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on 7 May 2014
I purchased this headset for my PS4 (via Gamestop) after waiting for nearly 3 months for the offical Sony Gold Wireless headset. I primarily wanted a wireless headset that would give me a slight edge in BF4 as in theory the surround sound should allow you to hear what direction an enemy is approaching from. The secondary reason is I wanted a headset to listen to films late at night without disturbing my flatmate.

The headset comes with 3 sound modes, all they really do is give you a deeper bass. Whilst the sound is impressive and gives explosions in game and in films a nice deep rumble, for the purpose of situational awareness in game is where the headset falls down. I've actually got a cheap Turtle Beach headset which I picked up for a quarter of the cost that does a better job of letting you know what direction an enemy is approaching from. Which is a bit disappointing considering how much the afterglow headset costs. Another gripe of mine with this headset is the fact that the mute mic and power button functions are controlled by one button which is about the size of a €2/£2 coin in the side of the headset. However it's not perfectly set into the headset (it doesn't always depress level) as a result occasionally when you go to mute or unmute the microphone during a game the button gets jammed in at a angle and the headset switches itself off.

To summarize if you have a PS4 and you're considering getting a headset for FPS multiplayer, I'd probably get the Sony Gold Wireless headset as its cheaper and comes with 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound. The cost of this headset doesn't really match its build/design quality in my opinion.
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on 20 August 2014
These headphones are brilliant. I own a pair of Turtle Beach PX5's and the Titanfall Special edition turtle beach headphones.

Compared to the PX5's, there is not a lot of difference in sound quality. These are slightly better in the audio aspect, they are slightly bassier. The afterglows are VERY comfortable. Much nicer to wear than any Turtle Beaches I have worn before.

The design of these is slick. They are really sturdy and the stand just looks awesome and very professional. You can change th colours on the headphone lights and stand if you wish. This is a cool little addition.

I have had no problems with the chat. However, I can not hear myself when talking though the headphones like I can with the PX5's.

These don't require batteries like the PX5's, they charge from the stand or the console (or any USB for that matter).

I was looking at some of the brand new Turtle Beaches but thought I would take a chance with Afterglow. I'm glad I did because they are brilliant.

Build - 8
Audio - 9
Looks - 10
Value for money (compared to other brands) - 10

The only bad thing was that there was a piece of plastic broken (possibly in transit as they were sent from Germany) inside the ear phone.

Overall I would highly recommend these headphones. They are incredible.
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on 13 December 2015
As my gaming has got more serious I have decided it was time for a serious headset upgrade. I spent a bit of time doing some research, looking for what I wanted, I found it in this headset and am over the moon with it.

The most important bits, sound and speech.
Sound, in my personal opinion is great, the quality is spot on, it has three tonal, settings, which are regular Dolby 5.1 Surround sound; Dolby 5.1 Surround sound with Bass boost, self explanatory; and Immersive Surround Sound, again, self explanatory. My personal favourite is Dolby with Bass Boost but that is just me. I find I don't have to put it in Immersive Surround in order to get the surround sound, I cope perfectly without that specific mode, and have never had a problem with my audio situational awareness using this headset. You do not have to guess which mode it is in as there is an LED on top of the microphone that changes colour according to the situation, sounds gimmicky but it means you can see at a glance the mode you're in.
Speech I am told there is absolutely no problem with the clarity or volume of my voice using this set. I love the microphone on this. Instead of like many headsets, the microphone either being on a boom, wire or built straight onto the headset this takes a slightly different angle. The mic is on a retractable flexible arm that comes out of the left earpiece, meaning you can have it out as much as you wish and position it how you like, either away or close to your mouth, or even just left retracted in the headset.
As you would expect from a headset of this price, you have both the volume and mixing controls (game vs chat) built into the headset so you don't need to experiment going into and out of an online game getting your set up as you like it just do the minimal necessary on your system then set it up on the fly in the game.

