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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2014
Perhaps the most reviled villain in modern history and cinema’s go-to bad guys, the Nazis, have enjoyed something of a renaissance in the horror genre recently. Hitler’s henchmen and their forays into horror don’t always yield the greatest of results, varying from the fantastic Dead Snow to The Asylum’s frustratingly comedic Bloodstorm. Naturally, this review is concerned with the third entry in the Outpost series, Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz.

Given that the first film and its follow up (Black Sun) were wildly different, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from OP3. What I got was effectively an action horror film that acts as a prequel to the events of the preceding movies. From the outset, the film doesn’t skimp on explosions, gore, death and horror, both of the war/action type and the zombie variety. Thankfully, the majority, if not all of the effects here are practical in nature, adding to the overall feel of the film and leading me to wince at some moments (I never have been able to sit passively during a throat-cutting scene!)

As can be seen from the front cover, Kieran Parker and his Outpost crew brought in a mountain of a man to assist with this film: the 6’5”, 300+lb MMA fighter James Thompson. Given the man’s pedigree, the fight scenes in OP3 are particularly well done and expertly choreographed by Carter Ferguson and at no point felt contrived or overly theatrical; lending a brutal and realistic aspect to the combat absent from many movies.

Ultimately, Rise of the Spetsnaz focuses on Dolokhov: a Russian special forces commander played by Bryan Larkin. For this role, Larkin apparently piled on 30-40lbs of muscle and seems to be channelling his inner Hugh Jackman here, complete with vest and gruff voice as he runs about the nazi bunker, despatching the enemy in fits of brutality.

As a counterpoint to the physicality of both Thompson and Larkin, Michael McKell plays Colonel Strasser, the man in charge of the experiments and an altogether more cerebral and sinister character than both actors named.

The film is not without its flaws. As with the second film, the zombies here are not the stealthy, sinister, supernatural creatures of the first. The zombies here are creations and seem to be the early stages of the experiment prior to its “success”. Again, OP3 differs from the first and lacks the suspense of the original. Also, there may be a degree of Larkin being too successful in his role, since I never particularly felt that he was ever in any real danger, since he despatched nearly all before him, whether it be Waffen-SS or unholy creation, with brutal ease. However, it’s nice to see a degree of continuity with the series in that Johnny Meres (The Breather/ Gotz) turns up!

Taking into account the film’s fight scenes and liberal amounts of gore, death and destruction, its 18 certificate here in the UK is well deserved and is refreshing to see, given that many genre movies these days will curtail their more graphic scenes in order to secure a lower rating and potentially bring in a greater audience.

It’s quite clear that there was a great degree of passion involved in this production from Kieran Parker in particular... and I’d be very surprised to find out that the Captain America reference is accidental! For me, Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz is a straight up, very much testosterone-driven action horror flick that is perfect entertainment for those looking for a blood-soaked and brutal hour and a half of nazi zombie carnage.
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on 20 March 2014
Fans of horror and gore won't be disappointed with this.

I saw this film at Frightfest last year and as a big fan of the first two, I thought it might be hard to top them. I was delighted to be proved wrong! I love my zombie films, and horror in general, so anyone with a like mind, I would strongly recommend to.

