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on 1 July 2017
- It worked perfectly using the RECentral software.
- I love the quality of the records, full HD
- You will have to buy a second HDMI but I personally think that is to be expected and you can get them cheap enough.
- There are plenty of tutorials and visual reviews on YouTube if you are a little unsure; including how to use it.
- I recommend just looking up how to use this product before you buy as well as reviews on how well it works on your windows operating system. I have only used it on my Toshiba laptop (windows 10) and it has worked fine so far. I haven't personally tested on my PC (Windows 7).
- It is super light and definitely as it describes 'portable', that I find awesome.
- Another recommendation is not to be recording for hours and hours on end with it. I find doing bits at a time works best.
- It does heat up after some time but the reason I found that out was because I didn't unconnect it after recording, I just used continued using it to play with my friend for a while longer till I realised it was getting a little hotter (I do not recommend - I was just being lazy and it hasn't happened since!).
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on 11 August 2015
Summary: For the price, I definitely can't fault it. The only thing I've noticed with it is you will need to download the drivers and software for it at gamerzone.avermedia which can be a problem if you have a dodgy internet connection or the person your buying it for does (Maybe my computer just couldn't find the drivers natively)

Build Quality: The unit itself is very nicely built, small and compact and has a ring light that pulses differently or lights either red or blue depending on what status its in. The red symbol on the top of the device is also a button for 1-Click easy access to the dedicated software but i found myself using a mouse for the software more as I prefer to cue myself in for commentary and gameplay. It comes with a hdmi in port for the recording and a hdmi out pass through port so your can connect it to an external device like a monitor or tv. It also houses two 3.5mm jacks slots, one in and one out that can essentially be used for commentary or recording PC sound while still being able to hear it through speakers.

Recording quality: I mostly record at 1280x720p for a much smoother editing phase and I found it can record all the way up to 60fps but I only noticed that framerate appear for that. Anything 1080p seems to only go to 30fps which to be fair still looks beautiful and fluent. The quality of the recordings is sharp, and I can't notice much difference to the actual game and the recording, it looks beautiful even on the default 12.5mps setting which I'll be using alot as the recording file size is so small. When recording around 1 hour and 30 minutes I only ended up using 6.5 GB of my hard drive which weirdly is less than my old 740x576i capture card.

The downloadable RECentral and drivers: The drivers work exactly how they are meant to and RECentral is a good platform for recording, you will notice (If using a older computer around 4GB ram and around 2.5Ghz duo core which amounts to around 5Ghz) that the screen may stutter or be transmitting a little slower, it's not advised to record without a tv but this could be due to an older computer.

The requirements that the box requests: This graphics card requires but could be possibly up for debate aslong as you don't have anything else running.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz - AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 3.0GHz
VGA Card with support for DirectX 10.0c or above
USB 2.0 Port
Sound Card
Windows 8/7 (32/64bit)
(Note: I have heard this runs on Mac too but I suggest you research it to see if thats true)

All in all, its a great capture card, though recommended for devices that use HDMI as you only have HDMI and 3.5mm jack support. It may be possible to get converters from component to HDMI but no lower than component
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on 27 May 2016
This is actually a really good product, custom qualities make it easier to record and playback dependent on your machine. (My machine can't run 60fps 1080p videos because it's not powerful enough). The quality's really high, comes with lots of ways to record and stream from any console too, which decent audio routing options for beginners (but you can also use advanced audio interfaces like myself easily)

The speed is actually great as well, if I put it on low quality, which is like 480p, 25-30fps, there's really no noticeable delay, I can actually play competitively through my laptop screen.. Not that I do, but it's possible. When you whack the quality up, the delay increases and playing through your laptop wouldn't be possible.

It's usb3, but it will work through a usb2 port, I think it'll be a slight bit slower, but I use it without issue.

Tons of streaming options, dead easy to set up and go straight through twitch. I just use this to record my call of duty competitive games though.

Reason's why i'm not giving 5 stars though:
* Install issues, on certain laptops (all samsung windows 7 fully updated), the drivers just wouldn't install and work. I then tried it on my bootcamped macbook pro (2013 edition) and it worked fine.
* Lack of mac support, (apparently is coming, but their social media sites aren't updated frequently so it's hard to gauge, probably won't happen),
* You can't use this without your computer being switched on. The HDMI passthrough doesn't work otherwise, which is really annoying because sometimes I don't want my computer running when I'm playing, and that means then switching cables around.
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on 9 January 2015
I use my AverMedia C875 for live-streaming on Twitch and have never used the recording features.

