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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Price:£39.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 21 April 2015
This is an example of the "internet of things." Mr Peanut Butter and I have been testing this device for 7 months. So this is not an off-the-cuff review but an account of our real-world experiences.

In summary, this is for me an indispensable but flawed product. Since if I lost my dog I would pay anything to get him back, the cost of the device and the small monthly subscription represents a valuable assurance policy, even if it is not always 100% dependable under exigent circumstances.

Some basic parameters must be understood. This device incorporates not one but two RF devices. 1, GPS receiver and 2, a mobile phone SMS transmitter.

The third RF-dependent element is the smart phone application. This is a good solid app, but to receive full data from the device you will need a robust 3G or 4G signal.

So, if you live in an area with a weak or non-existent mobile phone signal, this will not work for you. The device requires a steady connection to a GPRS mobile network to communicate its position.

If you live or take your dog into into a deeply forested area, it will not work because the GPS signal will be attenuated or non-existent, hence the device will be unable to geolocate the dog. This is worse in the summer due to the phenomenon of green leaf attenuation.

Then there is a physical issue. Or two, really. The first is charging the device. This can be fiddly and you must be very careful that the contacts on the charger make a good connection with the device. If your dog loves leaping into muddy water (as does Mr PB) then the device will become dirty and the contacts less effective. I have found cleaning the contacts with a toothpick is usually a good solution. But I hope they can come up with a contactless charger in the future.

More serious, if your dog is very active and dives into brush in search of any passing wildlife to assassinate, you need to be very careful that the device does not detach from the clip that fixes it to the collar. This is without doubt the weakest point of the design. If your dog is less bold or active, this might not be a problem. However, this is not the case with Mr Peanut Butter. On two occasions, the device became detached. Fortunately, both times I was able to locate it because it became detached in a position with a good mobile and GPS signal. I was lucky because if it had detached in a stream or under a tree, it might not have been possible to retrieve it.

We have tested the device in two locations. In rural Surrey, England, the most heavily wooded part of England, it is of limited value. The mobile signal is often feeble or non-existent and the GPS reception intermittent. The last position received may be nowhere close to where the dog has subsequently moved. This is assuming you can receive any information on your phone, which is likely to be similarly impaired by the environmental problems.

But in rural Hérault, France, with wide open skies and 4G everywhere, it works like a dream.

We are now on our third device. The first failed quickly and would not charge or indeed show any signs of life. It was promptly replaced at no charge. The second also failed, after several months, the GPS receiver having given up the ghost. This was also replaced. I found Tractive customer service to be impeccable, responding rapidly to my questions in an efficient and very courteous manner.

Let me return to the clip. Although Tractive insists that for most users this is not a problem, the fact that they sell spare clips suggests they are coming to realise this is an issue. In any case, this is apparently to be addressed in the second generation Tractive due to be released this summer.

However, there is a do-it-yourself fix for this. I suggest you super-glue the clip to the device or secure it with gaffers' tape. Then, after charging it every night, you must undo your dog's collar and thread the device onto the collar.

The battery is good for a couple of days but I prefer to go out with a full charge so I recharge nightly.

The device has proven durably waterproof. Mr PB is a labrador and loves streams, ponds and swimming pools. Obviously, he is only splashing around but it seems to emerge from its frequent immersions without a problem.

To return to customer service. They are immediately responsive to email and very courteous. This I think is an element that will make Tractive a long-term player in this market.

If you love your dog and you exercise him off the lead, or fear he might take himself out on an adventure through a gate inadvertently left open, then you absolutely should consider this device.

Mr PB is a very social creature with lots of friends. The Tractive attracts lots of interest from other dog owners. But I find it needs quite a bit of explanation so they understand how it works and the benefits and limitations.

They often ask: what is the range? Well, it doesn't work like that. The subscription covers all the mobile phone networks in Europe so your dog could be in Finland and Albania, and you will still get a fix. But you can be 50m away from your dog and if there is no GPS or GPRS, then it will not work, and if there is no 3G or 4G, then you will not get useful information on your phone.

