have mentioned or favouring one above the other but what i do know is this album will never leave my Ipod and im already stoked for the next instalment.
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on 21 October 2013
With the recent hiatus of Slipknot and the sudden disappearance of Murderdolls, Joey Jordison has had a lot of free time on his hands to write a lot of material. Thanks to various interviews, namely one in UK’s Metal Hammer, Joey explained that he has written material ever since Slipknot finished their ‘All Hope Is Gone’ tour cycle, but obviously as we all know, Slipknot have yet to feel comfortable about recording new material due to Paul Grey’s sudden and tragic passing. Slipknot’s last release came out in 2009.

So time has passed and the fans have gotten a lot of snippets here and there of material, and from my first listening of the free EP largely thanks to Revolver, I can tell that this will be my ‘dark horse’ album of the year; surprising nonetheless. By now I’ve listened to the lead singe / music video “Blood Host” a thousand times over – it is one of the best singles of the year so far.

Joey Jordison, it must be said, has become one of metal’s most established and respected song-writers and musician of the twentieth century with his illustrious career with Slipknot, as well as forming Murderdolls, producing albums and touring with many bands worldwide. Scar The Martyr explores many of the otherwise unexplored avenues that Jordison hasn’t yet explored. To be fair he must have a ton of new material that hasn’t made the Scar The Martyr album and it will be interesting to see if any of that makes the new Slipknot when they decide to get back together. 2014 has been penciled-in as the year when they begin to record a new album, hopefully. But due to everyone’s other projects keeping them busy namely both now Corey being in Stone Sour touring their A House of Gold and Bones double album, and Joey with Scar the Martyr, it is hard to say if 2014 will be their year. Who knows…

Scar The Martyr is a very versatile album musically if you’re looking for an album with depth and variety, and in today’s otherwise stale metal music scene, Scar The Martyr is a breath of fresh air. It’s not an album which is just straight forward metal-by-numbers album. It is intriguing, multi-layered and versatile album which needs time to grow on the mind. When I first listened to it fully I didn’t really get it, and it took a few listens to really get my teeth around it – that’s what makes it more enjoyable when you actually struggle with an album. “Blood Host” comes actually halfway into the album, and it’s obviously one of my favourite songs from the album. It was also the first song released into the public domain, just so you know.

What I love about this album is the variation running through it, from the eerie “Intro” track, which sets up the album perfectly, and then you have “Dark Ages” which is one of the strongest songs on the album because it’s the first real music you hear if you are listening to this album first time through. I think this album is one of the best to come out in 2013, as I’ve previously gone over, as it’s produced well and all the music is fantastic. The added musicians who join in on the fray, who have previously been in other bands such as Strapping Young Lad and Nine Inch Nails, add an extra element to this album and even the otherwise unknown vocalist this makes for a brilliant début. Ever heard of him before? Me neither. The album shifts and sways but it stays to its heavy core, with a few soft songs thrown in here and there to throw the listener off balance.

But other than that, I can really add nothing else. This is a strong album from a very new project which I’m sure has been in the back of Jordison’s mind for some time, and if this a sign of things to come well I hope there’s more from Scar The Martyr in the near future.

Overall, Scar The Martyr is a brilliant album. However you come across this album – being a fan of Slipknot, being a fan of Joey’s entire repertoire or just discovering something new – I’m sure that this album will slowly find its way to get to you, somehow or someway. As I’m listening to it more and more I find myself doing exactly that: playing it again and again. “Oh just one more time,” I can hear myself saying as I press the ‘play’ button again. Come the end of 2013 and those annoying ‘best of’ lists, I’m sure that this album will be right up there – cat among the pigeons, as the saying goes.
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on 9 December 2013
The Murderdolls were something that is for sure, they burnt so brightly, taking Wednesday's day job to the masses of new mini moshers that Slipknot had created. Unfortunately their run was only a short one. Scar the Martyr are mush closer musically to Slipknot than the Murderdolls, this means that it is a lot less surprising for Joey's Slipknot fans, on the downside it probably means that it will make less of a splash even if it is appreciated by all who hear it.

Perhaps what holds this album back is the need for a more selective track list as it does tend to drag a bit when with a bit of a trim and touch up here and there it could have been an all killer no filler affair. As it is its not outstanding, which is perhaps what we all were expecting, it is however a solid stop gap until the next Slipknot album. It is a shame because if it had been released years ago it may have had major longevity but I think we should enjoy this release and perhaps not expect to see too much from them in the future unless they seriously up their game.

Check out `Dark Ages', `Soul Disintegration', Prayer or Prey' and `Never Forgive Never Forget'
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on 9 October 2013
What an awesome album, was not expecting it to be this good, def one of the metal albums of the year. Great guitars great vocals a mix of melodic and heavy sounds and superb drumming (obviously). Buy it now.
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on 3 October 2013
Wicked album, hopefully not a one off! Not sure about 'unlike anything you've ever heard', but deffo worth a listen and possibly the best album of the year so far!
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on 22 November 2013
this is a great album any fan of joey or slipknot will love this cant wait for album number two I have no dislikes with this album would recommend to a friend 5 out 5 thanks
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on 1 January 2014
good album, very long. have recently seen them live in nottingham very good effort from Joey and his crew. see if they can follow through when they to album 2
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on 6 February 2016
A blend of my other favorite bands i.e. Slipknot and Soil among others. No tracks I don't like which is unusual for me.
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on 29 December 2013
Brilliance from Joey (Slipknot) Jordison et al!! The album rocks on all levels and I recommend seeing them live !
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