I absolutely can not fault comfort in any way, shape or form, I am one of those unfortunate's with both large and prominent ears and I have played games with these on for hours with absolutely no complaints. They are well weighted without being heavy, and a great fit over my ears causing absolutely no discomfort at all. The cross bar of the headset is also very well padded and you have plenty of room to vary the "spread" of the ear pieces according to the size of your head. Add to that as a sort of comfort note the charge on these is great, they last a good 13 hours odd, but sooner or later they WILL need charging, the charging cable, instead of being one of these minuscule 1m cables often provided, so once the charge runs out you have to sit 3ft from the charge point to continue, this set provides a 10m cable so you have PLENTY of ability to find a comfortable position without having to buy a longer cable separately.

Other bits.
Cross platform ability.
Yes this has it in spades. I can't speak for either XBox's although all the leads are provided, I have used it on PS3, perfect; PS4, perfect, PC, yep, perfect, again, I didn't bother with mobile devices, again the leads are supplied but I prefer the normal in ear headsets for my mobile devices but yes this as far as I can see is VERY cross platform capable.
Build Quality.
Again I can't fault it. It has a nice quality feel, the ear cup cushions are very comfortable, the buttons have a nice solid feel to them without being over stiff, the volume and mixing knobs are not too slack or stiff, it looks the part, in my opinion it ticks all the boxes.
Unlike some headsets, this one comes provided with a stand for the headset which also doubles as the transmitter for the headset, it glows a pleasant blue when powered up which is pleasing at night or low light situations, but it also means instead of the headset being left to sit on the floor, or desk or console or where ever you normally leave them you have a perfect place for storing them.
Just like the stand the headset itself glows, it is claimed there are 3,000 colours plus, I'm not going to count them as they are probably various shades and my eyes aren't THAT good, but, you do get a very good range of colours and shades, my only slight gripe is that it always starts on a default of Blue so if you have a colour you like then you have to select it every time you turn the headset but compared to all the positives that is a minor gripe.
You get all the leads you could possibly ask for, even seemingly with some leads that could be multi purpose being duplicated for each individual system.
Price, well this quality of headset is NEVER going to be the cheapest there is, BUT, for what you get, what it does, and arguably the many platforms you can use it on I would say it is excellent value for money and I am very happy to have bought it. Worth every penny.
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on 20 November 2015
On the + side
- Great sound
- Fits my head and ears well

The - side
-Mic is not the best(only ok)
-You get a little bit sweaty from the cups

Sound 9
Mic 7
Build 8
Value 9 (for a total of 95£ its great)

Over all a very good headset the best I have ever had
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on 15 August 2014
After having these as a gift i have had nothing but trouble, the microphone is tinny and the audio on the PC is/ can be a pain in the rear! Probably a better buy for console as trying to get them correctly set up if you have an independent sound card could be a little frustrating, for the best part they are plug and play and following the afterglow instruction video on you tube will have these up and running in minutes but if your like me and a bit of a perfectionist with your PC kit you will be cursing if you cant quite get things how you want them. I also have a constant buzzing sound in the right ear piece...not interference as i have tried these in different devices and with the provided cables etc really really annoying yet you cant hear this when there is a film or game on :/. When the volume is on and your in game the audio is OK at best...seems very difficult to find an happy medium especially as generally the bass is way too much to the point the headset feels like it wants to jump off your ears(not an exaggeration!) and it also distorts the rest of the audio... they are fairly clear at lower volumes but i think they spent all their time trying to push the 'glow' rather than the 'audio'.

Having had a pair of '5.1' headphones in the past and experiencing great audio this 'afterglow' headset will soon become an 'after thought'! I am fully aware that true 5.1 cannot be truly represented with headphones but i know the difference between good audio quality and cheap imitations... in the box there was a note saying if there are any technical difficulties do not return them and to contact pdp and submit a ticket in the support section... i have done this and after 5 day's of waiting still no response which is hardly what i would call professional.

If your buying these for the PC there's a good chance if you have had a good set of headphones before as i have then you will be disappointed with these... avoid at all cost's they really are not as good as they appear and the customer service is appalling/non existent!!
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on 1 August 2014
I bought these for my son to use with his PS4 he reports they are fantastic, great earphones and definatly do the job
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on 20 March 2014
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on 10 September 2014
Bought these for my son - who is an on-line gaming geek ... he loves them!
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on 11 February 2015
Bought these for my son for Christmas. He loves them. Good purchase.
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on 2 March 2016
I think it is great. I have not have any problems with it.
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