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on 17 November 2013
Firstly, the delivery was very fast, I ordered at 2pm and it was delivered the next morning, 18 hours later! I also bought the pouch as well to use when I'm at work. Both are top class!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was the smell of the leather; it's thick and provides good protection, as well as looking expensive. The phone fits perfectly inside the soft touch plastic insert and there are handy cut outs for all the buttons and the camera lens.

There are 3 handy card slots and room for a few notes. The leather inside is nicely embossed with the torro logo and is lined with a lovely soft suede. It certainly looks the part and works well as a wallet.

The wallet is held shut by a magnetic clasp which does the job and means that you can open the wallet one handed and don't have to negotiate with flaps or studs that I have seen on other cases.

The red stitching is great and the bulls head logo stands out beautifully and makes the wallet look different from all the plain black wallet cases out there.

This is excellent value for a genuine, well designed leather product that protects and compliments my iPhone 5s beautifully!

5 stars!
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on 16 January 2014
I bought two of these, one as a Christmas present for a friend and one for myself. They are really great, well made and have a genuine quality feel. As another reviewer has said, there are loads of wallet type cases for the iPhone 5, ranging from very cheap to very expensive, this case at the £14.99 I paid represents extremely good value, it would be easy to spend £50 plus on a similar item. There is a three star review here (from a non verified Amazon buyer) saying that his case has too much room and is loose around the spine area, both the cases I bought have no such problem, there is a little 'play' in the spine area, but there needs to be to allow for expansion for the cards, banknotes etc that you might put in the wallet (there are three card slots and a pocket behind for a few bank notes) The 'soft touch' plastic moulding that the phone sits in is high quality with no sharp edges and is a firm and secure fit. All in all, a very good case that I can recommend 100%.
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on 6 June 2014
I really wanted a real leather case for my iPhone and when I saw this on Amazon, it looked just the ticket. As I was a little concerned about the price being too cheap for a real leather case, I checked the reviews and they were glowing so I decided to take the plunge and order one. It arrived this morning and it is every bit as good as the reviews say it is. The leather is top grade - smooth and soft with a really lovely little emblem of a red bull on the front which matches the red stitching. The iPhone fits perfectly into the plastic insert inside the case which holds it very securely without damaging it. Most cases of this quality would cost twice as much so if you want to protect your quality design conscious iPhone, then look no further than this quality design conscious iPhone 5/5S case - you will not regret it. The delivery was very quick and the company are great to deal with - I would certainly use them again and highly recommend them
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on 7 March 2016
I paid a bit more for this leather wallet case by Torro than I would have usually done, but the quality seemed very good (it's genuine leather) and I anticipated that it would have more longevity than the dime a dozen cheaper products out there on the market. After 6 months, my Toro case is falling apart and I need a new one, so I'm not convinced the £20 was a worthwhile investment. The wallet looks smart when it first arrives, however 6 months isn't a very long lifespan for a case designed for such an expensive smartphone. I would expected at least a year's daily use out of it.

The wallet is "book" style, you close it and pull a fastener round from the back of the case to the front and a magnet holds it shut. It's not a fantastic strength magnet, and also only the clasp only fastens one way, i.e. if you want to watch a video on your iPhone 5, the clasp lolls forward and obscures the screen. You can't push it back on itself. There's also no fold-back mechanism for the phone to stand up in its case, so you'll have to prop it up with something. I suppose the thought process is that most people prefer the larger screen of an iPad for watching videos, however I don't like having that functionality taken away from me.

On a more positive note, the iPhone clips into the wallet perfectly and I've dropped my iPhone whilst in the case several times and there has been no damage. I know plenty of people who have shattered their iPhone screens from fairly minor falls and had to pay £80 to Apple to get them fixed, so the Toro case isn't without its strengths. I'm just disappointed that the credit card slots have worn out so quickly, even without over-stuffing.

All in all, fairly average rather than a premium buy.
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on 20 January 2016
I received this today, came in a nice box - once opened it was clear that the case was made from good quality, it looks really nice

I put the phone in and a couple of cards and thought that the magnet was possibly a little weak but when I added some notes it was obvious that the magnet clasp would not hold any weight whatsoever, I'm not over loading it, just a couple of cards and notes

such a shame they dropped the ball on the magnet as otherwise i would have said it was perfect - likely i'll be sending it back, shame, real shame

Update - I contacted Torro, they explained they tried many different batteries and felt this one was best and to try it for 48 hours buy which time the leather will have become more supple - they were right, I'd still would like a stronger magnet but actually now it is much better 2/3 days on - on that basis I'd now give it a solid 4 stars
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on 13 April 2017
I have had many cheap versions and took the opinion of for once spending more for better quality. A decision I wont regret. The case is simply excellent. very good quality. Simply put why pay hundreds of pounds for a prized possession and then spend a few quid on a cover to protect it!!! really what have I been doing. It feels well protected and if I pull it out of my jacket and place it down it looks very smart on a work desk or pub counter. 10 out of 10 from me.
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on 6 January 2017
Well this is a review 8 months post purchase. This item has nice soft leather and is smart. However after 8 months the magnetic strap has worn badly / torn and as such i am needing to repurchase. I paid £20 which is the upper end of quality and as such i contacted the company to see if a replacement may be offered. I was informed that the magnetic strap must have been burnt. Well I never new my trouser pockets were so hot but there you go, at over 50 i have to see this as a complement. I was offered a 10% discount on repurchase which I declined. Good education ...if you have hot trouser pockets i would advise not purchasing this product in the longer term.
I have just purchased a case sold by Snakehive for about £12. Initial feel is very good quality and cool to the touch. I am hoping this may help to ensure my pockets do not overheat!
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on 1 January 2016
UPDATE FROM MY PREVIOUS REVIEW... Initially, I was really pleased with this case, but to say it hasn't worn well is an understatement!! It's now just over a year old and, despite not having a hard life (it lives in the side pocked of my handbag or on the coffee table at home) it has pretty much fallen apart. (See photos). I've emailed the company with photos and explained what has happened. They replied saying that as the case is 13 months old, there's nothing they can do. I replied to say that I understand the case is over a year old and certainly wouldn't expect them to replace it but, as these cases are at the more expensive end of the market and I would have expected it to be more durable, would they be able to offer me a discount on a suitable replacement as a matter of goodwill. My email was ignored.... HOW RUDE!! I've had much cheaper cases in the past that have proved to be much more durable. I'll be going back to one of those rather than wasting my money.
review imagereview image
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on 20 October 2017
This is a really nice case and being real leather looks and smells the part and should get a patina rather than deteriorate with age. Well made and fits the phone perfectly. Only potential gripe (and it's not a problem for me) is that the case is a little thicker than some so if you want really slimline then might not be for you.
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on 8 November 2014
The case is very smart to look at I particularly like the red motif in the right bottom corner. It is well made, black leather with red stitching. The Phone I have a 5s fits into the compartment and is held tight enough for it to be safe. There is compartments if you wish to keep cards in same which are ample for store/bank cards. As for wear and tear for the time I have had it, it appears to be wearing very well. The magnetised fastener works very well. The only reservation I have with the whole package is the package itself the case came in. It was wrapped in cardboard and sealed with celletape I just think that cheapened the item a bit,perhaps a padded envelope might be better. Over all though very pleased with case.
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