I do not think the problems I have described should inhibit a dog owner from buying this device but be careful with the clip and understand that it is not Tractive that determines whether it works or not, it is the laws of physics and the quality of the mobile network.

I cannot imagine being without the Tractive, much as I have occasionally cursed it.
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on 6 December 2016
Customers be aware this had hidden costs. It costs upwards of £80 per year to activate the tracker to your phone. It also almost impossible to attach the tracker to a standard collar. You have to be extremely imaginative to do so. I would not recommend this tracker to anyone.
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on 22 January 2017
It all started when we added a puppy to our family.
We soon began to realise this small animal could easily out smart us all by escaping the house, into the forest behind, at the least expected moments...
What could we do?? I know, lets buy a pet tracker!!
So we did.
The first tracker we chose was £30...It claimed to have a high specification but sadly did not do what it stated on the tin! So it was returned immedietly.

So...After careful deliberation & after chatting to other dog owners, we chose the Tractive pet tracker!
We ordered & It arrived the next day as expected, packaged perfectly direct from being fulfilled by amazon.

We opened the box & swiftly charged the small tracking unit provided before switching it on & following the instructions to connect it to the cheap monthly tarrif.
Every time doggy escapes now, we just open the app on our phones & watch the route he is taking, before carefully retrieving him swiftly! & safely Back to the family home.

This is the greatest pet tracking device we have used. Our friends all use this now too.
So, if you want to rest knowing where your valuable pet is when your out walking him in the woods, BUY THIS NOW!

It is fantasic! Well worth the value.

We now have a second unit for our cat! 🙄
Now that is entertaining! Watching him roam as he hunts!

Hope this helps.

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on 21 November 2016
This is a superb device, except for the method of attaching it to the dog. When ours I arrived I immediately thought "uh oh, that's not going to stay on!", and so it has proved. The unwieldy, useless clip came detached at least half a dozen times and unfortunately, the last time the tracker had run out of battery, so I have no idea where it is. When the device is actually on the dog, it works perfectly. Such a shame that such an otherwise good product is spoilt by such a woefully-designed attachment.

EDIT/UPDATE - After losing the first Tracker, I bought another one. This was used on the same dog, in the same places, but has been useless. It will often tell me where my dog was 30 minutes ago, but very rarely does the live tracking work. When it does, it's after a wait of ten minutes for it to connect. I contacted customer services who told me that when it was within the coverage area, it works, and they didn't want to know anything else. Again, this is used in the exact same areas as the last one, which worked very well. Poor customer service to top it all off.
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on 16 March 2015
I personally have been using the Tractive Motion for my Cockapoo, and I wouldn't leave the house without it. The fact I have the peace of mind to know that if he was to be spooked or to wander off, I can instantly track his location.

I did have a problem where the tractive stopped working, however when I contacted Tractive directly, they asked me to send the device to them, and within a week, I had a new tracker.