The LGP works in both OBS and Xsplit fairly simply - download the Stream Engine from the AverMedia website and you're good to go.

Navigating and using the software of the LGP is extremely easy and set-up takes seconds. One problem I have had is that the card has some niggly issues with other programs that may take control of webcams such as Skype. It can also refuse to capture consoles despite nothing changing, but it's usually an easy fix (turn off/on, unplug etc) and doesn't happen too often.

Of the few times I have contacted AverMedia for support or troubleshooting, I've never had a reply so you might want to take that into account.

While the LGP is one of the better capture devices on the market, if you have a desktop PC, it's probably more worthwhile to purchase a Live Gamer HD instead: http://www.amazon.co.uk/AverMedia-61C9850000AE-Avermedia-Live-Gamer/dp/B007SRYAPO
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on 20 May 2016
THE BUSINESS. I love this capture card! Had no problems with this its a great unit. With inline power from the supplied USB cable its great as avoids a separate cable. The stock software is great, but would greatly recommend using software like X-Split or OBS for streaming or capture due to the easy streaming/capture and additional functionality they offer. The unit runs very well, with no noise and very little heat generation.

The picture quality is top notch and setup is a doddle, first time cappers and experience cappers a like will love this unit and the ability to customise the top cover is a welcome feature. Really impressed by this great product from AverMedia!
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on 25 November 2015
I've had no problems using this with Mac or PC, super simple to use however my projector seems to get confused and doesn't see the HDMI output every so often but this is fixed with a quick unplug and plug back in so not a problem (And 99% of people won't be using a projector instead of a TV)

Very easy plug and play once you've downloaded the AverMedia software, which is great in itself. I record audio using an XLR microphone so I cannot speak for the Aux in audio quality or recording facilities due to recording audio seperately, however the single touch record function is great and allows really easy syncing of 'external' audio without clapping etc

I've used this to record WiiU, Xbox 360 and Xbox One without issue & The quality is superb.
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on 3 July 2014
Very easy to use, light in weight, and comes with all the cables you need.
I was going to buy a dvd recorder for the job, but thought I should do it the right way and get this instead.
SD card sold separately, but not required if you have it plugged into your computer during recording.

So far I've recorded 3 videos from the Wii U, and I'm pleased with each result!
Files aren't too big either, I think 10mins is about 2GB, so with a 128GB SDXC Card, you'll never run out of space.

Worth the money if you're into recording and uploading videos.
Audio Jack cable comes with the device, but you dont get a microphone with it, that is also sold separately if you want to record voice over.
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on 30 July 2017
I bought this to stream flight sim, I had previously used xplit etc straight to youtube but there was lag in the stream I asked people for advice and they said my pc spec was fine for streaming without a card but I bought one anyway, Initially I thought the product was very good it did seem to speed things up but when I took a closer look at the quality of the video and compared to shadow play etc I saw that the software I already had provided a much better picture quality, I don't think this is a fault of the device I just think it's how it was designed, it doesn't quite look like 1080p to me, (I have a 4k monitor ) that maybe the reason but I decided to return mine because I was getting better results without spending the money on this. I recommend it if your screen is a 1080p resolution but if it's higher I wouldn't buy it because it's just going to annoy you with the fact it's not as crisp as your used to.
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on 3 September 2017
Used this in a video wall configuration. The card was used to allow laptops to connect our Eyefinity setup PC in order to display the laptop on all 4 TVs.

The reaction time of this card is unbelievable! When testing both a laptop and PS4 input, the lag was not noticeable, it felt the same as plugging the device directly into the TV.

The software is great to use and very easy. I would highly recommend.
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on 13 October 2017
I bought this to capture gameplay from all different sources, PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1 with the intention of uploading to YouTube.

The product is absolutely intensive when it comes to setting everything up and tweaking settings and is the antithesis of plug and play. The captured video was stuttery and out of sync no matter what settings I adjusted. Waste of my time and money
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