Be prepared for a lot of blood and gore!
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on 1 April 2014
I awaited this release having been a huge fan of the original. Part 2 was less my thing but Rise of the Spetsnaz is the best in the series if for no other reason than the all out action. It's the kind of movie that knows exactly what it is and delivers on the guts, gore and guns. Very atmospheric and it never lags. The Russian lead character, Dolokhov, Bryan Larkin was a tank of a soldier and you get behind his fight till the end. It also fills in some gaps in the trilogy as this is a sequel. Mostly like a war movie with a few Zombies and twisted bad guy. Highly recommend .
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on 4 March 2016
For me this film was a disappointment more of an attempt at a gory special effects futuristic fantasy. Its almost black an white to cover up the tomato ketchup blood. I noticed a resume bar when I selected it, strange I thought haven't seen this before so I clicked on the rent now button and watched from the beginning it was then I realized I had watched it some time ago on prime and gave up half way through, no real story line, just got bored with it. having paid to watch it again I still didn't watch it all and again gave up half way through.
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on 30 April 2014
This is a prequel story set before outpost and outpost 2, an introduction into the crazy Nazi experiments that were taking place in the secret bunker, set during WW2 a group of elite soldiers find their way there and are exposed to new horrors of the war, the whole movie looks very authentic, great costumes and the sets and scenery are amazing, most of the sets were re-used from the previous films, the cast is very good, the movie has great practical explosions and gun fights and there is plenty of action, probably more action than the last 2, there is plenty of blood letting too with blood sprays and throat cuts etc. and not forgetting the crazy mutated super human Nazi monsters that are unleashed! all in all this is a strong movie with a great set up and it has a couple of slight nods to the originals that lead on, if you like the originals then you will get the story and understand why they made it this way.
This import Blu-ray version is uncut, it is the black edition and comes in a cool looking black Blu-ray case, it says the running time is 107 minutes but that includes the interviews, the running time of this film from start to end is 87 minutes making it officially still 3 minutes longer than the UK 84 minute DVD version. The picture quality is very good on the Blu-ray and is certainly the best version to get for your money, there is also around 20 minutes of interviews which are interesting and explain a lot of detail about the movie and are in English, the movie is region B and plays in full English!
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on 27 March 2016
confusing movies these had to study them on amazon before buying as the second one was on tv not the first or third strange the first will be my next treat for myself great price and fast delivery to very pleased
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on 21 April 2014
This prequel should have not have been called an "Outpost" film.
Outpost 3 was an action film which loosely connected to Outpost 1&2 with the underground scenes having some familiarity.
It did not show the creation of the indestructible uber soldiers in the East European bunker but was a WWII capture and escape film with mutant fighters.
Outpost 3 was fun to watch but did not match the brutal impact and conclusions of 1&2
The outdoor action was strong and consistent but was missing the original bunker entrance location of 1&2 to make a connection between all of the films.
The end of this film, spoiler avoided, was nonsense because with the evidence taken why did it appear that nothing was done about the bunker until the present day bar scene at the end?
This is an excellent film but cannot be described as part of the Outpost story.
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on 11 June 2014
It is a prequel horror war film. Set in 1945, follows the Russian soldiers that discover the base where the Nazis have been doing their experiments. Bryan Larkin stars as Dolokhov, a man that'd put Zangief to shame. he is leading his team. Ivan Kamaras plays Fyodor. Michael McKell stars as the ruthless general Strasser. There is plenty of violence, swearing, gore. Brutal fight scenes. Special features is the making of documentary. Worth checking out. Also see War Of The Dead, Dead Snow, Frankenstein's Army.
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on 21 June 2014
Er... I must be missing something as this film clearly has its fans Don't understand the ratings here, this to me is a very poor film.
Dull violent, cliched, and predictable.Couldnt care less about any of the characters. Come on you Zombies, take out the ridiculous Russian hardman and finish this stupid film early.
Haven't seen the other films in the series and wont be bothering with the rest.
B Film? more like a Zzzz Film.
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on 8 June 2016
This film could be best described as a prequell detailing the events before Outpost 1 & 2. When a team of Russian commandoes find themselves transported to the underground lair of the Nazi Black Sun project they find a place worse than any of their nightmares where the brutallity of the 2nd World outside this hidden base seems almost normal. The story is told in a continuous flashback. It provides scares and gore as you see the cost of the original project as it nears completion. Be warned though there is strong up close violence but then if you have seen the other two well you have to expect it but it is a gore fest thrill ride as the survivors battle for their lives against a foe that sees them as a way to hone is undead legion. The way it adds detail and fills in the blanks of the other two films is a nice touch...but I don't want to say more than that.

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