I think this is the best Pet tracker in the UK at the moment,
review image
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on 3 December 2016
When this first arrived, I was tempted to give it only one star. Firstly I had a problem registering it due to already being registered on another dog's tractive (I'm a professional dog walker). I couldn't get hold of a care line number to ring to help me, and emailing just put me in a queue for a reply. However, the following day, my registration worked despite nobody responding to my email.
I then set it up on my Windows phone, as they've finally created an app for Windows. Well, it turned out to be utterly useless. I have a minx of a terrier who too regularly disappears in woodland for several hours. As this had happened a couple of weeks earlier, and she'd finally turned up three and a half hours later with a terrible injury, the tracker was a must for me. As she was now on restricted lead exercise due to her injury, I considered this the ideal opportunity to try it out. I checked on my phone as we strolled through the park and woods, and the app showed her location as a circle which encompassed several square miles. There was no link to live tracking, so if she'd been off lead, I'd have been none the wiser to her location. I wondered if I was doing something wrong, and persevered for a few days. Still useless. It was at this point I considered returning it. However, instead I decided to get an android phone for the simple reason, my client with the tracker was highly impressed with his.
What a difference! For the first time yesterday, when Clancy ran off, I was able to go on my android phone, go into live tracking, and see where the little bugger had run off to, and was able to view her merrily charging around at quite a pace.
With a bit of practice, I'm now able to easily make my way to whichever hunting ground she's made her way to. Okay, it still takes another couple of hours to catch her, but that's a whole, other story.
For me, that is just what I need in a tracker. The tracker does also show where you are located (or your phone, to be more precise) in relation to your dog, so if you're in woodland or fields with no obvious landmarks, you can work out if you're close by.
The downside is that the live tracking uses up a lot of your phone's battery life. In 40 minutes of live tracking, I lost about a fifth of the full charge.
A couple of other problems I've come across with this. On one of the first occasions I lost Clancy, when she finally turned up 7 hours later, the tracker was turned off. The company state this couldn't have happened, but sadly it did.
Another problem is the clips which attach it to the collar. Not the most secure fastening, and the tracker has actually fallen off on one occasion. Tractive sell special collars to attach trackers to, but from what I can see, these won't actually prevent the clips from undoing and the tracker falling off.
Also, there doesn't appear to be a link on the android app to activate the buzzer, which would be very useful when my little ratbag is hunting in dense undergrowth,

However - in general, I would highly recommend this for anyone with an android phone, but avoid if you're using Windows
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on 29 May 2017
Overall good product, slightly big on my cat but does the job of keeping track of him and saves him from getting lost. Subscription is higher then stated if you want to use all the services the device offers but still reasonable at £6.49 a month. Battery life is more like 2 days unless you don't access it at all through the app to track your cat then you might get 3 but never more then that.

Edit - Changed review based on the clip being poor design and the device coming lose too often, third time its come off but this time in a neighbours garden so I have to wait for them to return to go get it, I will be sending back as this isn't a good solution for me.
I did read somewhere this is for safety but my cat wheres a collat that has a safety break in it incase they get caught so the GPS doesn't need such a poor design.
review image
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on 22 April 2017
There are three things that you need to know before purchasing this dog tracker that had I realised I would not have bought one. 1. You have to sign up @ £65 per year to activate it. 2. The bracket holding the tracker to the collar is quite flimsy so it falls off easily when for instance your dog scratches his collar. 3. The GPS location has a delay up to 44 minutes so the live tracking does not function at all despite a strong GPS signal.
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on 17 January 2017
The basic Tractive model has a very short battery-life if the animal is active. This is not practical since it requires daily battery top ups to be sure that there will be battery power. The product documentation is very coy about the battery life, but buried in the online information is this:
"......Battery life is influenced by several different factors, such as cell coverage, GPS availability, temperature and your pet’s activity level. Live Tracking mode drains the battery more quickly that normal mode. Depending on usage and environmental factors battery life is between two and five days...."
If you need to track an active dog on day two, expect a flat battery just when you don't need it.

Additionally Tractive refuse to refund the £66.99 compulsory annual subscription if the refund is requested after 7 days on the grounds that "We have found that in most cases 7 days is a sufficient time frame to notify us that a customer decides to undo the payment for any reason".(sic) This is when their web site says "Exchange & returns within 14 days".
They also say..
"..we cannot make exceptions regarding our deadlines. In doing this we would put a disadvantage on the other Tractive customers..."

Of course they would!

This is the worst sort of self-serving sanctimonious claptrap.


P.S. Amazon's return policy is different and fair, but it only covers the tracker £44.99 not the subscription £66.99.
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on 4 June 2017
I bought this for my cat...my quite larger 7kg cat! He's naturally a big breed so I tend to have to get dog suitable bits for him.....this is definitely way too big and heavy!

First problem is the brackets that hold it on are too big so the collar just slips right through, even on the small one. This means it falls under the cats chin and pulls the collar down too far.

Second problem is the actual tracker is to wide, and to heavy for his chunky neck.

I can imagine the product would be perfect for dogs but i definitely do not recommend this for a cat.
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